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  1. Wow, check out that total lack of volume on the German market, and with just 8 minutes to go before the ETH merge. I think it's gonna be a fun day on the market.

  2. We’re at the point where everyone is patiently waiting for run up cycles and a float lock while the rest fling shit at each other. 🐒

  3. I love my Computershare Bi-Monthly Recurring buys of Gamestop. I set mine up last year and haven’t looked back since. It was super simple to set up, and never have to worry. Choose an amount, set it and forget it. I still buy through my brokerage for my impulse buys, but those get sent over to Computershare after they settle anyway.

  4. remember when drs was just kinda a pipe dream? something we could do more as a fuck you than anything, maybe it would push the price up but we’re just putting straws on a camels back

  5. I really wanna be rich but more than that I like the idea that my merger contribution to the cause helped make some Hedgy F*** loose money and if possible become poor

  6. The moral of this story is, GME apes aren't receiving all that nasty shit because we are going to Uranus ken griffin because we are all about those purple circles.

  7. Then they asked RC, do you wanna jerk off with the rest of us on wall street? RC said no, I have a small wee wee and walked away. Then they went to AA and AA was like hell yeah, Jack me the fuck off!! And and then at the end AA said, because of you popcorn apes let me jerk off all over you I have created a stock just for you. Then popcorn people rejoiced by jerkin him off more until his back turned silver.

  8. You're obviously joking but AA was likely planted by SHF to run popcorn into the ground when he started as CEO.

  9. Just saw 2 helicopters fly over NYC. I'm hoping its like the "Margin Call" scene where they bring in the big boys

  10. MOASS is not just about money for these hegies my dear apes. It’s about power it’s about control. They prolong it because If it happens they will lose EVERYTHING . They’ve already lost us and then they will lose all the other people that trusted them. The people they have constantly lied to. Can you imagine how pissed off people will be when MOASS happens and they get nothing because they trusted wall streets narrative lol!!!

  11. Ken Griffen and Gary Gensler made a deal. Mayoman will suck himself off on pornhub so Gary can watch it. That's how mayo man makes his money. He sucks his self off for everybody in Wall Street. That's all they do, stand around and jerk theirselves off with mayo all day and night long, and thats the most inportant thing they are even long on, and even all the shitadel chicks grow dicks like Hester just so they and join in on the wall Street mayo jerk fest.

  12. Someone is going through the AMA with Robbie pinned mega thread and downvoting everyone who posted their wallet address.

  13. Honestly, they should just pay out before this exposes how corrupt THE ENTIRETY OF THE MARKETS are. Oh wait, cats out of the bag 😂.

  14. The last time one of those "SUB ENGAGEMENT IS DOWN WTF" posts hit the front of hot, GME ran like crazy a few days after. Just sayin'

  15. Yes, given that LRC and IMX are ETH-related products the move to Proof of Stake not only makes the network more efficient, but more affordable in terms of transaction costs. Ergo it becomes a more accessible, more friendly product that benefits our related cryptos which are Layer 2 protocols that interact and operate alongside ETH Layer 1.

  16. Need help from someone more wrinkled than me. So I just looked at my CS account and I'm getting some crazy cost basis numbers. For example I recently DRS 21 shares and the cost basis says $583. So does that mean the total amount for 21 shares is $583? Or did Fidelity pay $583 per share to find my shares before transferring to CS? I have even higher cost basis numbers for other transfers so hoping to get clarity on this.

  17. Yeah I remember him. No one ever said what happened to him. Not even his german brothers went looking for him (I mean, it's not a big country, some german ape must've know his true identity and could have looked for him).

  18. I believe he died to be honest. That was quite a while ago but someone from Germany that was popular here passed away I remember Maybe a year ago 😪

  19. Two years in a row RC has tweeted 7 times in one month, then 4 times, then 1 which has yet to happen in September. Wut mean RC?

  20. Probably because of the baby action and the executive offing himself. I'd be willing to bet that RCs legal counsel said "maybe just be quiet for a bit until this shit blows over" we know RC is not a bad actor and wasn't responsible for the baby pump or any of that bullshit but still probably staying quiet is the smart play for the time being.

  21. I’m tired of these Chinese stock liquidity scams these funds are using for collateral. WHY ISN’T THE MEDIA TALKING ABOUT THESE PUMP AMD DUMPS? and who the hell is buying that shiiiit

  22. Um.... can we buy raspberry pi? A legit emulator that can be hdmi to anything with nft old school nickle arcades?... my Dickinson is wet!🟣💎🖐🚀

  23. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying. NGL about not lying.

  24. I'm a middle aged man and 99% of my tee-shirt wardrobe is from gamestop 🤣. Never watched an episode of Naruto or Pokémon but: I like the shirt

  25. What about Dragon ball? Or thunder cats? If u say no. Please leave. This is the cool kids club and you won’t be welcome.

  26. I'm gonna laugh my ass off at everyone who pumped a speculative RC for September giving off false hype....and if I'm wrong we'll...I'll buy another share.

  27. it's so odd that people are focused on trying to paint a narrative of an "active" subreddit versus an "inactive" subreddit like as if the subreddit is suddenly going to responsible for squeezing GME - none of that noise matters

  28. yes their fate was sealed when they shut off the BUY button and reloaded their shorts. We got a glimpse behind the curtain, saw things we can't un-see, and have been digging ever since. But if you think about it they fucked up way before that.. not only had they (probably) been trying to cellar box this company for YEARS, They made life so miserable and depressing that if you lost 1k, 5k, 50k it would be of no consequence to you. Who cares? No, seriously, I'm gonna have to work till I die anyways so who actually cares if i 'lose' on this. the cherry on top is that we know we are right and that there is no way we can lose. you see the 'YOLO' is just the culmination of the Doomer personality trait we all share here: we all are cynical af (to a degree) and the memes and shitposts that derive from this is what makes our bond ever longer, better, faster, stronger. See u regards on the moon 🚀📈🚀📈🚀

  29. After holding since early January I have to speak up and say : If Superstonk GME retail wants to be taken seriously then the immature memes, potato in my ass, the jokes need to stop.

  30. I emailed GameStop care twice about my powerup rewards issues, no responses and it’s been a couple days. I hope this isn’t the common experience, it’s not a good look

  31. So knights of new are patting themselves on the back for being gatekeepers of the sub, meanwhile they are upvoting stuff like Unusual Whales… 🤨 brilliant.

  32. They should pat themselves on the back we are just fucking around here till something happens. Everyone should give a good pat back right now.

  33. Remember when Eric Swallow-well was banging chinese spies? NGL why wasn't he raided? NGL why isn't he being investigated? NGL remember that? NGL about that.

  34. Want the NEW New in superstonk? Click on every profile in the daily and scope em out. Shill or not, the real ones have posts on superstonk that I don't see. Timing I guess cause I'm on about 6 hrs a day. If I see a decent post I missed in New that didn't gain traction I upvote it. Simple as that. May be a new user but I'll find your 20 upvoted post I missed and if I believe it, you get the upvote you deserved 🤗🟣💎🖐🚀

  35. I bounce in and out of new all the time, but still miss stuff. I assume it’s that sort of thing that’s preventing my memes getting a million upvotes, not because they suck or anything.

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