It really is just as the legends foretold. They would try squeezing basket stocks first. The market would crash. GME would be the last to move. But when it did it would consume EVERYTHING. Steady on, second star to the right and straight on till morning!

  1. I like the imagine Jesus just chilling in gamestop beside the display case with a console in it to try out saying "I got next" as he waits for a younger ape to finish playing just hyped as fuck holding a diamond in one hand and a stock cortifi6 for gme in the other.

  2. XXXX holder. My gains on BBBY right now are substantial. You better believe I’m rolling that into GME. The squeeze has not squoze. 💎 🙌 Lambo or bust.

  3. I’ve learned more from Peruvianbull about market structure, finance and how it ties together vs any bullshit I say through in college. Much respect!!💎🙌

  4. So the dollar crashes. What happens to all those people with money instead of assets? Completely bankrupt? All those good hard working people that saved their entire lives, their retirement accounts poof?

  5. I applaud the effort that goes into this DD but I have to share the refutation to the hyperinflation narrative that I find more compelling by Jeff Snider:

  6. I'm on the second part of this and it's very fascinating. I don't know anything about stocks, I've never purchased one in my life. I'm having a hard time understanding a lot of what is in here, I feel like I'm getting the barest of understanding of the broad strokes. There's so many terms I just don't understand. Any advice on what to read to get a better understanding of all this?

  7. my dream is that DTCC will have to start recovering and handing out real shares to international brokers now that they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar…

  8. I'd be willing to revise the theory. Simply because a shirt hedgefund can't just squeeze one stock and not have it effect everything else they are short on.

  9. I think you’re right. I don’t think they’re “letting” these other stocks squeeze. I think they have to expend so many of their resources on GME that others are slipping through the cracks. So I see these run ups hinting that we’re getting closer.

  10. Small correction - they didn't cover, they failed. BBBY was put on RegSho yesterday because it accumulated so many FTDs it cannot be shorted (directly) from today until ~Sept 2nd.

  11. BBBY isn't in the same league as GME, our publicly known DRS holding significantly decrease SHFs attempts to manipulate the share price, just look at BBBYs daily volume for yesterday as proof.

  12. BBBY has the “oh fuck” momentum that 1/28 Gme had tho. The buildup feels similar. Who knows if they’ll play the same tricks but if it gets worldwide buy pressure and they can’t go to the well, then buckle up

  13. The media spin is so stupid and hilarious, If I was a TV talking head/internet mouth piece I would be terrified, as if the people I spent the last 2 years trying to fuck over wont want revenge on me when they are the richest people on earth. I would not only be scared of them buying all the media and black listing me, but I am sure some crazy fuck would be wanting to keelhaul me or something.

  14. There have been so many theories at this point that at least one would happen. Bbby could be squeezing but i feel much safer in gme not to get rug pulled

  15. I have 75$ calls currently worth 1300 .. that's a lot of gme.... But if it goes higher, that's even more gme!

  16. The Everything Short! Criand and Swaps. Apes digging through difficult filings to confirm hypothesis 🚀 🦍 hedgie reported longs all notably volatile and notably down BIG

  17. They never will cover, ever. They will go bankrupt or be margin called/forced liquidation like Archegos. Even with Archegos there is speculation he didn't cover but transferred assets to Credit Suisse

  18. If your calculations are correct this means I will defeat Aram 50 times over. Cockroaches wont even have signs they were there. I guess that'll suffice.

  19. Everything is coming true, they're primarily starting to go long on GameStop and other meme basket stocks, there's been a sacrificial lamb in the way of "Melvin" offered to the SEC but I'm waiting for hedgefunds to turn on each other..... Remember he who buys first may live to hedge another day.

  20. The inflation reduction act is getting signed into law. You think $400k and 87k new IRS agents are random numbers, no ape. The government has already done the math and knows what a .1 share in $GME will be worth. There’s about to be A LOT more new-money millionaires that will need to be taxed.

  21. You think the latest multi-billion dollar relief act is all about GME squeeze preparation? Coming from the average boomer congressman who barely understands finance except for insider trading?

  22. There is nothing wrong with diversity in your portfolio as long as it fucks the right people ;) that said gme won't be like bbby. I suspect it will be a rocket where you can't jump on once it leaves.

  23. Everything is a distraction, but Papa has pillow! Calls at 60 AND 80! I always thought he would think, “hmm, my fellow holders might need some money. PILLOW FIIIIIIIGHTS!!! That way we can buy more GME WHILE GETTING SOMETHING FOR OUR POCKETS to survive on!!!

  24. It really underscores why they removed zombie stocks from the publics ability to trade them. Imagine how cheap it would have been to send this to orbit buying shares of a bankrupt company for pennies if not less. We could have bought the entire float in a week's time...lmao

  25. I think BBBY will end with a rug pull. We saw Citadel go long in BBBY which makes me think they are going to hype and ride it up and bail leaving retail red. I hope not but the more BBBY goes up, the longer they can delay MOASS

  26. Don’t get it twisted, these other stocks aren’t squeezing. Let’s not undermine what a squeeze is especially when considering GME.

  27. Yeeehaw I didn't think I'd make some tasty appetizer profits before the main course, though! Just in time for my vacation, hopefully one that becomes retirement ere it's throught!

  28. I'm so damn zen i didn't even see the chart yesterday (or the past like week +). Opened it up this morning out of curiosity and couldn't help but crack a little smile.

  29. It's not a hyperinflation concern if the wealth is redistributed. It's not like they can just print money, create collateral out of nowhere, and wash sales right? I really like talking about high prices and how much each of our shares is worth, but I'd really just like some true price discovery. Enough veiled thievery. We are worth it, rich people, please realize there is enough resources for everyone. We have technology...

  30. 100% everyone keeps asking me how did I know or how would anyone know these stocks would hit.. I go. I knew lol and I been telling you for months.

  31. One nice thing about the squeeze going off first in other stocks is that it will give us practice to hold to the top and also to have more 💰 to invest into GameStop.

  32. Serious props to all the DD writers who attempted to make us less retarded. The hours they put in were many and they shared their work with us. We can't all be DD writers but we can all be kind and compassionate like them. Let's get serious about small deeds of kindness. We all have a role to play!

  33. I’m so zen. BBBY squeezing again just is icing on the cake. They will loose, greatest transfer of wealth of all time.

  34. The reality is that anything positive about GME gets mindlessly upvoted in this sub, regardless of how much factual basis or reality it has behind it. It’s a bunch of tit-jacked apes who only want to parrot “MOASS is inevitable” and rocket emojis.

  35. RC's investment in BBBY makes it clear (to me) that it will be the rocket fuel we need to get out of earth's atmosphere. The fomo and movement behind BBBY is real, and with it hitting reg sho last night, it feels like the pieces are starting to align for lift-off.

  36. Yall sound like the popcorn idiots. Claiming that GME will squeeze and therefore popcorn will squeeze too. Now it's that BBBY will squeeze and therefore GME will squeeze too.

  37. Second star to the right and straight on till morning? I am destroying my brain trying to remember where that's from can someone help me?

  38. at the end of all of this someone should collect all the DDs and create a pinned post with all the links to the DDs over time in it. this way we can see the evolution of the apes and how the ancient texts have predicted every single thing that happened

  39. When the dust settles, we should start a sovereign wealth fund. I’ve been here since (almost) the beginning and this group doesn’t miss shit.

  40. Can’t be fudded, too busy listening to Architects by Rise Against and thinking about what we are all going to do with our tendies.

  41. I just got from another post that says that bbby and gme will squeeze together cos they can't afford to let moass money from bbby pile into gme...

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