🤡 Former hedge fund manager files SEC complaint against Ryan Cohen

  1. I like how he mentions a death spiral, which just so happens to be what these SHFs orchestrate on purpose to short companies into the ground.

  2. Probably hedgies trying to muddy the waters on terms such as “death spiral.” There’s another post about them doing it for “zombie stocks.”

  3. Two sentences later he talks about how he filed a 13D in March. You can't make this shit up, they are losing and can't take their ball and leave.

  4. Based on how he talks about the sudden crash, he also seems to be accusing RC of the classic pump, dump, then sell...

  5. Yes, this now will leads to headlines of "SEC investigating ethics complaints against RC for alleged manipulation". We must be pretty gosh darn close apes!

  6. 100%. Nothing is off limits for these fucks lol. It's all a game, they're playing every piece they have left.

  7. This is what I think, too. A HF manager knows the rules, that Ryan has broken none and that the complaint will go nowhere. This is all just a setup for something.

  8. That’s actually good. Maybe we can have discovery and find out how the float can trade multiple times in a day. Or the fact his filing has been out for months. They can’t beat him so they will vilify and slander him. If you are retail fight back against the status quo. Buy and hold.

  9. Pumping it 200% hahaha. They forgot the part where he bought the stock and they shorted it to 25% of it's value lol he is barely broken even

  10. The reason he filed the amended report was because Bath has been doing a buyback, bringing him to over 10% ownership 😂😂 imagine being this Tilson guy who can't even do better DD than us dumb apes

  11. Why would he need to? RC is Hodling GME why does it matter if he also hold BBBY. The complaint doesn't have much merit and probably won't go anywhere. IMO the most manipulative behavior is coming from those complaining the loudest about RC. RC knows how to play the market better than most Hedge Fund managers they are literally jealous of RC's business prowess.

  12. Whitney Tilson is another fucking hf that thinks it’s ok and responsible for the way he makes money. In reality he’s just another douchebag that needs to be brought to his knees

  13. i wonder what kind of criminal fuckery that Tilson has gotten into in his years as a hedgefuck manager.


  15. Their last hope is smearing RC name to the public. Make him the bad guy once MOASS happens. WERE SO CLOSE!

  16. guaranteed it's because international issues with DTCC GME and splividend, they're trying to demonise RC and his company GME to make them/us look like the criminals, when international agencies have some very valid concerns about the splividend and US market because of it

  17. I hope everyone understands how incredibly bullish this actually is.. We knew they would come after retail; we knew they would target the company. If they weren't 100% incredibly, no questions asked, downright horse F'd to retardation, this smear campaign wouldn't exist. Zen, my friends... Zen.

  18. Cramer was nice enough to mention in his video this morning that those BBBY options were effectively "unhedgable" because they were so far OTM. My tits fucking hurt.

  19. This dude knows this complaint has no substance. Just part of the larger PR hit campaign on RC that is unfolding. Just looking to try to prop up a false narrative.

  20. Whitney sounds like the guy who breaks into your house to steal from you and gets shot as you defend yourself.

  21. Possible Kenneth griffin and Whitney went to Harvard together. They’re 2 years apart in age. EDIT: they both graduated in 1989!!!

  22. they actually believe months old news causes stocks to suddenly run 200% out of nowhere, that legally required filings are unnecessary, that intent to sell means a whole position was dumped on the filing date, that information publicly disclosed months ago by the direction of securities laws had to be “leaked by insiders” , that out of the money options are considered bonafide ownership and contributes to your overall ownership % in the company, and much more

  23. They’re trying to shake us into thinking RC is being selfish and is corrupt… it’s all just smoke so people following RC will think he sold when he hasn’t. Stay zen. I ain’t goin nowhere and RC is in fact my dad

  24. Sounds to me like a set up, like the dumb ass Shf are the ones helping pump the stock and the ones that are shorting it out of existence… when some one does a normal trading action like reporting what they want to do it opened up the can of worms for a set up exactly like this dumb person is trying to say about an honest working man who took on the richest company in the world at the time to get his piece of the pie and did a better job than Amazon could and now that he is making other companies succeed up in the same fashion they are jealous and trying to ruin a good man’s name but running him into the ground with set ups like this… the world is to soft some people need to get shut the fuck out of the world for good!!

  25. his information is all off, doesn't mention short and distort or the dubious freeman story. this FORMER hedge fund manager is SHORT AS FUCK GME

  26. CNBC: ”This is blatant crime, save us Jebus! Stocks are even being sold on lit markets and in broad daylight! SEC is worried that this might even lead to price discovery if not detained.”

  27. how does this dork get an article written about filing an ONLINE COMPLAINT with the SEC? we’ve been doing that shit for years at this point

  28. I hope all of these fools know that all of their name's, companies, affiliations, and organizations will be surely noted when the books and movies are made.

  29. They are pulling out all of their tricks and bs to try to stop this. Its only going to dig their hole deeper. I feel like this is a be careful what you wish for because you file the complaint then the investigation could happen. When it happens RC did nothing wrong but it could open up everything else.

  30. Hedgies are just trying to make look like he did something wrong so people will paper hands and get the stock down. They are bleeding and they have no other way.

  31. Congrats Whitney Tilson, you just signed up for a meme fest at your expense. Hopefully you don't have anything on the internet you wouldn't want everyone to know about.

  32. Bahahahaha so they’re reporting this and not the pump and dumps that hedgies have done for years, way out in the open with the buddy Jim Cramer. “Buy Bear Sterns! It's not going anywhere! dumps 100% 2 days later”

  33. How many complaints have we filed against bad actors? Is there any wonder why this one is instantly being shilled by MSM?

  34. All I got to say is I stand with RC these money grubbing HFs can go straight to hell.F everyone of them. Oh and p.s. I always make my own decisions with my investments....

  35. “Former hedge fund manager”. Does this mean he runs a family fund now? And if so, are they losing billions on their BBBY bet?

  36. Okay boys… I said no body messes with the chair man! That story about Jake Freeman is part of the short and distort. I ran background checks on him, his father and his fathers brother. This is what I pieced together: Jake Freeman’s father Barry worked for the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for eight years… he left the job last year after BTX, Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics went from $5 to $80 in a few weeks… oh yeah his brother Scott Freeman worked there. Have fun with that media!

  37. Well his HF must be Melvined if he thinks he sold lmao. How does a HF manager not know the paperwork he filed. Clown

  38. On each of the last 5 trading days, BBBY has traded multiples of the float each day. On Tuesday alone, 395 million shares traded, when there are only supposed to be 61.58 million available.

  39. loool shameless, and its easy as reading a little bit to disprove, let alone that even if he had sold... there was like 600m+ volume in 2 days, GTFO

  40. for those who can't see it, this is the SHF's starting to fight dirty - they coordinated with MSM to "release" that RC bought those options 4 months after he actually bought them, so that they can then proceed to slander him and accuse him of a P&D

  41. Hahaha. Watch this make it to course during MOASS. We might have a “this actually happened” scene for the big long.

  42. The surprise is that he did in fact sell everything on Tuesday and Wednesday. BBBY put out a filing talking about their good relationship with RC Ventures and big things coming soon at a time when he’d already sold.

  43. i'm not sure if ryan thinks like me, but i'd have a huge security team vetted by myself to watch my every move. this man is about to become public enemy #1 if these fucks have their way.

  44. This is fucking hilarious. Of all the fucking people to complain about a pump and dump. And I am not saying RC didn’t anything that you could consider a pumped and dump.

  45. They’re in the clickity clack so that shits going to be heard over retail. All retail has is DRS and the global effect this has….. let’s see the rest of the globe’s reaction to the mountain made ripple in the cesspool of bullshit corruption and crime.

  46. Good Luck with that since RC hasn’t done anything to cash out, not to mention what others have pointed out about the 13d filing that had the OTM calls months ago. If he can’t read or overlooked that, it’s his problem.

  47. The balls on this fucker to accuse RC of taking advantage of retail after the shitshow that was Pershing Square Tontine Holdings. Probably the most aggregious manipulation of retail investors in the entire SPAC market which is really saying something. Disgusting.

  48. Ah, RC never said shit. Never told fuckers on reddit to buy, nor tell them to sell.What a scum bag that former washed out hedgie fuck is.Ever individual has a right to buy and sell stock including every mother fucker on reddit. RC had to file because he was following the rules not trying to weasel around it like the fucks hedgies do.Nobody told me to buy GME, not the fuckers DFV or RC. I just like the stonk and I am a gamer. Nothing more.

  49. First that guy is a complete dumbass since Cohen bought that shit in March! Second, he probably had to amend the 13D since his shares went from like 9.8% ownership in the company to over 11%......... these cocksuckers have nothing. They are crying like a bunch of babies because their naked asses are getting exposed, crushed and liquidated!!!! FUCK YOU, PAY ME!!!!!

  50. Didn’t Karen say it wasn’t a pump and dump yesterday in that video segment? She clearly stated that the info about RC is months old… they’re so dumb.

  51. Wouldn't it be hilarious if today we find out he actually increased his position and his filing yesterday was just to say that at some point in the next few months he's going to sell some shares.

  52. Let's see what we can dig up on the hedge fund and report that. I'm pretty sure there are no statute of limitations for financial fraud.

  53. Using the word “smell” like those fools from seanbeesee with “smells, stinks”…those slimy shills are the ones that stink

  54. RC and we the apes should sue the SEC about the split dividend, they order the brokers to do a normal split

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