I think we are closer than we think

  1. My money will settle in my new IBKR account next monday, so hopefully I have my newly DRS'ed GME shares short after that.

  2. Mine started today, 200 from Schwab and they almost made me write a letter to confirm, but they processed it anyways.

  3. True, small wee wee batch of 3544usd is coming through from cs at 17th day and I'm making another order next week. Splividend fuckery was last call for me to start moving all my shares to cs.

  4. post split I got my mom and bro and sis to DRS some of their shares too! since they all went from a few to a few more haha

  5. The ol lady and I DRS'd over 1k shares yesterday between my account and our joint account. Will update when I get the Purple circle!

  6. My 125 are coming in. I have to gift 6 because 1 is for my son. 4 are for my partner who gave me money to invest in and 1 is for my aunt because she’s old and didn’t have an account. So I made her a fidelity account so I can gift her her share.

  7. It gets slightly awkward when 100% of the retail free float is DRSed and institutions start reporting numbers that proves more shares are "owned" than should exist?

  8. people seem to willingly ignore that institutions holdings are not locked. on the contrary, they lend everything out, therefore "creating" more shares

  9. Agreed, think more attention needs to be brought to the fact that institutions will likely loan out their shares forever and a day cus the certain high borrow rate is more financially appealing to them than a short squeeze play

  10. Yup. I wholly believe our DRS countdown should be referencing the whole tradeable float, not just the available float preceisely for this reason.

  11. I keep saying this but people don't listen. The float is just a stupid fatamogana. We lock everything with insiders or they keep going. I think something will happen before but in theory they can keep going until we've locked everything with insiders.

  12. It doesn't matter. As we register more and more of those counterfeit shares, The institutionally own shares will become counterfeits

  13. Yes, but what happens when institutions see the threat from DRS and recall their shares to dump them? Then all those shorts have to close too. If the price climbs to a point that they can make more money selling then from loaning, they will recall them. They’re in it for the money.

  14. Yea. Apes have not thought this through. They fully believe shares above authorized is illegal. Shhhh. It is not. The ticker will just continue to trade Albeit likely at very low volumes with very high spreads. I can’t see a time when it becomes impossible to locate a share…or just keep naked shorting.

  15. Very inconvenient questions are asked everyday, but the same short parties own media arms and tell them to stay silent on this

  16. ehhh - many bigs may start selling their happy holding cuz liquidations come with a cost - first out wins - look at it another way - sure berkshor bufet has a butt load of shares - but they are also sitting on a butt load cash

  17. While I was hesitant of DRS after the splividend I just had to DRS. Sent Drivewealth a request for my first 20 which left my account and atm waiting on my first CS letter. Will DRS XXX more once everything js up and running for me.

  18. I think the only sure way we will know that moass is near is when Nancy pelosi buys 30 million in GME through computershare.

  19. The DRS numbers are open knowledge now,considering the last report was a bigger than expected increase I'd say it's fairly certain there is very minimal if any selling from CS

  20. That is not how this works, 59,908,446 are taken off institutions/retails, its on a layer over all of the DRS because even if we have 100% of the float locked in, they could still have 100% of the institution shares short sold on the market. There will be a hard f... though once we start locking over 135,286,792 shares and we will be starting gobbling shares that should not exist. In effect DRS would stop being possible directly at ComputerShare because it would not add up in their registry.

  21. This is certainly something I hadn't considered, it seems to make sense that the number of reported shorts should be removed from the total float?

  22. That's why VW mooned. The shorts did the math and realized the first one out survives. People have theorized the 74.1% mark is the key because 74.1% of the VW shares were held by Porsche when this happened.

  23. Just be aware that when you buy directly on CS, there's a delay on what price you actually get on the share. It's like a couple days I think.

  24. I want to point out to any new apes out there that when DRS became popular about 11 months ago, people were not saying "oh yay when 20% of the free float is locked, things are going to radically change." Apes knew volume would decrease because the theory says that each share DRS'd removes several synthetics due to copying and so on, and yes I do think volume decreased. [Someone could look it up but I think so.]

  25. Its like an approaching Singularity. Events will slowly become closer and increase in frequency until one day they’re piling up on each other and the next day, well you know the ending.

  26. Just finished chatting with Fid, transfer of 1200 initiated to go along with the 800 I have on CS. I haven’t submitted to the bot (posted a pic of 100 a long time ago) and I know I’m not the only one. F this shit, let’s get this cheddar cheese 🧀

  27. DRS 💯 No point to worry about the run up if there isn’t one. Cohen and co are not close to releasing their blockchain projects yet. Still no ios app or nft marketplace out of beta. Get off your ass and let’s make this happen ourselves!!

  28. Op if your numbers are right and I am eyeballing 60k shares drsd per day - it’s going to take 67 days to use up those 4 million something shares

  29. With the last batch I sent to CS the other day, I’m officially 99% DRS’d. The only reason I’m not 100% is because I have some fractional shares still at my broker. But we’ll be swimming in bananas and cocaine soon enough my friends. Stay strong, hold as if your life depends on it because moass is literally a whole new life for all of us.

  30. I agree with this, as I do my calculation the same way, BUT one of the big institutional owners lent out their shares. During the vote for the additional authorized shares at the annual shareholder meeting, one institution couldn't vote because it lent out its shares. I think it was something like 7M shares or so. If that's the case, you are correct, but we need to add the additional shares for that institution. We are close, but we must factor this in.

  31. Institutions could and most likely are lending shares out. Black rock is a big holder and I'm guessing they are looking for any way to make a buck these days.

  32. No, since institutional, ETF, and mutual funds can be borrowed and sold, the number is much much higher. People need to stop propagating this false info.

  33. Especially if you consider the money GameStop has aside for a buy back, and RC being able to exercise the rest of his shares. I personally believe GameStop will buy back before the squeeze and RC will exercise during to keep fueling the rocket

  34. I want to there to be able he one person, who has been waiting to finally drs. The day we are at 99.99999999999%. And then they finally drs that 1 last share. And mayhem starts. I’m sure it would happen prior to that event, but it would be so cool to be that person and watch as soon as it hits. And you get to feel that it was your 1 share that broke it all.

  35. I believe the tension put on borrowing from now on will be exponential (not linear) as the numbers of DRS'd shares increase (float locked up increase)

  36. I can’t decide what makes me happier. Knowing I’ll be Rich, or knowing the biggest piles of 💩 on this earth will have nothing and can’t hurt the most vulnerable people in the worst ways anymore. I despise them more than I love money I wonder if they say the same about us, ha prolly not because I’m pretty sure they love money more than their own children. 🔥🌆🌊🏙

  37. There is no way they are less than 100% short. Possibly they are 800-1000% short. Just keep on drsing and waiting for tendies

  38. I have a couple random shares of GME on RobbingDaHood. Is it easy to DRS them and if I do, in theory, are they safe from that broker’s potential last wrongdoings?

  39. I was told by my broker wealthsimple it would take 6 to 7 weeks to drs my shares. Does that sound normal?

  40. So, who is going to be the (un)lucky ape to post a SS of CS not allowing them to DRS shares because there aren't anymore legal shares to DRS?

  41. My friend that is not on Superstonk is DRS'ing today. I wonder how many people not on this subreddit are doing or have DRS'ed in the last few weeks

  42. This isn't QUITE true. If there were 100 share, 20 short, then there are 120 holders. So at 81 drs they could still buy off 39 people to close the 20 short.

  43. Considering all the criminals moving to Florida where they have unlimited protection from forfeiture on their primary residence, yeah I think we’re close

  44. Been saving money for an emergency fund, but fuck I may just buy more to drs. It’s become my main emergency fund in a way 😂💎🙌🏽

  45. While this may be a good threshold to meet, we really need to DRS the entire float excluding insiders. There are still millions upon millions of institutions and those are 100% willing to lend because they have an incentive to not let the market crumble as participants (owners) of the DTCC.

  46. Transfers take forever! Wealthsimple kind out of tfsa to personal from personal to TD...waiting... from TD to computer share. It takes awhile but I won't be paying that large fee.

  47. This is a very theoretical view as long as short positions can simply be closed with any shares available in the market. That‘s why at least the whole available float must be locked. And even if that can be achieved there will still be plenty of shares going around to close positions, precisely because of all those extra shares that were created in dubious ways.

  48. I finally pulled the trigger and DRS’ed 80% of mine today. Gonna do the expedited version just to get it done faster.

  49. My last post split 920 Drs’d, Fudelity all can do, 3-4 days. Corruption, control and lack of enforcement is the new normal with this US administration, integrity & duty, what we rely on to force short’s to close, we’ve waited 18 months, FTD’s have rust on them, SEC doesn’t care how corrupt it is to retail. Fuck historic market standards, this greedy Wall St en masse will do everything they feel like to save themselves. DTCC & brokers already playing post split shell games. I wanted to wait for post split drama to get a tangible read how efficient and accurate the split went.

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