GME DD confirmed shill

  1. I really don't get the thinking here anyways. In software development it is fairly common to keep your options open and to be open for work somewhere else.

  2. I said that about them in the past and I was downvoted to hell and some of my comments deleted. Glad they are finally showing their true face.

  3. If anyone listened to their twitter space AH today, they sounded extremely bearish on the Finestone departure. Not even able to be swayed. I try to take in all info but it is very hard to look at this situation and come out with any conclusion other than GMEDD is compromised

  4. I took it as he set out to accomplish a certain goal (a milestone if you will) and he feels as if he had accomplished what he set out to do. He had built the foundation of the NFT marketplace and aligned the team with what they needed to do to continue the progress. Once he accomplished this goal he felt it was time to move onto a new chapter and start the next adventure, not everyone works out of necessity once you reach a certain point you work for passion, I’m highly confident that he met his goals for this portion of his journey and was ready for the next chapter. Bullish if you ask me, wen lambo? Soon lambo.

  5. I listened in on their twitter space pre-towel stock takeoff and the narrative was "there is no way this is a good investment. period." Then when it popped, they tweeted, something about "towel stock takes off 4 days after our twitter space." It was at that point I realized they are just like everyone else trying to get an audience.

  6. It just shows that no one can trust, even one of the forefront account can be compromised. Shills everywhere, maybe I’m shill as well, who knows

  7. Why ban it when they can just give it a specific flair? I’m against censorship in a subreddit that has a specific need to uncover and search out ALL news and information pertaining to GME.

  8. I was watching their Twitter live stream and theyre pretty sus with bearish narrative all based on one guy leaving gamestop. All speculations.

  9. Don't care, it's a wrap up smear. Put the news out, correct later when people aren't paying attention. They should have deleted their original post.

  10. Their discord is mostly filled with comments against RC, against superstonk, whining about when GameStop will free them from their “bagholding”. Non-stop complaining about how GameStop is too late in whatever they are trying to do. Yet, they have no clue what GameStop has planned.

  11. Too bad for them, I'm way too regarded to give a fuck at this point. Everything I read about GME at this point is basically astrology. The main DD and thesis hasn't changed. I'll buy, hodl and DRS till ComputerShare tells me I can't buy anymore, then I will hodl till I see the financial criminals behind bars. No cell, no sell 👮🏽‍♀️⛓️⚖️

  12. One of the top gmedd writers is a mod of this subreddit. And another gmedd writer frequently writes on alt meltdown subs (meltdowj mods are sub there)

  13. To be honest this kind of suits us. MSM will cite the gambling Reddit and gmedd as the cause of all the world’s hardships after MOASS but they have never mentioned us. Not once.

  14. No. Open to work in linkedin means that they are looking for a new place to work at. It shows only to recruiters and not to the people at the company they are working at. So while he might not’ve been quit, this definitely means he’s looking for alternative options and is trying to mitigate damage as why would he be telling other people he’s looking for a new job.

  15. Imagine actively following and engaging with people on Twitter, I'ma just keep DRSing and ignoring social media and MSM

  16. Their data used to be interesting, don't think they keep up anymore. Their employee stalker lists are way outdated and missing people

  17. They are turning the up the lies we are definite getting closer, they are falsely saying GS employees quit? Fucking love it because it shows there are bad actors out there manipulating sentiment.

  18. It's no surprise that it's compressed, and we've often deliberately spread crass misinformation. Rod Alzman has been sus before. Also complete disregard for Shortheories!

  19. I absolutely love the real-time debunks we’ve seen lately! Turn the narrative on its head! Set the record STRAIGHT.

  20. They've been compromised I wonder how much the shills paid them to do this. Also if the sales are willing to go this far we must be close. Buy whole DRS it's our time to shine

  21. Fuck all the noise. I think even SS can go down for long. I think everyone is zen as fuck and dont give a fuck about some shills. I dont even look that much at ss and price. 🚀🚀

  22. They might have just made a honest mistake. I don't follow everything anymore. Just holding my shares and feeling more confident by the day.

  23. Not entirely sure why but every time I read the phrasing "GME DD" my brain automatically switches to Computershare asking "Give ME more daDDy"... I think I have a problem 🤔

  24. could be a error and not shilling. calling everyone a shill just makes everything more FUDDY

  25. Why the fuck do you all do this? It's always something. He gets upset that he was corrected and then doubles and triples down out of a hurt ego and within an hour this post is made, only exacerbating the issue. Drop it. Let it go. GMEDD has done nothing but put out good information thus far (outside of the Jeffy tweet.) Fucks up one time and BAM, this post is made. If he is a "shill" (word is over used) he will show his true colors but goddamn, give him sometime to do so.

  26. You should see their discord that constantly shits on RC and GameStop….especially Rod and now that alpha hound guy has started to say GameStop is too late in the game in whatever they are trying to do yet has no clue what they are actually going to do.

  27. They just repost any GameStop related rumour they see without doing any fact checking because they want to be the first to break the news.

  28. I never get shill vibes from him, I think he just misunderstood the info. He since deleted the tweet and corrected himself (and memes himself in another tweet ), saying Walsh is looking for additional work, per a discord statement.

  29. Jesus people are so quick to jump on the hate bandwagon. Sure they got something wrong but if you listen to the explanation it’s not like they made a huge leap. Walsh’s socials we’re not totally clear about what type of new work he was looking for. Not defending gmedd but I’ve seen the pitchforks come out too quickly so many times in this saga

  30. Can we stop reporting twitter accounts that are not gamestop official accounts?? Everybody was sucking off gmedd just to crap all over them now, especially on their own twitter page. it just makes this subreddit look bad

  31. Are they trying to out his status as "open to work" on LinkedIn to his company? Your own company can't see if you have it set to this. That would be pretty fucked up.

  32. You’re all silly for following these random Twitter accounts for actual substance to begin with. All the information is readily available here. You’ll see unusual whales and Walter Bloomberg posts today of you guys hyping up shit that makes no sense later today. Stop worshipping false idols stop mindfucking yourself reading misinformation from unverified sources.

  33. GMEdd has always been about creating a platform for themselves. They never truly cares about the harm of naked short selling and everything else we have discovered that truly ruins the free and fair market. They have always been about gaining popularity for themselves, Rod included, and that is absolutely it. GME does not have influencers. Go shill popcorn if that's what you want to be. You're not welcome here.

  34. This post looks like it was written by a child. The guy running that site is doing a public service, and you call him a shill for getting a story wrong? Why don’t you lambast all the people giving copium to people with hype dates?

  35. But the badge "open for position" states that he wants lo leave. And the tweet suggests that he hoped for MOASS to retire. An other big departure from crypto team. Meanwhile FTX partnership. I smell goal failed and a change in strategy.

  36. Looks like they interpreted the open to opportunities setting in linkedin to mean that they were unemployed. Dumb but calling shill seems harsh.

  37. Fucking dirty shills. Trying to create a narrative of GSNFT staff mass exodus. Just goes to show how worried they are about GME getting into the NFT space.

  38. Always thought that page sucked and they just regurgitated everything they probably found on Reddit. Those paperhanded bitches sold during the sneeze.

  39. They're shills for a possibly human error mistake which they followed up with a correction tweet? Would be nice if ppl stopped having these knee-jerk reactions and proclamations

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