This comment by u/TheTangoFox has me jaccqqued.

  1. Sorry but it’s time to stop all the BBBY talk and speculation and focus on why we are here: $GME. If you want to discuss BBBY, check out their sub!

  2. rc bought 5 months ago and the rip started just couple weeks ago. and he sold on the 16th and 17th as price was running up and the dip came the day after that.

  3. Well it probably took a lot of liquidity to short GME down last night. Liquidity that is less available today because of that. Their hand was forced to do this to keep the illusion that retail dumped their shares (in AH? lolwut?).

  4. I think options are more dangerous on the downside… cause upside technically it’s more profitable to sell than to exercise… but the downside it’s not a choice… its contracted to deliver shares…

  5. Ryan Cohen just made BBBY shorts shore up the companies balance sheet while leaving them holding the bag.

  6. But he can’t buy more GME until September after earnings. This is a quiet period and I’m sure he’s sitting on massive announcements; Buy Buy Baby acquisition?

  7. This certainly fits with me thinking Cramer and co complaining about RC and launching very personal public attacks on him is related to this. He fucked the hedgies over doing exactly what they thought he wouldn't do. Lets hope they do have to closeout their positions soon to try to buy 'one more day'.

  8. I wonder if RC only holds shares through RCV. Not saying baby, but GME. Does he also hold other accounts?

  9. Suddenly Ken need 600m for surge in trading revenue? You sell share short and receive revenue then close the position to capture gains. If you don’t close you have to pay borrow fee while maintaining the short position.

  10. There is gonna be a ton of sell orders at open this morning since a lot of retail is freaking out about RC selling and the price is gonna tank even more which will make shf even more exposed on their long positions

  11. Wouldn't Citadel and Sus have bought in under $10? The record date for both was end of June, 13Fs can be filed up to 45 days after quarter end. Still would be cool if RC rugged em.

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