Seems shills started working overnight. This "low engagement" posts and now a lot of abuse of word s "APE" "DRS" "HUGE" coming from relatively new accounts with not donuts. Stay safe. Stay Zen. Cheers

  1. Earlier I downvoted a shill post on the pinned auto mod comment and commented on every comment he made. Reported every time he replied and the post was taken down. I’m not sure if someone else did the same b the post was 900 upvotes and climbing.

  2. I use all those words and I haven't posted my doughnuts and I guarantee you I'm not a shill (look at post history)

  3. I don't get why it became a thing in this sub, that an opinion is more or less valuable, based on if someone has posted a purple ring or not.

  4. very simply put, it's the only weapon we have left to prove we like the stock and put these criminals in jail. everything else is just noise

  5. Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. If your post states that you you have drs'd or that you are a fan of it better put your money where your mouth is. All opinions welcome but contradictory post are not.

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