Computershare New Account Number High Score!! 2022-08-22 || Wen 200K?

  1. That’s a good R2 on the trendline - could you include the slope so I don’t have to squint my eyes or try to do maths ?

  2. If you have access to your CS account, you can log in and view your documents so you don’t have to wait for the mail.

  3. Check the FAQ! Doesn’t matter if people don’t post. If we know the high score, we know how many accounts there are.

  4. Sorry for the stupid question, how can I submit infos for account high score? Just received my letter. Also, how do you create a computershare account? Thanks

  5. Does this include IRA shares DRS with Computershare as long as they summon the bot? I think the account numbers are different for IRA ComputerShare accounts.

  6. This has nothing to do with the bot. It’s all based on the account number for the fund (in this case GME). It’s been proven (by several different users) that each fund gets its’ own series of account numbers.

  7. I don't understand how it's only 23.1 percent. Haven't we been here for almost two years already and trying hard as hell to push DRS? I don't understand how people on the sub could still not have transferred their shares yet to DRS. Like wtf guys, time to step it up and DRS

  8. No reason in particular. Just a milestone so to speak. It’d be like if someone got 200,000 followers on YouTube or something. Just a nice round number.

  9. 🤣 now there's TA of the registered accounts from superstonk?? Man, these trend guys will draw lines on anything and get off to it!

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