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  1. Good morning superstonk! Hang in there for the last days of the week. Happy couples day to those in a couple, and happy fajitas day to everyone, specially those who are not! 🌮

  2. After watching this happen yesterday, I’m starting to believe that VVSB is having the same effect as Cramer. Everything they promote has an inverse effect and goes up but crashes hard. The hedge funds are using their promotions as opportunities or the hedge funds are the ones promoting it in VVSB. I was actually tempted to buy the towel stock and held off because something in my gut told me that it was going to be bad. I’m glad I didn’t. As for RC, I firmly believe his play has a reason and I believe that there will be more to follow. We don’t know the entire play. Remember, he said buckle up and I’m glad my seatbelt is on.

  3. Ryan Cohen must have found out citadel and Susquehanna loaded up on 4 milly bbby shares! BBBY party is over.... Back to GME (the only big game)... MOONSOON!

  4. I sold a bunch of long held, almost forgotten, BaBY at the tippy top this week and boomeranged it into GME. I usually suck at trying to randomly guess gambley wambley bullshit plays, but everything came up Milhouse.

  5. Just the way she goes man... sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't. I had a small position so I feel your pain ahahah. =P

  6. I wanna say that I take full responsibility as a investor. At the end of the day, its a casino and I chose my bet. The amount crying on wahstreebats over the bathroom stock is funny af.

  7. You do something really disgusting here now. We had many fud campaign but this one is horrible. No point in pretending it isn't damaging. While the rest of the world takes the msm bait surrounding misrepresentation of rc ventures moves, the sub starts saying completely insane things that the meltdowners can point to and laugh. Fucking there's real dd and none of the real apes says the things I see here. Where is the knights of new. Things like "who is buying more tOmorroW at a discounT" is blatant and yet it is slipping by. Step up mods and real apes, defend real ape culture against this embarrassing defacing campaign!

  8. people mad that bbby turned out bad for them.. You can try to blame RC because he didn't say don't follow me into this other stock (that i don't want to be an insider of). Aren't we all individual investors?

  9. As much BBBY in here as when Cohen first bought. Interesting thing is I remember people theorizing he bought it so that he could profit off it while keeping GME for the infinity pool. That tinfoil still checks out.

  10. Just checkout the commenter history and select by "controversial" and "1 month". They are all active on uusb casino theta & options subs. All the same "buy my ebook to make a million a day in trades" wannabe shills.

  11. Ive got friends sendng me msm hit pieces about RC selling. Its getting annoying.. can someone share the best SS addressing the issue so i can shut them up?

  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ws2juq/great_explanation_of_recent_events_surrounding_rc/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  13. Just remember. The DTCC did not handle the split dividend properly. Now they will pay. What can stop the all mighty powerful DTCC? Block Chain BOI 😅👌🚀💜

  14. Market Nub. What would be stopping RC to buy back into a position after the market lags in response to the sells/buys? Probably something, right?

  15. Trust RC or MSM/Shills? That's a toughie. I think I'll be up all night thinking this one over... ZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ 🛌🌙 ZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZ

  16. Question. If I put in a limit buy and it doesn’t come to fruition until after hours when I can’t purchase shares. If I cancel it, will it be cancelled when market opens or will it go through because it didn’t have Time to process?

  17. hell no tell her she is the one who needs to behave or you'll put her over your knee. She is testing you to see if you are a pussy.

  18. I wish I had more money!!! I’ll sit on my 3XX like I have been for a year. Thank you all for carrying me the rest of the way to the finish line

  19. You know it's bad when popcorn holders congratulate AA on his integrity for giving a 2 month warning before selling

  20. Before I went to the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too, I was on the fast track to Palookaville. Now I’m one of the most regarded investors of my generation.

  21. LOL they think they can win with this confusing bullshit. Nah man, confusion doesn't prompt selling, it prompts me going to play some video games and wait for it all to boil over. Guess where I bought the video games.

  22. I just can’t get mad at this. If your money is in anything but GME you aren’t paying attention. Leave it to wee es bee to baghold on other plays and stick your cash where it matters.

  23. If the thesis relies on RC being a good actor, even GME can feel risky. Member' all the time we made fun of A-Aron for diluting shares???

  24. Nothing has changed. There is no logical reason why a video game retailer’s stock price would trade the exact same way as a home goods chain.

  25. How does it go? If you are encountering enemies, you are going the right way? I think I am on the right path. Buy hodl drs- I like the stock

  26. So one side quest didn't go as some expected. I'm really sorry for everyone who lost some health points there. But that does not change anything about the one and only main quest. Let's finish this one now. DRS!

  27. Y’all can say what you want, but if anyone but RC pulled some shit like this and you know would be badmouthing them. Most shameful pump and dump I’ve ever seen.

  28. Like we see the AH plummet in the distance but still ready ourselves for the storm coming our way because we know our only option is to fight, no matter how daunting the odds

  29. It's just a mirage on the highway. Once we actually get there we see it was nothing after all. We all know where the ultimate destination is on this ride.

  30. I'm laughing my ass off at these 📜 👏 in BBBY. can't handle a drop from 23 to 10. How the fuck you gonna handle a drop drop from 480 to 40?

  31. Holy hell, that thread on bets about rc selling his bbby is comment after comment saying fuck rc, I'm selling my gme. Coordinated as fuck. Getting tired from downvoting everything in that thread. Shills, be less obvious. It's just comical at this point.

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