Interesting Shitadel is in trouble.

  1. Yeah his source is a video link of his own Youtube account. Gonna be a big fat nope till I see a source from someone a tad less "trust me bro".

  2. This was covered in the sub weeks ago .. just search occ rule change - it’s the one that allows them to take pension funds - 150-300 of us wrote letters to the comment page asking for it to be withdrawn .. surprise they passed it🤷‍♂️

  3. Back when I used to teach, I had a lot of students referencing themselves lol. Unless you're a reputable source, this is a big no no. Apparently MOASS is tomorrow. Source = me "Trust me bro".


  5. Shitadel always seems to find a way out. However, I am still not selling no matter how many smoke and mirror tricks you use.


  7. When will the low levle Citadel employees come to their senses are start telling the truth....its OK to tell on the bad guy.....its not to late to run away from the bondage of Wallstreet.....THERE IS A WAY

  8. I have a feeling that GME is only the tip of the iceberg. Imagine all the other bad investments they've been using to make short term cash, knowing that the long term risk was there.

  9. Shitdel getting actually liquidated will be the first domino for the dtcc and other memebers trying to manage this situation. Price may surge, FUD will get crazy, but ya aint gettin these shares bitch. DRS

  10. Yes, I’d like an infinite margin account backed by pension funds please, for my degenerative gambling. You see, it’s for the greater good that I provide liquidity to the market, and if I go down, you are all coming with me.

  11. NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! Fuck you ken, I legit want to engage in fisticuffs with your mayo covered ass! Sorry, brunch mimosas have gotten the better of me.

  12. One of my favorite things about this sub is the fact that almost every single meaningful post gets downvoted to oblivion by bots. I love seeing all this news about how shots hitting the fan, while the bots try to suppress it to no avail. It jacks my tits.

  13. Where do you get that Citadel is in trouble? It says that no where. A random person said funds like Citadel are in trouble. We are shown nothing saying Citadel is involved.

  14. For how often we hit max pain, I refuse to believe that Citadel is in trouble through their infinite options market. Maybe they are botching other big stocks they are a MM for?

  15. what proof do we have that this involves citadel beyond a meme anecdote that just states they've been over leveraging themselves?

  16. Ok but who is this fucker? He’s clearly pandering and apparently we’re all too smooth to need a source before posting.

  17. Citadel was one of the top grossing hedge funds making 8 billion on their taxes last year. I doubt they are in trouble financially criminal thievery yes. But they have cash!

  18. Is this connected to the DD about them requesting access to pensions so they’d pull from those before their members funds if a default happpeked?

  19. "Apparently" doesnt make the grade, give us some fucking facts instead of chasing twitter clout goddammit.

  20. almost certainly connected to the rapidly rising gas and oil prices, which has been deemed to be possible causes of liquidation of healthy companies that normally should not suffer at all.

  21. Better to leave up and labeled as misleading until further news corrects otherwise. Better than taking down because someone else intentionally or not might repost.

  22. Half-assed posts like this are part of the reason this sub is running around screaming "Citadel got liquidated! Mayo man is filing for bankruptcy!" Neither of which are even remotely true.

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