Ken's playbook for Company Earnings Announcements. he openly brags about paid-for journalism and price manipulation. once again you can watch this scheme play out in real time

  1. If you look closely, he shifts his eyes slightly constantly - helps with not blinking - for some reason he thinks that the constant creepy coke stare helps him create a bond with the person across from him.

  2. “A blink is defined as 'a temporary closure of both eyes, involving movements of the upper and lower eyelids' [1]. Human adults blink approximately 12 times per minute”

  3. I am wondering if he was on some sort of drug. He didn't blink but look at his face expression in total and how wide his eyes were open the whole time. Again (happened to me before when I watched the video of him talking about the teachers) I was wondering if the video is actually real or not. The guy is a psychopath narcissist and everyone can just see it... What has happened to the world to give such people power...

  4. Yep, 1 minute and 2 seconds, 1 blink. I tried to do it and my eyes started watering. The guy is a snake in human form.

  5. That's the only thing I was looking for. The guy he was talking to was only on screen for 3 seconds and still blinked twice in that time.

  6. it is not kenny who is talking there... it's the spirit of the coke hahaha if those eyes can speak it would probably say "woooohooooo crime baby crime!"

  7. CAME HERE TO SAY THAT. This guy is a sociopath nut job. Creepy as hell. He's acts like a robot. Maybe he's related to Zuckerburrg

  8. Damn. I was going to say that. It’s not uncommon for people to blink 8-10 times per minute. I wonder if it’s because he’s trying to manage his appearance, tells, etc.

  9. That was my first thought. Like wth when are you gonna blink? Also why does it look like he is keeping his eyes so wide open, who's he trying to kill with those eyes

  10. He is more focused on about putting on a façade of being informed about the markets and looking good (eye contact, reversing his nasally voice) than actual knowledge of the markets

  11. it’s funny, cos he’s talking like he has someone in his ear telling him what to say, the speeding up/slowing down, the uncertainty in his tone despite the expert jargon he uses. kind of reminds me of the Gamestopped interviews.

  12. This. I mean we all want some money but on the other side you can see a man that has A LOT of them and would you say that he is living a good life? Hell no.. it is really his addiction, he just wants more and more and he can’t get out of this cycle, it is really sad.

  13. The idea of ‘where a price SHOULD be’ is so funny to me. Institutions are much more likely to build those contingency plans of If C happens then I’ll do Y. So the price action soon after earnings is only driven by what the institutions think and isn’t necessarily reflective of where the market will determine the price should be due to retail taking more time to process information.

  14. This just mirrors what he said in another interview when he was bragging that his high frequency trading algorithms can put a stock price where it should be in accordance with the company's earnings, which completely shits on the idea that supply and demand drives the markets.

  15. His final sentance should be" and here at Citadel we acquire more of that smaller pie than ever before, as a percentage. and in so doing, fuck everyone"

  16. “The world according to Ken Griffin” is just such a bleakly true thing to see. We don’t live in the same world, to him it’s a playground of shady illegal crime, and the rules don’t apply to him.

  17. I was thinking robot but I noticed his dome is oval shaped like those ancient alien shows. I wonder if he came from Mars or hollow earth?

  18. You can tell by the look in his eyes, he doesn't even believe his own BS. Forcing the journalists to believe in his nonsense with those crazy eyes.

  19. These seconds that he speaks of reflect hours of premarket run up or down before the news gets published. Then MSM reports retail sentiment for the price movement.

  20. Apparently its more fair now that he has an algorithm that will automatically sell or buy based on earnings before I can even read the first sentence of an earnings report. The delusion is palpable.

  21. Now this is a quality post angle I haven't seen in a while. This man is a true psychopath. We need to keep showing facts about how truly evil this motherfucker really is.

  22. Within seconds of an earnings announcement you're gonna see a stock price move to where it should be? Within seconds? Yeah, that sounds dumb af

  23. Damn. That's some sad hedgie noises. I'm almost feeling bad for them, because they appear to be pretty fucked already. Just joking. I'm pretty fine with it. Let them burn down.

  24. This guys a fking psychopath. Cant even talk like a normal human does. I think he's Mexican cartel-boss level crazy. He'd do anything for power and money. Look at his fking eyes..

  25. Look at this clown's facial expression during this whole exchange. Actual psychopath, it's all over his face.

  26. So that's why when a big player sells on Monday and then on Wednesday the news comes out they sold and THEN the market come it doesn't move at all with the large sale on Monday? Because the price is wrong, bitch!

  27. "Reduced the amount of alpha that's available to us as a community" - but Ken, Citadel is still reporting huge and increasing revenue numbers. Where are you all of the sudden finding new alpha Ken Griffin? We know where Al Capone, a famous Chicago crime boss, found alpha. Care to explain where you found yours? And how come none of the other really smart hedge funds seem to have figured it out and duplicated it? Wasn't there some explanation why no competitors of Enron could match their profitability?

  28. Means that there is no way for a retail Investor to make decisions based on a earnings report cause the algos are trimming the price in the way they think it is „fair“ valued. The stock market is a fucking joke.

  29. The Alpha has been reduced because the MM are skimming and frontrunning all the trades on the lit markets. And using the dark pools to avoid reglations and regulators!

  30. Sometimes that shark, he looks right into ya, right into your eyes. Y’know, the thing about a shark, he’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.

  31. When I scrolled to this video, the blue buffer circle lined up perfectly with Kennifer’s left eye and looked just like a tear shedding, and it was beautiful.

  32. So he’s saying the price movements seconds after an earnings report (when the news isn’t even digested yet) is more efficient lol.

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