Hell Ya🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  1. Ok this looks like it could be kinda big Gamefi wise. Definitely looks better than Sandbox. This could be a free game on the switch

  2. Holy fuck that's a big one. WEBB is awesome and has many connections to all the big OG NFT projects of '21

  3. 80K players can be on at once, interacting and trading (gas free) the 1M NFTs that are available in this platform.

  4. Everyone who is upvoting these posts needs to be liking and/or retweeting on Twitter to bring attention to their posts and nft account. There are less likes on Twitter than there are here on the subreddit.

  5. No, I think it's referring to the game that's being advertised on the tweet. Their alpha release for that specific game, integrating with the GS marketplace!

  6. Maybe I'm just getting old but the game itself kinda looks like ass, reminds me of OG grand theft auto. I'll give these games/worlds a spin once they launch but for now excuse me while I go back to yelling at the clouds.

  7. I know I'll get shunned for mentioning the Sea that is Not Closed - but they have land for sale there for people who want to get in early before they become available on IMX and GME

  8. Small gripe and I dont want to be that guy, but public alphas dont exist, its a public beta. When a game is in the alpha stage its super broken, and specifically released to insiders/developers, and definitely not for public eyes.

  9. Im waiting for a game that can compete with League Of Legends 🥺 im spending $$ just for skins that i own but cant sell lol 🥺

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