Ryan Cohen on Twitter: GameStop store leaders ❤️

  1. What’s nice is all these people would have lost their jobs if GameStop was cellar boxed. RC is specifically now going to put them in a position to take from the people trying to pummel them into the ground…on the hedge funds dime hahahahahahahhahaha

  2. And this is the cool shit I've been waiting for them to do with those shares. Fucking incentivise people to work at every level of the company and pay them well and treat them right.

  3. Store owners get $21grand in vested shares over three years and money for other works more details to follow Saw it on some WSJARTICLE

  4. Lol my original reason for finally making a reddit account after all these years was because this comment always amuses me. I used to dig into RC tweets for the conspiracy theories, now I always look for this one and sure enough,

  5. I’ve been pretty frustrated with my job lately, maybe I should apply for a job… Good for RC, this is just more confirmation that this is the right investment, for a lot of reasons. Love you apes, see you on the moon! 🦍💪🏻🚀♥️🌕

  6. Haha, I just quit my job as a lead programmer (at a completely different company) due to incompetent management and was totally thinking about applying to an open store manager position at my local Gamestop for funsies. Maybe this is a sign that I should...

  7. Isn’t this a huge bullish indicator? Because surely a company wouldn’t be able to increase employee benefits unless they were actually making a profit & expected to continue to make a profit for the next 3 years. Right?

  8. I bought 1 share after hours at $32.50. I’d like to thank SHFs for dropping to price every day, so I can continue to buy the dips dip.

  9. Where’s the guy who said 7 tweets in July. 4 in August. 1 in September. That’s #4 for august. This was only tweets, not retweets or replies.

  10. many bots look like they are activated by a rc tweet post. they know it will be hot and they are here slinging their rancid fud. I upvoted all of you that were at zero for no reason and down voted several of you no flairs shilling and shitting on a bullish plan and tweet.

  11. Bullish on treating your employees with respect and fair compensation. Proud to be a shareholder in this company, damn proud

  12. I love how gme goes and decides it’s store leaders are too busy running stores, how can they be expected to keep up with all of this wall st Fuckery? Better make sure they become gorrilionaires, without them gme wouldn’t be here, after all. I like this stock, A LOT.

  13. i use to work at gamestop in my teens. i made alot of friends working there. it was easily one of my more favorite jobs. tho my boss was the coolest guy too. It was in a shopping mall so i got alot of girls numbers aaand free food from the chinese food peoples kids who always bought games. good times.

  14. This is fantastic. It's easy to see that front-line retail catch the flak for society's woes. So I hope this is the start of treating/compensating those workers better. Starting with the SLs.

  15. Do you guys realize RC is going to push DRSed shares to employees, directly on computershare, further decreasing the total « real » shares available?

  16. Unfortunately I don't think these are purchased on the open market, they will be new shares issued. This was part of the reason for the increase in issuable shares up to 1B

  17. I am so happy that he is doing this before liftoff. Those folks that have been working the front lines for years deserve it more than anyone. It wouldn’t have felt right to be on the ship without them.

  18. I was curious about employee reaction to this plan and checked on GameStop employee unofficial Reddit board. I expected enthusiasm and to my surprise I found in general a very low morale, even about this iniziative

  19. Did I read the announcement wrong or is everyone missing the obvious? This is only for store managers. Most store workers are not managers obviously. They don't have much to be excited about

  20. The student loan pause was extended until 2023, if we can DRS the entire float and MOASS by then so I can pay off my almost 300k doctor degree student loan, I’d really appreciate it.

  21. Great how about the shareholders now? Save the company from disaster and get rewarded with what cryptic tweets and JPEG nfts . Anytime now RC …

  22. Well now we know the MOASS isn’t going to start in the next couple months. No chance is GameStop about to give out shares when they’re in the millions

  23. All the other employees who get shafted between 4-36 hours a week are just left to cry. I hope they improve conditions for GAs

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