Putting this to bed, RC was an insider!

  1. Hi OP. Understand you have some concerns about the flair and want to verify your FINRA employment. I reached out via chat. Looking forward to connecting with you.

  2. yes. and if it were my room, i'd impose a fine for trying to sidestep the insider rule by buying just under the insider threshold. it's called 'structuring'

  3. IF the proceeds go to the company instead of RC, then his “ask what you can do for your company” tweet takes on a new meaning . . .

  4. Not really. He made fuck all for the company overall. If it was 500M, sure. But I don't think he even made 20M in that sale. BBBY needs a whole lot more money than that.

  5. What was his tweet? “Ask what you can do for your company”. He may have just allowed some people to keep pulling a paycheck.

  6. Please, what is a “Blueprince move” and how does tanking bbby and gme save jobs? Just asking for someone who just took a $31,000 hit today.

  7. I've messaged the mods more in the last 1hr than I ever have before. this needs to be resolved and my post needs to be switched back to DD. it auto switched to speculation.

  8. Hey ArcticBlizzChill: thank you for piping up about this. Must feel like jumping straight into the monkey cage, engaging here. So thanks.

  9. under theses circumstances, RC ventures will only get the money they spent on the options and shares back. all profits will be remitted to BBBY per short swing rule

  10. Seems like the shorts wouldn't want people buying more shares, as it just makes things worse for them. This is something I've not understood throughout all this. For every share they sell short, they create a long holder, which makes things worse for them.

  11. Not true - He sent letter to the board with his first advisory position on March 8. He tweeted he contacted BBBY board on March 8. He bought way before March 8.

  12. whats up Jonny Finra? i am curious - so your opinion has nothing to do with percent of ownership at time of purchase or sale? this is the point which ive seen brought up against the insider claim. from

  13. the law states I can make the determination of insider purely on the kind of information RC has seen while talking with the board of directors. Shares owned is just supporting evidence at that point.

  14. As soon as a little cash is flashed via $bbby Apes start flashing tits and losing their shit... where the fuck have you primates been? Just stfu and "chill Winston." Its all FUD! RC can do whatever RC wants! You super stunted apes think we blindly follow RC? APE exist before RC. RC believes in APE just like AA believes in APE.

  15. Can I ask you a question? What (if anything) is being done regarding the much larger issues of stock market manipulation?

  16. In another life, I had friends like you. You carry the little bit of power afforded to you like your primary. Ready to show whomever your "discretionary" powers. I commend you for coming here and "setting the record straight", but make no mistake. Your organization is not, and will never be a friend of retail. I dropped those pen powered pricks the day I put away my primary.

  17. This. Clearly OP doesn't work for FINRA, and if he does it's worrisome how he doesn't know the basics of what being a insider means.

  18. If you’re close to 3 board members and have >10% ownership of the company, you have access to material non public information, therefore you’re an insider.

  19. Thanks man. RC bought the shares and options between January and March, at what timeframe would he be considered and insider? Obviously sometime after March correct?

  20. How often is insider knowledge used to determine being an insider when below the share threshold normally?

  21. honestly even if you are who you say, its still hearsay until you post evidence to corroborate your claim. maybe example precedent cases, or guidance you follow, or detailed breakdowns of 16b with commentary

  22. Wasn’t there a post on here a while back detailing how just about anybody could become a part time FINRA arbitrator? You need like two years of college credits or some shit. Don’t even have to be in finance. Not saying OP’s not right, but if he’s just a FINRA arbitrator, I’m not impressed.

  23. yes, yes you can become an arbitrator. there are a few designations. public arbitrator (meaning member of the gen public). non-public arbitrator (meaning member of fin community). and supreme leader arbitrator (really chairman arbitrator, but same thing, they make the call if there is a split vote on any determination)

  24. Does the company benefit from Cohens well-timed stock sales and will they receive the proceeds given his regulatory status “insider”?

  25. Why do you think he would sell now during the start of the run up, he could have hold on to it for a few more weeks at least if this is just to give the profit back to BBBY.

  26. Did the freeman capital sell off fuck RC over? That changed him from under 10% to over that limit making him an insider. Was this a way for them to force him to sell to get those and freeman’s shares dropped on the rocket?

  27. This discussion concerns whether RC was considered to be a bbby insider at the time of the sale of his shares. Being an insider is typically measured as owning over 10% of the company. However, OP is stating that as a FINRA arbitrator, share ownership is not the only metric that is used to determine if a person is an insider or not.

  28. Has there been any talk in FINRA of what happening with GME? Specifically the DTC fuck up with the splividend and the huge amount of GME holders DRSing their stock?

  29. This gets my tits more jacked. It seems like from what you’re saying RC never had any intentions whatsoever of profiting off Towel stock but instead to help that company out.

  30. Why couldn't he just do a loan to the company. Doesn't make any sense. The company would then just reflect loan payable to shareholder on their balance sheet .

  31. Bbby announced they would update in August. RC dumped before the announcement would that not be considered insider trading?

  32. So, is there a point to the post? It doesn’t have a conclusion, and hard to see the main point. The introduction doesn’t explain the section. Maybe clarify what “arb” is because it may be too esoteric for reading audience.

  33. It's because he's a shill trying to make us buy more bbby because big institutions (like Citadel) are long. He's also provided no proof, especially none that can disprove this.

  34. This needs to be higher. RC filed all this to cover his ass, even if he probably didn't need to. The finra guy needs to brush up on the rules, there's not really much open to interpretation. Any decent lawyer will make the case that structuring is a stretch.

  35. IF the proceeds go to the company instead of RC, then his “ask what you can do for your company” tweet takes on a new meaning . . .

  36. Section 16b does not apply here. It applies to transactions a party carries out WHILE they are an officer of the company or 10%. Cohen bought when he had 0% stake and BECAME an insider as a result. Those purchases are not reached by Section 16b, it’s not retroactive.

  37. Your professional opinion is incorrect. The rule extremely clearly states that he had to be an insider AT THE TIME THE SHARES WERE PURCHASED. He had zero shares before buying what he did and was not an insider. The letter you are using for justification was also written AFTER his initial purchase.

  38. RC is not an insider (owns more than 10% of the company's shares) because he only bought 9.8% (seems to be intentional) in March. BBBY did a stock buy back to push his ownership to 11.80%. So short swing profit rule doesn't apply to him.

  39. Hmmm. He had 0 shares before his purchase, I'm going to guess he wasn't an insider. Only AFTER was he an insider. Thus those filings. Did he buy more shares AFTER he became an insider?

  40. OP can you confirm this means the profits from RC sale go back to BBBY under short selling rule (smooth brain idk if that's the right term), and this basically just gave BBBY $94Million?

  41. exactly, what we care about is whether or not the money will go to bbby or himself. this so called finra employee isn't even sure at all of it. keeps saying in his opinion it will go to bbby.

  42. THIS IS WRONG!!! RC was not an insider and purchased no additional shares after being a 10% shareholder. All of his gains are going right into his pockets.

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