Dr. Trimbath Live - The Spividend - Only 69 of us in here, get in here apes! Let's support Queen Kong!

  1. Forcing adoption is as easy as issuing divi's on the new platform and setting up will call/due bill accounts for martket participants.

  2. Dr. Queen Kong was saying you can try to leave, but laughed when speculating how successful it would be. I’m sure it’s a rare event and a company of GME’s size probably has never attempted to leave the stock market. Although I’m sure there are instances of a company buying all shares and taking the company private.

  3. Thank you for this - I really wanted the name of who she was calling out there. It was already someone I know to not trust, but wanted to be sure!

  4. Dr T is an indispensable part of this story and I am eternally grateful for her and people like her that care about the truth and about fairness.

  5. I saw a tweet of hers earlier referencing her haircut and I was like “what? Does she need collateral or something?” And forgot about that until now. Lol.

  6. great conversation, very informative! i've noticed over the past couple years, dr Ts attitude seems to have transitioned from nothings going to change to being slightly hopeful. shes really helped tons of regular people understand the corruption that goes on and the system needs a complete overhaul. we can make this happen. we are going to leave the dtc. we are going to take our shares home and see this thru to the end. LFG!

  7. DRS your shares because unless your shares are DRS'd then you are not entitled to actual share ownership.

  8. Truly grateful for this woman and her wealth of knowledge. I wonder has anyone encourage her to mint her book? I want it as an NFT!

  9. That might actually change her mind about a blockchain tokenized exchange when her NFT books are worth thousands (assuming she mints a limited quantity) and she's making bank on royalties.

  10. This interview is fantastic! Straight up answers about the issue facing GameStop and the idea of withdrawing GME from DTCC from one of the most knowledgeable sources on the planet.

  11. If the future documentary doesn't have Dr. T talking and explaining shit throughout it, then I don't wanna see that documentary 😤 After all the work she has put into exposing the bullshit that's in our markets, she has to be in it.

  12. Great conversation that emphasizes the importance and feasibility of why you should choose to DRS. She outlined the timeline of getting it implemented and cleared up some glaring questions you see all over the new page from people new to the sub. Anyone who isn’t very familiar with it should 100% check it out, great video

  13. Just watched the whole video...packed with great information....its literally telling you just how Hedgies Fuck of how Fuk the Hedgies really are

  14. YouTube has an autogenerated transcript. Not sure how accurate it is. It's pretty accurate when the voices are clear. Go to the YouTube video and select "view transcript".

  15. Thank you for this reminder. The good Dr is way too smart for me but I love listening and hoping something sticks.

  16. I stopped following the jist, but this was a good interview. She mentioned again that it took 10 years to settle lehman debt, which she mentioned in the past showing her skepticism about MOASS, but this time I felt her much more optimistic (maybe she is surprised by DRS numbers?). It was very nice to hear her again.

  17. The one thing she’s missing is that the companies that are being shorted into the ground will be the ones that are most interested to move out of the DTC. Additionally if GameStop were to do this undertaking I am sure IEX would love to help in some way.

  18. She has been writing about the things we are just figuring out now for the longest time, she deserves our outmost support!!

  19. I hope everyone takes the time to watch this. It is absolutely worth it for the amount of expert information provided. Upvoting everyone for traction.

  20. You want the inside track on why it was at 9am - because I was high whilst scheduling it... It was meant to be 2pm ET, instead I hit 2pm BST lol

  21. So it's actually a different time in other places. Seeing as how this guy is from the UK, that would have put it at 5PM for him.

  22. Do you mean Dr. Suzanne Trimbath, Senior Research Economist in Capital Studies at Milken Institute (Santa Monica, CA), Senior Advisor on the Russian Capital Markets Project (USAID-funded) with KPMG in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and author of Naked Short and Greedy?"

  23. Couldn’t they just move it to the loopring exchange? We would trade/swap it like we do any other token? Maybe once people see the success of GameStop moving to the loopring exchange other would as well. Effectively we would just be moving one step closer to the ultimate goal.

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