🕹️🚨🦍 DON'T LET THIS GET BURIED! APE HELP APE. Hi everyone. Is everyone doing okay? Everyone good on food and essentials? Please reach out, no shame. Also those that want to help, offer up. Some people have been going through alot. We see you. 🦍🚨🕹️

  1. Just paid $800 out of pocket for an electrician to tell me the insurance-hired contractors installed my hot water heater wrong and I could have died if I touched it. Glad I’m alive and the heater’s not a danger anymore, but could have done without the hit to my bank account lol

  2. Can you contact your insurance company with a report and request they reimburse? They’d be I. Quite a few legal issues from their contractors potentially causing death…;)

  3. You can reply to this or send me a message and I will help any way I can. I usually help people help themselves, so don't feel too proud to reach out.

  4. Hey, you're an awesome person for offering to help fellow apes in need, and I can't wait to be in that position myself, unfortunately this time I'm on the other side of the boat. I lost my job a few weeks ago and have since decided to go back to school full time to pursue a career in radiology (think cat scans and xrays) unfortunately I'm in limbo with financial aid right now and I'm down to about 75bucks in my account. I'd really appreciate any help anyone can muster, I really only need to survive another 2-3weeks until I can get my student loan through, I'm currently trying to doordash to earn the money I need but my area has been over-saturated with drivers, I spent 4 hours yesterday and got 0 deliveries, so I've been exceptionally stressed. If anyone could spare a buck or two it'd really help me out rn, thanks a ton fellow apes. I've put my venmo on my account for anyone who can spare anything, can't wait to be spreading my future wealth with others in need, diamond hands!!

  5. So here’s my dilemma: I have four biological children, my wife and I took in six of my sister’s eight kids about seven years ago. This year the oldest two in the house now (one graduated WSU and one is out on her own after graduating high school) are starting high school. I work full time, I go to school full time for software engineering, and my wife is a stay at home mom since we now have three toddlers. Anyhow, school shopping….took the kids to a goodwill outlet to get clothes by the pound. They got a ton.

  6. My wife recently got a new job after maternity leave (teacher. Maternity leave started in March). The old job was abusive and the new one is amazing.

  7. First step is to call your bank if you haven’t yet. They may have some options (like potentially a heloc mortgage), but if you go that route you need to be disciplined about not using the funds except for emergencies.:)

  8. I could use help with bills. I had to defer payments already so it would be nice to be caught up. I split with my gf a few months ago, spent some time homeless, but have an apartment now. Half my income goes to rent and the rest is spent on bills with a bit left over for groceries. Honestly the thing I'm looking forward to the most come MOASS is to be debt free. Even though I had $5 in my account for a week, I will never sell.

  9. I just really want moass, man. Was in a car accident 2 years ago because some bitch wasn't paying attention to the road in front of her and now as a result i have serious back and neck pain/headaches. My lawsuit against her isnt going to make up for my lost mobility and functionality. Lawyer wants me to settle since 'theres no proof the accident caused my injuries' which is horseshit because i was hitting the gym almost every day before accident to get in shape.

  10. My friend runs a chronic pain foundation. DM me for his website. Please add a reminder because ....hmfff...I can't remember why crayon.

  11. I know of one place that is desperate for a receptionist if you so happen to be located in Central Florida. 420 friendly, just don't flaunt it too much. Not much standing required as there is a chair, light physical activity no more than five minutes or so at a time. Let me know if you're in Central Florida. It's not much but it's an easy job.

  12. This single ape is really struggling. I'm in outside sales and haven't closed a deal since February despite working my ape ass off - super long story: two major deals have been delayed by significant repairs. Which means lots of work for no pay - I haven't been paid in 6 months and as a single income earner, it's really painful because there's no one to rely on when things are lean. My parents are too poor to help. Savings is gone and I have nothing left to sell. My handful of shares are 100% DRS'd and those handful of shares are going nowhere - that's my only ticket out of this dystopian nightmare. It's all I have left.

  13. Pretty fucked still, got closer to total fucked, still not quite total fucked, but definitely a week until giga fucked. moass is tomorrow though so its cool.

  14. Idk that anyone can do anything to really help me, I've been stress depressed and overworked. I'm fighting a court case that seems to be the lawyer in bed with the prosecutor and just taking my money and doing as little as possible to keep up appearances and I'm afraid if I say anything about how I feel it will only make the situation worse. I've been broke since I got into gme, but have never once sold a share. I get by ok, luckily it's just me and the dog to take care of. I think my dog is sick, but due to above mentioned court case I can't get him to the vet because I can't drive. And he's too old now to walk with me that far. I guess if any of you out there believe in God just say a little prayer for me and my dog. I hope that moass comes soon I am not a whale by any means but even at a measly 1k per share my entire life could change. ( I'm holding for much higher than that tho, don't worry.) I love this community, and I believe in all the good that has come and will continue to come from us.

  15. Have you thought about seeking a free consultation with another lawyer. I’m sure they’ll be able to ease your concerns

  16. Pending for me here. I'd give my entire moass for my life back. God let us find our way because I see nothing good and I have an infinite hole in my heart that no moass can ever solve

  17. Location? There's probably a local ape willing to take you to the vet. Since you'll be going, may as well take the pooch too :)

  18. Anyone needing legal help in MIssissippi? I can point to resources or maybe help directly in certain specific cases.

  19. I just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this week. I just thought it was an ulcer causing the pain. I have my Endoscopy with Ultrasound in a few hours to get a biopsy of the pancreas. Its locally invasive but non-operable (stage 3) but fortunately my liver and lungs are clean. My parents and my brother have my back financially. My oncologist hopes that chemo will shrink it enough so the surgery will be an option again. If anyone know some treatment studies that are going on or advice, please let me know. I am late 40s, and healthy.

  20. This one hits home as my sibling is going through similar. It sounds like you have a great support system though, and that makes all the difference. You got this!!!:)

  21. I'm your age,I was given a year (if youre lucky they said) to live with stage 4 bladder cancer,they said i have to have bladder removed but I refused. Very long story very short I'm still here 5 years later,last scan (2 weeks ago) was clear (no sign of disease) ,I've had more chemo than you can shake a stick at,the last was 98 cycles ,that's 98 weeks of it and it has absolutely battered me,apparently I'm a medical miracle. They even tried to move me into a hospice for final care but I told them no.

  22. Omg I am so sorry! I don’t know much but look into adaptogens, they might help along with chemo. Also diet might help. Wishing you all the best!

  23. Only paid $450 out of my $975 rent this month. Out of work due to back issues, I hold because I literally have no other options other than applying for local assistance.

  24. Usually upvote these when I see them. Been out of work on a mental breakdown since May, looking at putting another month's rent on a credit card, down to about $200 in the bank. Disability is taking on average a month or more to pay in increments; I've received 2 checks since May.

  25. I've had lots of thereapy so I know the dark roads and what I'm talking about :) Feel free to DM if you'd like to chat.

  26. I'm honestly not doing well at all. I had to move back to my family home in June and I haven't had any luck finding a new job, local or remote. I just overdrafted and it's stressed me out so much that I'm not eating, and I feel like a POS for needing my brother's help, since he has a young family. The only up side has been being able to spend more time with his kids.

  27. Is there any special memories that you’ve created with them during this time? What are some of the things you’ve been doing with them?:)

  28. About to be evicted and no luck finding a job or someone in need of a roommate. I'm clean and still looking for work but I've got some savings if anyone is in the Palm Bay/Melbourne Florida area and looking for a roommate or knows of anyone that is. I'm still applying to jobs but getting no call backs and it's getting desperate

  29. Not sure about florida law but in CA, it's damn hard to get someone evicted. like 6months of not paying rent hard. I had to do that years ago and the few months reprieve allowed me to get back up.

  30. Hi all, I’m not in financial need but I just want to reach out to other apes today for some emotional support. I’ve just separated so this is the first day that my kids won’t be in my house, they just left with their mom to spend their first weekend away. They are why I’m zen, why I hodl, and why I want to help make the world a better place, so it feels very quiet right now. Thanks to you all for the great community ❤️🦍

  31. Personally I am ok and I hope others are too. Just wanted to say I really appreciate these post which I have seen monthly. Big 👍🏻 for apes helping apes.

  32. Not doing so great. Super depressed lately. Stress from work is making things way harder to cope with. Took the first step to get help today. Appointment scheduled for end of the month. Hope I get some sort of relief.

  33. When you discover what the universe created you to be…you will never want to be anything else. Prepare apes…prepare.

  34. Could use a little bit of money for bills, been unemployed for a while and need to hold out until next week for my first paycheck in a while.

  35. Just found out my grandma is dying of 2 blood clots. Was very sudden and now she is unconscious in hospice. With long-covid keeping me from working I can't afford to fly home for the inevitable funeral. I don't expect help, but this community has been a wonderful distraction from the shitty life the 1% force us to live.

  36. I can tell you, she’s proud of the person you are, and you are honouring her by being the example she set forth for you to follow.

  37. I got no money for food for my family this upcoming week. I’ve posted on this a few times. Anyway if anyone cares DM me. I’m keeping the faith and applying for emergency assistance at a local non profit. Sigh.

  38. Just played rent but I feel like imaa be late next month, i have an ebay page i wont link. Dm me. If any ape if going to thebmaall consider buying from an ape instead

  39. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but I finally worked up the courage to drs. I talked to a fidelity rep on Monday and he took care of it for me, but now I need help for the next steps. The shares are not in my account anymore, how would I go about seeing them on a computer share account

  40. Idk if it's too late to post in here but here we go. I lost my remote job in May, stopped getting severance in July, and still no job. I'll be done with my bachelor's degree in December, and none of these companies are taking me because of education requirements. I have a phenomenal eight year career behind me and I'm studying for project management. If anyone is a hiring manager or knows of open positions, please let me know. Anything helps!

  41. I just lost my job at Zillow 2 weeks ago. I still haven't had any job call backs, my food stamps are out for the month and I'm cutting it really tight on rent.

  42. That’s a hard one. One of my nft giveaway posts was removed because they said “selling” them for 1lrc each was monetization…even though it was to help me send them out automatically, and any funds would go to giving away others for free.

  43. I truly just don't know how to survive. I can't afford my rent in September, but everything I look at is even more expensive than where I live. I turn 40 next month and I just know that nobody is going to do anything special for me. It's going to be a rough birthday being super broke and worried about rent. I feel helpless as I don't have a way to earn more money, I'm already working and being a mom to a special needs boy. His father has a job making slightly above minimum wage and he is unwilling to change jobs even though he's severely underpaid. If he doesn't change his mindset, we'll never have our own house. He can't even afford to pay our whole rent or to buy a car. Just so frustrated with life. I want moass so I can crawl out of poverty and never look back. My spouse is not taking care of our family the way I had hoped. I even offered to get a second job so he'd stay home with our son because I had an opportunity to get paid more, but he refused, saying that he doesn't want to have to ask me for money. So it's either I stay with someone who doesn't want a house or I become a single mom. I'm turning 40 and I've become depressed that I may never own my own house. It's so stressful living in a rented space with a child who destroys everything he can (because he doesn't know any better, he's severely autistic).

  44. I'm just skating by financially but I'm making it work the best I can. My mom has a broken leg and my father has been struggling to find work for awhile since he got laid off during covid so it's stressful all-around. I also just started a new job, back to the bottom of the rung at a less than ideal store, and it's been far more taxing on me mentally than I had expected. Just doing my best to hang in right now. But I know I'm not the only one going through it at the moment and seeing posts like these and the genuine kindness you all show helps a lot. I hope all your kindness comes back to you tenfold💚

  45. My diamond tits have been zen since I first bought post sneeze and I don’t even know what an exit strategy is, however I just lost half a tooth biting into a pizza crust and am in pretty considerable pain. I don’t have dental insurance and GME is my entire savings at this point… I’m only an XX holder so selling might not even cover my expenses to get it fixed. If anyone knows of cheap dental resources or could help in any way I’m in the twin cities and would apericiate any help or direction! I can provide proof of position and fucked tooth if necessary.

  46. I'm living with my parents temporarily again but I have a good relationship with them. Besides, once we start seeing the price run-up and we start squeezing them I can buy them a huge, beautiful house!!

  47. I am by no means desperate, however I could use some help with maybe some basic necessities like soap/food/etc, just means that I don't have to buy it myself. My expenses to income is way too high

  48. I had to put my dog to sleep last month (he was old and it was his time) and i still havents caught up with some of my bills. I have a bunch of drs gme and man im hoping it moass soon. Im tired of just getting by

  49. doing well enough materially but feeling kinda lonely lately. moved to this town in 2020 after graduating and still haven’t made any friends. nearest friend is like 150 mile round trip away which is about $50 of petrol with the current prices here. can’t remember the last time i left the house to do something other than shopping, kinda getting to me now lol

  50. You have a shrewdness of apes all here. I would bet there’s at least a few near you. By your use of the word petrol, are you a UK ape?

  51. We just had a baby almost 2 weeks ago (also finally hit enough karma to post). He came a few weeks early and it was a little scary in the hospital. My wife is still recovering and can only do limited things, lots of stress and responsibility on my for awhile, and I’m going back to work next week. Fingers crossed she’s recovered enough and ready to go. Good news is little guy is perfect and so far in very good health.

  52. I’m barely paying my mortgage, internet to work from home, gas, my vehicle is 3 years past inspection, I am 40k in debt, I lost my parents and uncle within 9 months and just lost someone today that was very close to COVID. I’m sinking, but I’ll be damned if I don’t hold these shares. I won’t ask for anything but if anyone is feeling generous or has recourses, thank you.

  53. Landed in a tough spot financially. Been laid off work and I had to do a wisdom tooth surgery. Everything has gotten so crazy expensive. That surgery fucked me up and unsure how to even pay my rent now. Trying to take a loan but having difficulties getting it right now. I still wont sell a single share!

  54. I‘m at such a low point, can someone give me hope? I‘m suffering from severe long covid and am almost completely bedridden. No doc can help and I don‘t have money for treatments. I‘m about to lose my job. I‘m scared of becoming homeless (don‘t even have a car I can sleep in) and losing my pets. And I fear that MOASS will come too late for me. I need it to happen asap so I can get treatment and stop feeling buried alive and get a nurse or housekeeper who helps me.

  55. I am a month behind on rent and 2 months behind on my car payment, just started a new job so I'm hopeful I'll get back to even. Really looking forward to MOASS

  56. It's been tough, the last 10 yrs. Mom passed with cancer, I was her caregiver, identical twin sis got cancer, hubby and I have POA of his dad and invalid sister..his dad can't drive, but still in his home, so we are responsible for all his meals..dr appt..(we both work full time). Then in June, I had to go stay with my twin, hospice. I was with her for 3 weeks. She passed and I've been really struggling. I just can't feel anything. Totally overwhelmed. I've also had to deal with something, I was totally unprepared for. I literally watched myself wither away..pass..that sounds so selfish, but it's so shocking..I found my self gorging on food, so I wouldn't be that skinny.. sorry..tmi. Just really really tired. I thought it would be "my" turn, after my kids grew up, but yet here we are, can't leave town, due to possible medical emergencies, for loved ones. No vacation in 10 yrs.

  57. I'd just like to say that the groups in control have thrown the rubric and all sense of scientific control out the window. So if you are struggling, realize it's not your fault and most likely not based on genuine reality. Hold strong and just like be happy and do good stuff.

  58. I’ve had a lot of stuff just happen since the last year or so and it’s adding up. I’ll be fine but these are nice spots for me to at least say im struggling a bit.

  59. Dear fellow subreddit scrollers, I’m hammered at 9pm closing out my tab and have to work at 5am. Send thoughts, prayers, and electrolytes

  60. I've was made redundant in May. I've been living off my severance and I know it won't last forever. I just feel so trapped because I'm trying to deal with this adhd. I just feel so helpless, I can't even do a resume let alone apply for a new job. And asking for help is hard, it's only easy here because I'm speaking to the void and I don't feel so guilty if it doesn't talk back.

  61. I did a job back in feb and lost a good amt of money (to a very wealthy client nonetheless) and never sold and my credit card is killing me tbh 😩

  62. Does anyone know of any hr openings in Utah? I've been searching for months for a position. I have 5 years of experience and an MBA from a top 20 school. Our bank account is getting low, but I haven't had any offers yet

  63. I pulled my money out of eToro to buy back in ibkr , my bank went for my ass seeking documents and documents just caused I got out MY money of a broker , we not longer own our money.

  64. Thank you! It's nice to get the reminder because I had totally forgotten until someone pointed it out yesterday! :)

  65. Having a hard time keeping up with rent and keep getting letters about medical bills about to make their way to collections, fucking up the credit I've built up over the last 17 years....but I guess it could be worse ...idk...I'm ...fucking discouraged by waking up most days at this point. Trying not to sell gme but about to hit my own critical mass soon.

  66. Doing okay on all that. The thing I wish I could change is the fact I've been dumping any extra cash into GME and not into the extremely important surgery I've been putting off since the sneeze. It's been MOASS tomorrow since then for me, and it's had a pretty drastic effect on my health. Sucks even more because, I let a GME contract go from $140 to $17,000 back to $0 during the Feb/March run. AND most recently managed to buy three $10 Aug 19th BBBY calls for $50 each and (fml) sold it two days before the run up because I overdrafted. Maybe I should take care of myself a little more..

  67. If you don’t make it to tomorrow, you won’t get to enjoy moass. Take care of yourself first and foremost. :)

  68. I am not doing ok mental wise. But psycho doctors have too much waiting time in Germany. Any advice where can i get help? Friends or family are not possible because they know me too well to understand. Understand what? I dont know either

  69. Please send ape prayers our way. Our little dog, a part of our family, is in surgery. We got him as a stray and didn't know his age. We love him lots. We hope he makes it. We were able to pay half, I hope the vet allows us to wait until Friday, my pay day.

  70. Very happy to see this movement to help one another. Im a commission based car salesman in Canada, and cars are heavily delayed, even Used vehs.

  71. got fucked trying to make some money trading bbby so that I can dump in gme, but I'll prob survive until the end of month when I get paid. I really hope to hear some good news about bbby soon. fully drsed so I ain't touching that money

  72. Love your energy and heart. Can I also say without distracting from this important message that you typing out Final Countdown made my entire week that included getting caught up in towel drama.

  73. I hate to ask, but I'm getting pretty thin financially. I'm a high earner, but I've been out of work for 5 months now, and it looks like another month or so until I'm back. 3 kids, school just started and I'm doing uber eats to try and make ends meet until I get a new project. I have enough to make it through this month with bills paid, after that it gets a little dicey. Haven't sold a share and I DO NOT plan to. I'm not giving up my family's future to fight one more day. I'll go work at Wendy's before it comes to that.

  74. Planning to move out from my parents house soon and am selling some stuff I bought with crypto earnings about a year ago. I made a decent sum but spent most of it traveling and on tech, except for my GME shares. I’ve been trying to sell what i bought as itll essentially enable me to leave this super toxic household but with no bids on eBay and every message from Facebook marketplace seems to be a scam :( the few reply’s I do get are extremely low balling like offering $200 for a $800 dollar bike, $300 for a $1000 pc, etc. it’s been kind of frustrating since I planned to move out next week but have barely made a couple hundred from all of that and haven’t sold anything worth a lot. Anyway, all my shares are drs’d so I’m zen at the very least on that. Hopefully this doesn’t last much longer and we can all move on to what comes after. Good luck apes!

  75. Food and essentials are okay it's just the credit card bills that are getting out of control. Could really use moass soon but am ready to hodl the line.

  76. Looking for work. I have a BS in physics and can’t find a decent job in South Dakota. Working minimum wage, but will be evicted if I don’t find a better job in a couple weeks.

  77. Going to Manchester in October for an exchange study for 3 months, exchange students just notified by the University that local accommodations was all booked up and left us hanging dry to look for a place to stay during our exchange period.

  78. I can tell you my outlook has not improved at all. I'm holding what I got to the end, but man could I use some cash for bills. I am totally broke.

  79. 25, Aussie ape here.Becoming a new Dad right around mid December. Little anxious with rising grocery costs and soon to be baby consumables. We're fortunate to have purchased all the big ticket items passively throughout the year so definitely taken some of the stress off our shoulders. Think its just nerves as we experience the journey together <3

  80. I’m gonna try to make this post short to conceal personal information but I would be willing to share in dms if you have any questions.

  81. I had to sell my car to cover the costs of a ceiling replacement in my house for $15k. Kinda making do but it sucks to not have a car now.

  82. It took 2 months for my onboarding at my new job and in that time I maxed out my credit card. Now I’m trying to pay off all my bills and cc debt but my AC broke in my car :(

  83. I’m in a good place and financially stable but am living paycheck to paycheck right now. I wish I could help out an ape but it will be a little while until I’m able to.

  84. I've got no money (super poor but rich on the inside) but I'm well versed in anything doing with spirituality. Offering help for free! I have a ton of years learning with learned masters, and tons of years teaching how to find freedom from the burden of self and find inner peace. #holla pls

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