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  1. So the rocket took off. But there is still another rocket waiting. Seats are available and just as comfy. Buy some snacks, have a drink, enjoy the flight.

  2. Dunno what to do after MOASS? Join RC in continuing to expose the corrupt system. Fuck over the rest of the hedges and consultants who probably collapsed so many companies that could have changed your life. Prevent the destruction of scientific start ups that probably could have advanced our society.

  3. Well my stonks came across to computershare last weds with IBKR saying they are available, still says “pending” in my CS account although displaying in the full balance

  4. There is a guide on the jungle sister sub that I can't link, you can google the title of the post: "How to convert your GS2C to GME shares via IBKR"

  5. I'm really hoping it is moass tomorrow, I keep getting diamond splinters in my dick while I fap over my photo album of RC. I can't wait for a soggy paperhand fumble.

  6. I can’t get into my CS account. It is asking for a security question answer that I did not set and when I answered correctly, it said it was wrong! Help!!

  7. Just answer wrong enough times until they send you a new temporary password in the mail to reset your password. It’ll take about a week. I’ve done this three times already. Apparently I don’t remember the make and model of my first vehicle.

  8. What is your favorite DD to send that is digestible and best sourced to someone who is higher up in the food chain of JP Morgan Chase.

  9. To any shills working this subreddit, I have one small request: Please, if you have not already done it, please buy one share of gamestop tomorrow. You have a crappy job, just like most of us. You are in here, basically a spy, under false pretenses. That has to be toxic to your soul. Snitching and lying all day long, for a few bucks - while your clients, the Hedge fund billionaires - live like kings while you do their dirty work for peanuts. So please do yourself a favor, and buy one share for yourself, and diamond hand it until you don't have to shill anymore. It won't be long now, and you must want a better life, too. Think about it. Don't deny yourself a better future. 💜🚀

  10. So what's the deal with Citadel having over 2 million shares of BBBY now? Are they creating a new hedge and ditching popcorn because popcorn post-dilution won't be sufficient?

  11. Can anyone give me some more info about transferring to Computershare from Etrade? On the sub DRS guide, it says there's a 500 dollar deposit that may or may not be charged. Does this mean you get it back if it's charged? I don't have 500 to spare. Also, in the sub guide, it says to keep some shares in a trusted broker to sell during moass, what broker is trusted in the USA besides Computershare?

  12. Towel stick could be divide and conquer tactic so people focus on gme less but who knows, I could be completely wrong, I’m just a smooth brain who like GameStop

  13. Pretty sure most of the main institutions that owned GME pre sneeze all own BBBY right now. I'm sure thats a coincidence though, probably nothing. Im sure they aren't all using each other for locates and just smashing the f3 key...Na..or maybe.....

  14. Pretty rare to see tonight's after hours have a steady climb like that to end up at plus .90 cents ($3.60 pre split). Usually it's pretty level whale teeth. This gets me jacked for tomorrow.

  15. After all the long wait, I'm gonna make em pay me so much. Its exciting times, but eyes on the prize, and that's hodling, hodling, hodling. I've been contemplating keeping half forever. No defeating that regardnation

  16. youre gonna make life changing money. bbby isn’t a distraction, it’s like the potatoes to gme’s steak. not the main event, it just pairs really well

  17. Maybe papa just wants us in super comfy robes on our trip to youranus. All in on GME so who am I to complain?

  18. I may absorb an array of downvotes as a result of the following statement. It's only meant as a point for discussion/consideration. I feel like some of the shorts now may have long positions in RCs sick other stock but feel like it could be a bit of a bull trap(hope I'm wrong, it's the baskets and it just continues to moon). They pump it to pull new money away from GME, gather some Retail fomo and then pull the plug leaving newer investors discouraged, while making a few dollars perhaps in the process. They run FUD afterwards telling everyone "the BiG sQuEeZe hAs BeEn SqUoZeN and DaNgErOuS mEmE sToCkS!¡ etc. etc.." It's been pumped on Dub SB for a while now with little friction. Its been mentioned on SSTNK a lot as of late. Even MSM doesn't seem to be filtering it even though they know they'll have to mention RC/GME. Seems Sus/And/Or too good to be true.🤔 Feel Like Something May Be Up? If You made money on it, good on ya! I just don't want to see any Apes get hurt. 🦍❤🦍 Sorry cuz Chad Dickens.. E:

  19. I can’t stress enough how much missing the boat on bebathbynd doesn’t make me want to sell a single share of GME. I bought the ticket, I’m taking the motherfuckin ride.

  20. Honestly at this point I think the anti-bbby sentiment going on is the actual shilly fud, not the other way around. If this squeeze goes on a few more days we will certainly have some forced closing that could very well be the spark we’ve needed to slingshot us past the rings of Sacrum and on to Uranus. Obviously no one is selling any GME to buy in, so either hop on board or quit crying and let the rest of us go to work here.

  21. I bought towel cause like in video games you shouldn’t have just one attack sometimes using other spells makes you stronger anyway I sold my towel and can now buy 3 times as many GmE that I couldn’t have if I didn’t buy towels 🚀🚀🚀

  22. I have found myself treating my stock positions like they're rare collectibles. And not just GME either. Like everything. I just don't really feel like selling?

  23. Ģ̵̢̧̟̩̳̼̪̞͙̹̬̪̦͎͖̱̞̙̮̖̞̮̫̱̱̠̇̀͆͋͑͒͂̏̅͒͛̆̄̂͝ͅM̵̧̡̜͍̤͈͉̳͈̫̯̫̯̱̺̗͇̭̖̪̫̌͒͌́͊̇̃͋͋̒́̃̊̆̆͗̾̔̒͒̚͜͜͠͝Ę̵̨̞̭͇̣̜͚̯̮͓̮̰̤͕̩̩̪̪̗͍̳͈̩̣͓̬̼͉͉̻͇̤̤̘͍̙̒͊̈́͂͌̔̌͑̉̂̔̓͒́̋̀̒̒͗̀͛̈́̒͂͊̿͆̿̍̂̒̇̈́̓̍̒͐̇̈́̈́̀̃́͂̕̚̚͝͝͠ͅ

  24. He was a shill. Edit- for anyone that doesnt believe me, I have proof of scrolly communicating with meltdown mods to "create a new subreddit to bring gmers and meltdowns together for influence". I have screen shots of these convos from the subreddit they were trying to create. So keep shilling for your shill scrolly. Edit 2- funny how many shills hate when scrolly is called out.

  25. You know, he was often annoying, but he was kind of like a shill detector in the daily, which was pretty cool. Like a shill-sniffing dog.

  26. Why is it that whenever people post modified lyrics they NEVER CARE ABOUT GETTING THE METER RIGHT?? Go ahead, rap this. Does the third line scan? NO! Have some standards goddamn it

  27. Tomorrow I want to wake up to a wall of purple rings that take me the entire day to upvote them all.

  28. Wonder if Ryan Cohen is long any of those "meme" swaps? We always talk about the short side. Maybe ol' RC is using the swaps as his sauce for sweeet cash and never have to sell Gme stock.

  29. I remeber that wife of a hege funder from minnesota (i think. Maybe Wisconsin) that said its been hard on her husbsnd and that this isnt fair. If we want to become rich we just need to work harder at it.

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