What the f*ck!!! [Bloomberg new hit piece] GME is a zombie meme stock??

  1. Lol who are they? Ignore pleb news media--in fact, ignore ALL MSM. It's their job to fight us, and it's ours to bury them.

  2. Say it with me: WHO CARES. Just DRS and enjoy the show. This is no different then the million other hit pieces

  3. Have you ever played a video game? The bigger the bosses the closer to the end. Sit back and relax, then chill on the sensationalistic post titles.

  4. Well let’s do some digging on the author of the hit piece. Name, education, age, location. Find holes in their logic and find out why they believe what they believe. How many 80 year old boomer schlongs did they suck in their finance courses at university to just blindly believe the media and genuinely think GME is a bad investment?

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