The golden cross is coming…

  1. Guys it’s not that TA predicts price movements. Millions of algorithms and other traders have screens set up to notify them of crosses like this. Once it crosses there’s going to be a ton of buy pressure from it. Literally just historical data and factual information.

  2. Yeah it’s true. I used to be like that until I put everything I owned into GME. If I saw a notification about a golden cross then I would buy it, no questions asked.

  3. Different economic situations tho. 2 years ago tons of buying pressure was placed as individuals were at home isolated looking for stuff to throw their stimulus cheques at. While presently many individuals outside of Superstonk are being very cautious with spending money on non-necessities.

  4. That’s the thing people seem to forget we know it’s all smoke and mirrors in the current system but apes often forget about public perception and how much it matters to make it so others can learn from the DD we have and invest in a better future for themselves.

  5. Neither of those. It's just a self-fulfilling prophecy. Unless... You realize that it's a massively manipulated stock and don't follow the self-fulfilling prophecy anymore and then are dumbfounded how nothing happens.

  6. I mean to me, the fact that HFT exists means TA has to work at some level. It’s not like these brokers have millions of people simultaneously executing billions of trades all day. It’s computers making decisions, predictions, or whatever based on the data. And apparently that shit works so there has got to be a way to look at historical data to determine how to make a trade. And some people are so confusing it that they just lets the computers do it all by themselves. Doesn’t mean the TA we’re used to is how they do it, but there’s got to be some TA that works enough to come out ahead.

  7. Why do you say? It really starts to bothering me the absolute hate on TA here, is just a tool , people need to understand that, patterns only have lower or higher probability of happening, there is nothing wrong with that.

  8. Its noise to drown out the significance of this indicator. These next couple of weeks would be a terrible time for apes to start piling on buys or...options.

  9. What kind of price movement do we need to see for it to cross? Is there a window of opportunity where the chance to cross diminishes?

  10. If there is a huge sell off over the next few days and continues into weeks, it won’t cross. But with the fundamentals of the company and the growing interest, this won’t happen. I think it will cross next week or the week after. Load up. NFA.

  11. The 50 day moving average line crosses above the 200 day moving average. It’s a momentum indicator. The last time this happened was about a month before the “sneeze.” The death cross is the opposite, 50 day moving average crossing below the 200 day moving average. This happened on Dec 15th 2021 and it ended up selling off to $80 pre split. Death cross = bad momentum. Golden cross = great momentum.

  12. Jeeze could someone just do the math already and determine what we have to end the week at for it to cross? What price do we have to enter OpEx at for it to cross?

  13. What am I reading here? Why can’t we apply some technical analysis to the stock - yes, this shit is unpredicted and it’s difficult to do but to rule it out completely is just foolish.

  14. Feels as if this sudden golden cross hyping is some sort of hype manipulation to make people be disappointed for magical tomorrows which never come. The first post to mention it was fraudulent and now all of a sudden we get these "it is coming soon" posts like this. I don't remember seeing this for 1 year so why do I now?

  15. Just saw 2 post saying golden cross is coming and 2 right underneath that it's not there yet lol. At least one of u guys are right

  16. " the end is near" TA is popping up everywhere because bad actors want you to invest in short term options that are doomed to fail.

  17. So many things happened before or after or during the sneeze you ta guys are cancer with these posts. Always jerking your ta dicks over something new then when nothing happens you move into obscurity

  18. Cum my baby cum cum my baby be my butterfly sugaaaaa!!! Daddy need 10,000 a share to get a little blood pumping .

  19. Fuck MACD crosses. Fuck golden crosses. Fuck any lines that cross. Tell me once we cross into andromeda’s orbit.

  20. Sadly MACD will move into bearish trend when cross happens, which could potentially follow-up with bearish sentiment and I dont know what the fuck I’m talking about.

  21. You’re right. But I also think it could trade sideways for a bit once the cross happens to cool off the MACD and then explode up.

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