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  1. I'm a dumb ape who knows very little about nft's (enough to not do stupid things though so don't try to dm me with stupid phishing bs) and was gifted an nft that seems to be a little valuable. It is in my gamestop wallet on L2 and when I look at the nft in the history I see that people have recently bought the same nft for $x,xxx. But I don't appear to have any option to list the nft for sale myself. As far as I understand it right now only nft's from official gamestop creators can be sold, so wondering how to actually make any money with this nft that seems to have some value. If I connect my wallet to opensea I don't see the nft and assume that's because it's on L2 and I'd need to transfer it to L1 first. But I'd rather not be giving business to the Gamestop marketplace's competitor. How/where are people currently exchanging these nft's?

  2. I'm very sad, was initially Deniece when GameStop was looking for content creators prior to nft marketplace launch, but i figured oh well, I'll sign up later. Finally got some free time to work on it, but access denied in the Philippines. Very sad, as I have nfts for real banana farms that I tnought apes would like. When will the marketplace be accessible outside the US ? Or is there a way to access the marketplace?

  3. Hey I've only called... but how do I drs with the virtual assistant? I've got 4 more coming aboard or do I have to wait until Monday to start the process?

  4. Think I'm going drs more next week. Been hesitant due to volatility but eh already have 100s anyway. After what queen Kong said I'd rather not have my shares deleted

  5. Is it important to post DRS positions for the bot? I’m a long time lurkers and just got approved to the sub. I have 32 in need of transfer from Fudelity for a grand total of 592, the rest held in CS.

  6. Hey congrats for the DRS! It's really up to you, some post for the karma, some to celebrate their newfound freedom from the brokers who never had your best interest at heart, some do it to scare hedgies by showing that they are adding their brick to the edifice, some want to mark the occasion because the path to Computershare was long and sinuous for them.

  7. Now, call me crazy, but if CNPC is right and 2 in 5 Americans are invested in “meme” stocks, and there are ~400 million Americans, that would mean ~80 million people. Right?

  8. Well the DTCC has given brokers snek eggs, and the brokers are pretending they are chicken dinner eggs. Now it's up to apes to take the eggs and return them to the DRS egg shop. 🥚

  9. I've had a pretty busy day at work, but saw a BrEaKiNg NeWs that the house of representatives passed a bill to fight inflation. Haven't had time to look at this. I haven't seen any post about it, but thought it might be interesting to this community.

  10. So weirdly zen. Like still waiting on the first ComputerShare letter and have all my other shares waiting for that to DRS them. Yet if moass would start Monday it'd still be perfect. My 1 share being 4 in CS would still be more than enough and not having access to the account just yet would actually help with the hodling xD so relaxed. Love ya all

  11. I'm drunk and high and poor right now. But soon I'm gonna be drunk and high on some much better stuff and rich. Life is good🙂

  12. Uhhh did anyone else find a super mario display and play deluxe mushroom kingdom castle play set in stock today? Because this ape did! My 4 year old had the time of their life tonight with it and we had to tape the included background poster on the wall along with his bowser castle set in order to get him into bed. His morning plans are made 😂

  13. Anyone have the link to the Diamond Hand NFT announcement for Aug 17th? Stupid Reddit app sucks at finding things…

  14. So their little divididn't (not mine) shenanigans might buy them a bit of time but what it's really done is made every ape that might have been on the fence about direct registering their shares start drs'ing those mfs stat!. I fuckin love it!

  15. Iv decided I'm gonna be the Jurassic Park guy.. Like dead ass all of it... NO human death tho.. but shit I mean its dinosaurs...

  16. Did anyone else not realize that RC tweeted a fucking moon at the end of his last tweet reply? It looks like a regular smiley on my phone but if you copy it into google it's the

  17. Lol’ing at Ken’s sociopath friends calling Ken a Mayo muncher - or anything Mayo related really. He probably has tons of sociopaths in his social circle. One thing you can bet on is one sociopath will delight in another’s downfall.

  18. Given all we know about hedge funds buying MSM, what was the reason for leaking the SEC pornhub story last year? It wasn’t long after the sneeze. Was that story leaked to almost say no one can save you, they are just like you, on the internet but they don’t even care about stocks. As we all still hold to this day it seemed like a pointless story. But was it? Anyone have any ideas?

  19. Low chat volume is bullish AF. Apes living their lives, chillin. Smells like straight fuckin ZEN in this place

  20. Dumb question but are the shares suppose to stay in my account while waiting for compushare? Others have said it goes “in transit” when they do it

  21. It's not a dumb question. My experience has been every DRS request has had a 2-3 days in which the shares still showed at the broker while I was waiting for them to land in the purple circle.

  22. At least Dave is on record again- saying he doesn’t believe in MOASS. And still won’t answer whether or not he has DRS’d! Lmayo! I’d be happy if I never saw another Dave Lauer tweet again .

  23. Give me them sweet downvotes you bootlicking Dave Lauer fans! Lmao he is grifting y’all! Buy, hodl, drs! See you on the moon, without “Dave paper hands GLITCH Lauer”

  24. Just saw on DL’s ama that he thinks the government will step in and stop things if there’s systemic risk. What would that even look like? A settlement? Forced closes? Not trying to fud, just wondering if he’s given his opinion on it in the past?

  25. Don’t be surprised next week if we drop a little. I’m anticipating bbby hype and some may temporarily get into that over gme.

  26. So I'm convinced they are absolutely using what should be our shares from the split against us. No way you have this many DRS posts and only see marginal gains.

  27. 6 mil+ ppl lost their homes post-2008 crash. This imminent next crash will be retardedly worse. I'll be wealthy but I'll feel kinda bad💲😔💲

  28. And that is why it is said "just don't dance". HOWEVER, I will dance for the downfall of the establishment.

  29. Got to see my first purple circle just now! Question for anyone who has an idea, I bought $25 through computershare (US), and then bought $900 a couple days later before I received my account info for the first $25 (eager beaver). First transaction account is set up, will second purchase route to same account based on SSN? Or will I get two accounts and need to combine them after?

  30. Listening to a classic death metal album, Disincarnate - Dreams of the Carrion Kind. Such a good album if anyone here is in to metal

  31. Outstanding move, I recommend Gutslit - Amputheatre from 2017 or Man Must Die - No Tolerance For Imperfection from 2013, both are great fucking death metal

  32. Again.. the bath stock goes up in unisson with GME and GME get put right back down in a flash...

  33. Superstonk makes a legal youtube group page however that works. Then has a vote monthly for a nft song bought through the gamestop marketplace that we all click and share with our own investment? ....I got a lot more but this is a community driven one on YouTube for nft music 😀

  34. Bank bailouts will happen again. Actually really this is all secretly just a big multilevel marketing email campaign though.

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