GMERICA 1 by GameStop! LFG ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  1. This is the response I have been looking for!!!! T-00!!!! How is this not the very first thing said!!! This is so freaking important.... Think about all the theories of blockchain etc. T-00 is flipping huge for retail!!! Lets go GME!!!

  2. The launch of NASA's historic Artemis I moon mission has been postponed after the team was unable to work through an issue with one of the rocket's four engines.

  3. There was supposed to be, but unfortunately it got scrubbed due to a tank leak on Engine 3. Next launch window is Friday, but I'll be honest it probably won't launch until October or December at the soonest.

  4. It was cancelled because they couldn't get all the engines to bleed properly. Next window is 12:48 est on 2nd of September

  5. So in the 7th month they release a dividend and the marketplace. They do a 4:1 dividend. And they release a NFT labeled one? Gonna need to stock up on more tinfoil

  6. Waiting for someone to proclaim "if GME hits $40 by end of week, ill tattoo this on my ass, while eating a watermelon, while my wife's boyfriend watches".

  7. Itโ€™s a screen grab from the search results (I believe). When you click on search result is says โ€œnothing here yetโ€. When you put an image in a thumbnail (thatโ€™s usually square) it squishes the aspect ratio to fit it in.

  8. I am really surprised I haven't seen one comment about the most likely explanation for this. We have been speculating about a full NFT marketplace launch for months at this point.

  9. I'm stuck between Journey - Faithfully, Era - Divano, and Gorillaz - Broken for the launch party. See ya'll boys in the land of lambos (I for one am looking forward to cap myself at a 10k El Camino)

  10. So Iโ€™m confused, GMERICA is suppose to a spin off company we thought? Does this mean all the trademark etc was for the NFT collection or will it still likely be something more based on their filings? Sorry smooth brain so would love some insight


  12. I recieved an email from NFL Rivals saying tomorrow noon they drop. I wonder what else is dropping tomorrow? Seems like a big day

  13. 7 people on right, 4 in the middle, and one on the leftโ€ฆ maybe 1-4-7 was the roadmap all along. (Eew eew llams a evah I)

  14. Anyone think this is a little too on the nose? Like, seems they are pandering the SuperStonk crowd to guarantee a sell-out.

  15. Go to the actual thumbnail on the marketplace and look at the cockpit upside down. Itโ€™s a smiley face with a red drop next to one of the eyes? Canโ€™t tell if the motion in the mouth is just a smile or is something being thrown out of the cockpit? And the spotlight is illuminating the cockpit as a point to look at?

  16. Also, is that the Microsoft logo on the left wing and a Viking type ship on the right wing from the illumination shadow of the spot lights?

  17. There's no way Gamestop made and published this right? Because if they did, then slap my ass and call me Susy, because damn!!!

  18. If you look at the moon in the NFT, itโ€™s in the waning crescent phase. Our moon will be in that phase similar to the picture on September 19th. I searched online for the current moon phase, then went until I found the next moon phase that matches up.

  19. There was a shuttle launch scheduled for today but was scrubbed bc of engine issues. It was part of a mission to get us back on the moon.

  20. Woot. More fkn jpgโ€™s. So what. This is not what we hoped the market would be. Where are the in-game assets? Whereโ€™s the de-fi? Where is any use-case for this technology more substantial than the latest version of beanie babies?

  21. I wonder if this is perhaps a reference to tZero the Blockchain exchange that was out together by Patrick Byrne as his counter offensive to short sellers.

  22. Iโ€™m so lost, my brain is smoother than a whaleโ€™s tooth polished to a frictionless state. Somebody explain why this in particular should have me jacking my already bleeding nipples even harder? Help me, apes!

  23. I haven't been following the moass story for a while. Do you know how we would receive these nft? Do we need to do something?

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