AnotherOne! SeeNBeeSee with Another Morning Segment on Gamestop n Frens. Andrew Snorekin plays stupid and calls us insane. 8-17-22

  1. We never left… we are more educated. The smoothest of the smooth knows what’s up. They’re shitting themselves! 🚀🦧🦍🐒🚀

  2. They won't even dig into real reasons this is happening. Just claiming that Ryan Cohen buying BBBY like a month ago is somehow causing huge fomo right now and that is why the price is hiking. Not because they are lumped in a basket swap that is shorted together or anything substantial

  3. They want bbby up, they went long. Those $s will go against us. But it won’t be enough for them, many taking profits from bbby and putting into DRSd shares so. Get fuked hedgies

  4. He shouldn't have been allowed to say "with great power comes great responsibility" he ain't no fucking hero how dare he!!

  5. I’m wondering if he’s actually dumb, or intentionally manipulative. Either way, not a good look.

  6. Is he a qualified psychologist? No? Then he has no business calling us insane. We should collectively sue him for defamation.

  7. Accurate. They really aren’t even considering the possibility that RC has a plan and he’s confident he can help turn the company around in a significant way to justify his price targets? Just easier for them to attempt to justify large price swings, discredit retail and accuse RC of manipulation. He’s been in bath stock for months and they’re betting on their viewers swallowing the shit they’re shoving down their throats as opposed to looking into it themselves. It’s gross.

  8. Why you gotta bring Soviet in this? It’s just propaganda. If you want to put a bias on it then if anything it’s capitalistic era propaganda to a T

  9. He knows exactly whats going on. He is just lying and gaslighting his audience and pretending to be innocent.

  10. These boomer fucking morons can't figure out how to turn off their music during an interview, but I'm supposed to trust their opinions on what I should do with my finances. Ok.

  11. Dude. I. Fucking. Hate. That they put Robinhood next to GameStop on the screen. It feels like a slap in the face to put them on the same plane. I know we already hate “meme stock” in general, but if you’re set on using it, don’t put Robinhood in the mix.

  12. These fuckers sound lost, confused and to be honest nervous about a new world they don't understand. They never had a plan for retards taking over. The one thing gamers know is if you are at the boss and you keep trying the same thing and losing, you need to try something different. These dinosaurs had a code that worked up until now. Everything they say and do reeks of desperation disguised as confidence.

  13. I thought that was weird too. My initial thought was they purposefully chose a younger picture of him to convey a lack of experience, or that he takes more risks. I’m assuming more of the latter considering their whole thesis about Ryan’s bet in this clip is that it’s risky and not a “true investment”

  14. I’ve noticed this the last couple of days. I don’t know if this has been a long term plan from whoever is behind it or whether they’ve shifted strategy, but it’s always been super suspicious to me.

  15. These guys are so full of shit. What I don’t understand is why, after all this time, and access to the same DDs we do, have they continued to double down on their BS?

  16. Because if it’s possible to get out of their short position, they would lose a colossal amount of money and they hate losing. They believe the system is designed to serve them and we deserve nothing. There’s is nothing genuine about these people.

  17. Because they’re the arm of the same fucks who are shorting GME and all the other stocks within the basket into oblivion, it’s their job to protect the billionaires interests. They do it deliberately and with no remorse, because they know no one will regulate or punish them for it. Too bad for them their time is running out, and soon they’ll be left in the dust, fiddling with their failures till the day they die.

  18. How have they totally missed that RCs options were opened long ago and not yesterday?! Aren't they supposed to be at least somewhat professional?

  19. Because a bet from months ago doesn’t explain price movement today. If they leave that part out, it simplifies the explanation to feed to the bowling ball brains who watch that show.

  20. He has such a punchable face. So snide and pretentious. That should serve him well when he's working behind the Wendy's after all of this.

  21. This twat on CNBC really not going to mention BBBY was short over 108%…?! Instead throws the surge on call options that RC bought into? Get the fuck out of here.

  22. Such a slender frame on Andrew, I hear he needs zip ties to keep his turtle necks from slipping down his shoulders.

  23. babys heavily shorted with just 80m shares and $2b market cap at this price... weve DRSd $2b+ in GME shares lol the last thing they want are apes jumping into baby. they messed up again lol

  24. The blatant lies and misleading statements allowed to be spread as “news” and not considered manipulation is staggering. This is why no one sensible I know watches the news anymore.

  25. Let me get this straight… this chop shop of a network talking shit while simultaneously video conferencing through a Dell PC webcam with their “analyst” from a golf course while copywritten music blares?

  26. Tom Sosnoff runs a great brokerage, TastyWorks. He used to be an options market maker on the floor (before computerized trading) of the CBOE. Now he's a visionary and ceo of tastytrade, but he does not know the inner workings of the current stock market. He does not know about naked shorting and the criminality of the markets. SEC comments regarding the market place are foreign to him. Kinda pisses me off that CNBC has him on, be/c Sosnoff and his crew are really good people and I've learned a lot from the tastytrade network.

  27. If he’s a former options market maker, he absolutely knows about the naked shorting and criminality of the markets. It’s been around long before he was even born. As far as the algorithms go, as far as I can tell it’s basically the same game, just faster.

  28. Retail caught the bug again?? So yesterday retail was responsible for the combined 500,000,000 volume across those ‘meme stocks’ mentioned in the video. Yeah okay Sorkin, why don’t you suck my tiny red crayon whilst your at it.

  29. “Idiotic play” bro who in the actual fuck is this guy? Tasty trade? I love when these “financial experts” regurgitate nonsense that they don’t even know the true context of.

  30. Who plays with their money? Who invest that much money just because? News flash dumbass! None of this is a game! We want our money NOW

  31. lol guys remember when we "reloaded" and had enough capital to make a ghost IPO out of Hong Kong bigger than Coca Cola? That was fun.

  32. I once saw somebody comment that andrew sorkin was a team America puppet and I can’t unsee it now.

  33. They want to blame Ryan so badly. They’re gonna try to put him in jail for market manipulation post MOASS. Keyword: try. Ryan will be good, but they gotta make a show of someone for making themselves look like a bunch of fucking amateurs!

  34. Along with the normal FUD they are spreading, these are two things in particular that really bugged me.

  35. He was talking about Elon Musky-smell tweeting about buying Manchester United and then saying he was joking. They were talking about Elon may not have known Man U were a publicly traded company, because why else would he tweet that. They transitioned to talking about Elon and his manipulation at the end of the segment, likely to draw a connection to RC and paint his calls as manipulation as well.

  36. There is a saying that said “you know you are going on the right path if you encounter enemy”!

  37. Did I miss the vote? When did robinhood and ark become meme stocks? Those fucksticks are part of the problem. Couldn’t trade their way out of a paper bag without cheating

  38. How can these assholes be allowed to spew this bullshit on a regular basis? The facts are incorrect, they straight up lie and try to change the narrative?? Fck these clowns in the corpo media

  39. Looks like they picked the absolute worst photo of RC they could find. Is that him from highschool or something? Wouldn't be surprised if it's photoshopped. My guess is they're trying to present the image that he's just some dumb kid gambling on the stock market.

  40. Thats Ken Griffins buddy do you expect anything less? I mean come on. I been here too long to care about what this cuckold says.

  41. Those fuckers at tastyworks are slimy. Check out the history of their company on finra’s brokercheck

  42. I think everybody uhhh (stares down for 30 seconds contemplating how his life is about to be destroyed by gambling via naked short selling) got the bug again.

  43. Andrew Borekin is a horrible journalist. At most he is a quasi-coherent meat parrot spouting Wall Street talking points to unsuspecting viewers.

  44. From the limited information I have on RC, I bet this is going to fire his ass up. Don't piss off an enemy that you know nothing about.

  45. when you absulotely know that there is a fullfledged war against crime on wallstreet raging and you never ever come even close to mentioning something into that direction- hilarious!

  46. "Wow, these stocks all moved massively on no news whatsoever. Let's slap a 'meme' label on it and discuss how retail is manipulating the market with absolutely no evidence whatsoever!"

  47. The only reason I would want to live in the US is to have the chance to meet this guy on the street so I can throw my shoe at him. I'd put up with all the guns etc just for that chance.

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