In 2022, it's Citadel & BlackRock...

  1. Thats why the DTCC committed international securities fraud. DTCC is owned by the fed, and this is all their crime. They're keeping rated dangerously low and printing more inflation constantly to hide their crimes. That isn't going to last though, the Fed is over.

  2. Stealing your money and using it to pay politicians to pass shitty legislation that makes us all worse off.

  3. The funniest part is if any group of 1 million people agreed to hang them at high noon in the city square, a billion people would applaud.

  4. The people at the FED must think they are invincible. If things go to shit, and society collapses, these people will likely have very large targets on their back. No amount of money will save them.

  5. It's the power they hold through controlling the entire fucking financial system, simply by having their filthy hands on so much of it. That's what I want taken from them. Let them keep their yachts and mansions, those things are meaningless.

  6. In my opinion, it’s all these ETFs they’ve “created” that will be the spark that will start this explosion. Nobody knows who owns what and the unraveling will be glorious. Shares outstanding don’t really matter anymore when derivatives move the entire market. One call option is the equivalent of 100 shares and millions of options are traded each day. Do the math. When the market finally starts to blow, the only people who will be able to sell at the price they like are those whose shares are directly registered in their name. That’s why I’m bullish on DRS.

  7. I remember reading an article more than 5 years talking about exactly what you're describing with ETF's. It's crazy how the writing was on the wall the whole time

  8. They shorted them. All 20 million will be erased when they need to close. Holding longs to hedge shorts is how hedge funds are supposed to work. Every short that gets closed destroys a long - and that means they can't be sold, if they want to escape a difficult short. The fact is they likely shorted them 100 times each meaning they will destroy them all and still need to buy more.

  9. Their sister companies (which the own) state street are short GME and so are vanguard my belief is that Blackrock’s real shares are just a hedge so minimize damage. I do not think any institution is long on GME or else they wouldn’t wait to set off the MOASS themselves.

  10. I want a sit down w the fuckers who said, "its ok all the mortgages are non compliant, lets just create fake paperwork. Because we cant let people have free houses."


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