30 days of Hedge-Fund's High Frequency Runic Sorcery (break-out or fake-out, you decide)

  1. It's a fake-out... We have almost two years of cycles to look at. Next run-up is in November. No TA here, just a regard who can count to 3.

  2. That's the beauty of it if it's a fake out there's more time, if it isn't you have enough money that you can buy more. It's like a reverse catch-22, would sure suck to be on the other side they b fuq'd

  3. Same, there's something about that institutional holding % that makes me sad when I see GME go up. I don't feel good about MOASS until we hit 100% DRS on at least 1 metric. If the other parts of the pie decide to recede then so be it, I inch forward.

  4. Bought threee separate dca rounds during it so eh, not even sure how manage shares that was, or what are in the infinity pool, have like 3% left in brokerage accounts at a few different brokers for lift off!

  5. fake out, definitely gonna double bottom then green dildo. Zero research, zero experience, just a feeling.

  6. Sounds legit 🤷‍♂️ if I had to bet I'd say breakout then slow slide from the outside of the channel for a week or so before a double bottom.

  7. Bruh, the cycles are so blatant. Algorithms are gross. Next run-up is November, same for towel stock and a third lesser known squeeze play I have a small position in. Too bad I'm broke and can't buy any more. Anyway, November will be juicy.

  8. The day I realized cycles are just funds riding the options wave it all clicked. When you spot an obvious channel, take out the chain and start checking where's the biggest OI on that trajectory.

  9. Something is super off with your chart. No matter if I do normal or log, normal candles or Heikin Ashi, we always broke out further than on your 4h chart. Way more in fact.

  10. That's because you don't have accurate extended hours activity. This is the WeBull display, the blue columns on the background are market-closed hours.

  11. Need a new name for the opposition... because with the DTCC fuckery, msm and let's not forget the fed its much more than shf. I read the dd 84 years ago on the voltron cabal but it needs a catchy name. Any ideas?

  12. Oh fuck I’d be so excited to see 18 next week. I’d slam the rest of my 401k into GME then I’d liquidate my everything else and dive in.

  13. You picked the angle seemingly at random as it just pierces through the previous W bottom. If it worked out for you, great! 🍀

  14. $8B in insurance was written 2 weeks ago. MM’s probably want that to expire first before letting the market correct again

  15. Technical analysis says breakout! Check out the 1 day candles on MACD (Elliott wave about to turn green) and we are bouncing off the bottom of the RSI. Bollinger bands are closing so we should see consolidation in the next few days and then go up! The algorithms also will see a gap that needs to be filled so up up up we go!

  16. I really need this to happen soon, this past week has been one of the toughest I've faced and is seriously making me reconsider a lot of things.

  17. If I was a hedge fund and this was gonna happen, I would try as many pump and dumps possible personally. Theoretically if you can get the price to like double what it was today, you’ll get a ton of drs to sell.

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