Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga (Netflix)

  1. They gave me a check for $500 because they requested to fly out to my house for a second filming. This was extremely last minute and very inconvenient, so they paid for that inconvenience to my family.

  2. This shit is FUD and it doesn’t represent us in a good light. I’m not eating anyone. I’m just holding a stock I like. Whoever fucked around can pay up. It’s about justice for crimes.

  3. I filmed with them, along with Dr. T and Dave L. Can't guarantee it's going to be used, but we'll find out on Sept 28th.

  4. What are the incentives of the people financing this project? Given that the story isn't over it seems like they are wanting to influence viewers in a particular direction.

  5. Started a new role with a start-up company and work really picked up around April. I check reddit less often- usually when someone sends me a link via discord. Regardless, I'm still here!

  6. They’re not talking about us. They are spinning the “it already happened” narrative and the protagonists are the paper-handed bitches that dipped out with gains.

  7. Getting sick of all these documentaries on something that hasn’t fully played out yet. Like it’s all over or something. Funny thing is we won’t have a fully transparent documentary for years if ever.

  8. The problem is there’s so many nuances to the whole story that it needs to be crafted by someone who’s been obsessively following the entire saga. So not just any ape, but an ape among apes. And to be done right they need to be able to shoot and produce a world class film. They must exist. I was thinking instead of somebody putting together a giant masterpiece on their own what if its done in shorter, high impact, segments on YouTube. You ever see an Errol Morris movie? I imagine a series of dozens of separate interviews and each one would standalone as it’s on YouTube video with the intention of them being weaved together eventually years from now. That way we can use our crowdsourced consensus to make sure it stays on the right track.

  9. The fact that they're trying to pass off a baby squeeze as this whole "amateur traders beat Wall street" story, just screams that they desperately want us to think it's over.

  10. I think the main question on everyone’s minds is whether or not DRS is mentioned, and if so, to what degree of importance?

  11. This is likely only to the January squeeze and I'd be hard pressed to believe that they mention DRS even once.

  12. Very glad to see a GME Netflix series. However, I couldn't dislike the title more. "Eat the rich?" connotes communism, clearly not representative of this culture. Justice is a more apt descriptor. Also, that phrase was not used frequently by a significant majority, except for hype-monster, bottom feeder comments. Titles are tough though, so I can empathize with the creators.

  13. They literally portray GME as a casino.... this is a sure bet no gambling involved, this docu is ALREADY FUD, expect nothing, just my 2c

  14. For some reason atobitt thinks DRS is ineffective so probably not. Not sure how definitively proving fraud by DRS’ing the entire float is ineffective, but he’s entitled to his opinion and I thoroughly appreciate his work regardless.

  15. It gets to a point where the data that are published become so hard to piece together due to timeliness of filing and variances between reports, that it's nearly impossible to tell what's happening in an objective manner.

  16. Not to mention they pictured a slot machine, pushing the narrative that this is a casino and not a completely fraudulent system designed for retail to lose

  17. “Enact a plan to get rich quick” pretty sure that’s what HFs do when they short the life out of companies

  18. Why GME though? Why not HKD that went from $20 to almost $2,000 then back to $50? That's a fucking story. Oh wait.....I'm regarded but I know this one...something something "naked shorts yeah". Zero chance this is not propaganda.

  19. I don't have any high hopes for this. As a career documentary filmmaker there is no way I'd touch this story until a few things that have yet to happen like jail time, the impending depression, moass and DFV coming back for another tweet or message. The story is only just begun apes

  20. Exactly my sentiment too. What's gonna be the ending? Nothing happened, naked shorts are still rampant, the DTCC is fraud, the SEC is fraud, Citadel is fraud.

  21. I’m sorry but this is bullshit. I’m not planning anything and I’m not here to get rich quick. I’m an investor in a growing company. This is FUD.

  22. This is a problem with many of these films. Retail didn’t start this. They reacted. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  23. Hope you DRS your shares it would be a shame for fidelity to disable the sell button or worse close your position when the time comes

  24. I'm gonna go ahead and not watch it till we get some confirmation from people in the sub, that it's not a complete shitshow. I don't want to give them the views if it is jut a hedgefund arse kissing / it's already happened load of bollocks. Obviously that's just how I feel about it, but I have a strong feeling it will portray us all as nut jobs that want to "get rich quick", when the reality is we're here combating the corruption that has and will plague humanity till the end of time if it's uncontested.

  25. Yeah I’m not sure this movie is going to do us justice. I hope so but we shall see. It was made pretty quick so obviously many events will be left out. Wonder what narrative they’ll push.

  26. Holly moly. They screwed on the title right away. Sad I feel it's another bullshit incomplete doc, sad we had to immediately get this defensive.

  27. I don’t trust Netflix. Aren’t Blockbuster their competitors to be and affiliated with Gamestop somehow? Why would Netflix give GME positive representation?

  28. Me too. I like it so much I decided to register my shares directly with the company's transfer agent. I'll fuckin do it again, too.

  29. Love that we’re seeing new content, but surprised that people are talking about this saga like it’s done, and not in between rounds.

  30. Yep, all these documentaries and films coming out now is so frustrating. I feel like we’re at 30% of the full story. The more hype and narration that surrounds the last two years makes it seem like that was the moment itself, instead of just the beginning.

  31. "Eat the rich" is such a terrible title and showing GME as a casino, just yuck.. It sends a very direct and wrong message and screams political movement. It's as if they wanted an edgy title to pull in viewers with little to no understanding. I have little faith this was done correctly as other docs have recently shown the ineptitude of those trying to capitalize on what was started.

  32. If it ends in some sort of conclusion like "and that's all that happened to GME, the end" rather than the current state of affairs like "to this day, market makers are still naked short selling...", I'll be pissed.

  33. I assess this is constructed discourse meant to reinforce the institutional narrative. It will serve to ‘prep the battle space’ for government support that has the appearance of due diligence so that structural privilege is maintained.

  34. All I have to say about DRS is why did the DTCC lobby congress and the SEC to prohibit companies from educating people about it? Because that is the only way to keep people from learning about it. If no one knows all they hold is an IOU, no one is going to ask for the real thing. No company has anywhere near the amount of DRSd shares per percentage of publically traded float. I have no understanding why anyone wouldn't DRS if they are an actual investor...but hey everyone can do whatever they wish with their money...for me it is purple circles....purple circles everywhere.

  35. They don't. They probably picked him to interview BECAUSE he doesn't think DRS is the way. Check his recent replies on Reddit. He also gave an interview recently stating something similar.

  36. "Eat the rich" is a pretty cringe title for people buying and holding a stock. Then again, Che Guevara is a T-shirt.

  37. Man am I the only one here who thinks this is gonna be really bad. Seems like it's a setup to paint apes as collaboraters.

  38. As an individual retail investor, I am dubious of the intentions of this project. I buy and hold for my own individual reasons, and am hesitant to support any project, or group, that claims to speak for a large group of us. Just for the record.

  39. They wont. Atobitt has replies on reddit and a recent interview stating he doesn't think DRS is the catalyst.

  40. Did you happen to mention to the producers that this story isn't over yet? Or is this going to be spun like the other ones

  41. Title and description suck. Most likely starts and ends in Jan 21’ and conveniently excludes all the other events, most notably March 10. I’ll watch but I don’t have high hopes this tells the complete story.

  42. Netflix is going to take a hit from the nft market place. So do you really think Netflix wants to have a positive spin for retail? This is going to be a story about nothing but it’s over.

  43. I hate to say this but....mods can we remove this promoting bullshit? OP is a legend obviously...but this ain't us.

  44. This game is not over, so you promoting this media set alarm bells ringing for me there's still so much of the story to go and to tell. DRS IS THE WAY.

  45. Why does the title say in hopes to wreak havoc on the stock market who the hell writes out the narrative for so many individuals who just like a particular stock

  46. Why would Netflix make a documentary about a saga that isn’t done yet? I bet Netflix does it to make it sound like it’s over. Well, the biggest thing is still coming! MOAS! So they should make a documentary after moas and not before? Really weird.

  47. Lol they're going to frame us as radical socialists/communists to try to turn public opinion against us. I wonder if it'll work. I wonder if it'll matter.

  48. They need to make one called "BUY" because this all started the second they removed the BUY button. That's the story. The problems uncovered are decades old but without the BUY button bullshit none of this would have gone down.

  49. Yeah like the other one on Hulu or wherever at the end the one guy that still is HODLing they do a little trick with the camera of backing away like you would slowly back away from a lunatic so as not to upset them . Very subtle psychology. Of corse the big winner of the show was in crypto. Lol

  50. So is this FOR our cause or just more dirty FUD? Cuz the SAGA ain't done yet biitttccch. We still gotta get our money and build our mansions on the fucking mooooon.

  51. Haha. Enacts a “trading plan”. I bought a company I believe in and have never sold. Of my own volition and without any coercion or influence.

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