Apes! This is huge. Are the SEC finally push the Off-exchange/OTC/Board trade of Treasuries among Hedgies back to the centralized clearing system? This is the $24 Trillion market. As the article states, it's a new regulatory plan designed to protect against a market meltdown. My tits are jacked!

  1. They are basically letting them rehypothicate their debt to use as collateral if I’m not mistaken. This is can kicking…literally have no place else to go as liquidity has dried up.

  2. What bothers me is that they all voted unanimously, to me this signals bullshit as Pierce always votes against them but if she is in agreement not good for us

  3. So much potential fuckery it's amazing. Forcing more Treasury trading to DTCC probably expands their collateral. It's the largest market every day. If they can take 1% and claim it's theirs it's probably billions of extra dollars to pretend they are solvent - survive one more day. Ginsler's statement that they regulate them as brokers not as clearinghouses is sketch. Like saying the gaming commission regulates casinos so they didn't notice the dead bodies they stepped over when showing up to audit casino finances. Seems like a setup for later excuse on other brokers (Citadel). How did they fine Loop for not being a muni advisor since they only regulate them as a broker?Apes I have seen this movie before. Every single regulatory act from here until the climax is solely for elites and their stooge regulators to avoid responsibility and accountability. Unlike us, they don't need to hide the bodies. It's fine if there's proof that they knew the body was there. They just need to have enough plausible deniability about how the body got there and that it was outside their jurisdiction to do anything about it. The end response is that regulatory rules need to be improved. But they will be exposed for having knowingly lied and colluded. Because there are too many of us and too few of them. They can't have every conversation in person by plane flight. And it will be discovered. They know it because they continue to see what you beautiful apes dig up. And this scares them more than anything. Once you are a proven criminal, you not only lose money and maybe your freedom, you lose status and never get it back. Martha Stewart never really recovered from something that most of Congress does every damn day.

  4. If you listened to the Jon Stewart Rob Jackson podcast, they talked about the frequency at which the SEC lawyers rotate and how these WS firms sue them into oblivion when the SEC attempts to implement new regulations…. So even if the SEC attempts to hold these shills accountable, it most likely won’t last….

  5. Neither the SEC nor Heister Price are your friends ! Watch how this proposal/plan gets dismantled. This is just hopium for retail but as everyone knows here shit will change !

  6. the article coming from the same hedgies that own the news outlet - ummmm oooook - lets try the following headline : SEC informs investors that we use words like rules and enforce to make you believe we care. DRS

  7. All these OTC/ off-exchange trades are making me sick. they should have done it earlier and not only the treasury market but also the equity market.

  8. The SEC is a joke that gets less funny with repetition. They are not here to protect your interests.

  9. Gary playing Pictionary .... Teammate: ughhhhh you sucking ken griffins cock, ughhhh you blowing Wall Street on the reg... ughhh

  10. Pfff no.. gary gensler, the useless one and enemy of retail will leave a door for Kenneth C Griffin, the financial terrorist. Otherwise Gary wont receive any mayo on his face and thats all he likes.

  11. Remember it's not Kenneth Griffin who actually sits at a computer....they have about 25 traders that execute hundreds of millions of trades every day and they make a lot of money they are just as greedy as Kenneth....they cannot and will never see how what they are doing is damaging the system...because it's designed by them for them....

  12. Until action wont be taken i wont believe shit. We have been here here too many times. It’s also possible they are just saying this because the colapse is coming

  13. There actions on this will not benefit the retail investor. It will remove responsibilities from large hedges and government entities. Just creating more avenues for the rich and powerful. We need a new build not a reform.

  14. Interesting; winds of change are beginning to blow; it, maybe, but a gentle breeze, but it is a nice start. Explains the increase in SEC & GG bashing the other day...

  15. Very sus title, and post. OP you joined just after the sneeze and you have no purple donut. These shills never learn

  16. Fuck gg, he's done shit for people that got fucked during the sneeze.. photoshop a giant cxck in his hands please. As long as nobody is in jail for the removal of the buy button nothing has been done for apes.

  17. maybe enforce the pathetic "laws"/suggestions we have now... with lasting and apropriate penalties, FOR FUKS SAKE

  18. How have you not learned poor ape that the sec is complicit in all of this and the only authority they have is to dole out fines that are calculated into the business plan…

  19. They say a lot of shit and then let em do what they wanna do and slap them on the wrist. I call bullshit on this mattering at all

  20. “Clearinghouses can buy/sell [and internalize the ones most inconvenient to them while letting the ones that is beneficial to them hit the open market] to ‘smooth things out’”

  21. As long as they don’t prevent moass. If we can lose from bad plays then hedgies must have to lose from bad plays.

  22. Anything with Apes! In the title is for suuuuure a shill trying to sell you something. Be weary friends. Stay zen. NFA. LFG

  23. Apes, here are two articles about the theory that Palafox, Subsidiary of Citadel, is crazily shorting treasury like what it does to GME as an market Marker. What if collateral is significantly increased and short squeeze of treasury causing Citadel margin out.

  24. You all pass off yourself as cynical people and yet you have some faith in the system. The system is corrupted. At the end of this they will blame the poor people for fucking up the world economy when it was the 1 percenters fault.

  25. Seeing as how the SEC has LITERALLY not done jack shit at this point (insignificant fines don’t qualify), I’m not gonna hold my breath

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