LAUNCH: Game launching on NFT Marketplace tomorrow (Sept 15)

  1. A game inside an NFT. This isn't an actual full on game that the public will likely latch onto... Just to be fair! Still really cool!

  2. So are the achievements and unlocks tied to the specific copy of the game? If I play through and unlock bonuses and then put my copy up for sale do the bonuses stay with it and go to the buyer?

  3. Nope. Achievements and save data are all local so that wouldn't carry onto any new owners. It would essentially be as if they had a brand new copy since digital game resells like this wouldn't suffer from any physical degradation/damage as you'd see on a game disc.

  4. Looks great. A question I keep pondering is when I buy a game the ownership is recorded in the blockchain and I get access to the game. But where is the actual game code. In other words will that always be available forever like the.blockchain ownership. Presulabpy it is on a server somewhere that someone is paying for keep up?

  5. The game itself is contained in the NFT, this is why trading the NFT is like trading the game. As long as the ETH network remains operational, the game will be available on the network via NFT.

  6. How does the NFT relate to the game? There's zero info about the game... looks like just a collection of jpegs... even the trailer just shows off static images.

  7. My brother already religiously uses (my) pro membership discount to buy a pack every month. I keep hoping for something GameStop-MTG web3 so I can just convert my bro outright lol

  8. Bought a couple different games/skins and played a few levels on the story mode! Is this the first "actual" game on the marketplace? Huge accomplishment if so!

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