Last week I reported how GameStop had more FTDs over the last 10 years than 99.969% of 38k tickers. Many of you asked for more info, especially about which tickers had more FTDs than GameStop. Here is that info and some other tit-jacking findings uncovered from the additional research... 🚀

  1. FTD on an ETF, I can somehow comprehend. It's just all made up anyhow. But FTD'ing fucking shares realllllly baffles me. I mean how, and why. Answer me without using the word "crime".

  2. can someone link me to a post to better understand FTDs and their overall effect on a stock/stockmarket ?

  3. This is a big part of the science of this whole thing. They have overborrowed and now they will overpay!!! We're coming for them.

  4. I don't view phone numbers or jail time as overpayment for their campaign of deception and immorality, rather justice for decades of crime at the expense of others.

  5. You put it very well. If someone asks me why i believe in GME reaching phone numbers i will use your sentence:

  6. I think this is how I will explain it to people post MOASS. Wall Street Over borrowed and instead of over paying a little, they committed crimes on a massive scale to not only avoid overpaying a little, but also continued over borrowing in the process.

  7. Yeah we can all just take a moment to realize 1 + 1 does not equal 2 in the American stock market and just how absurd it is.

  8. I know that we understand this, but the world doesn't realize that an FTD should happen literally NEVER. There are no proper justifications for a single FTD in the entire market. wen blockchain securities

  9. It only exists because they needed to give a name to a crime that happens a lot that they don't want to stop happening.

  10. So now “The game” is not buy and sell for price discovery but to short and fail to deliver then manipulate news outlet to control the narrative on where the price should go up or down?

  11. DId you notice how two days ago, TWO stocks halted at the EXACT SAME FUCKING SECOND? They found a way to cheat the system and either provide fake data, or put two in a ETF and fake pump to hit the halt. We already know they can delay the trades from hitting the market. Robinhood does this all the time. It holds buys and sells back as needed and then puts them through as needed. Imagine if they figured a way to create artificial halts? It's the only explanation for why TWO stocks halted the exact same second. Crime.

  12. if theyre ftding on major market indexes doesnt that mean theyre short on basically everything? hence they NEED a market crash to reset ftd cycles? what happens if market doesnt crash and they need to cover/close? if markets crash, wouldnt prices just come right back up as they close those positions? msm and everyone keeps pushing these market crash imminent narratives, but doesnt all this point to markets ripping indefinitely? why am i not convinced were gettin a crash?

  13. Did you read that article about how they are trying to push through legislation that guarantees bailouts for market makers when this happens? I'll try and dig it up. It was published a couple of days ago.

  14. Lol I own a pile of Telus, they’re actually a pretty solid Divi stock. Now I’m Stoked to see if they have a FTD spike sooner or later

  15. It would be interesting to see the FTD rate data for Ballard and Tesla after they squoze compared to GME since the sneeze

  16. Also, does this mean that GME has been abused since like 2012? Like, do we potentially have over 10 years of synthetics and naked shorts?

  17. And those securities that aren’t ETFs? An electric car company with goals of giving people more control over their transportation and relationship with energy, a hydrogen fuel cell company, a satellite radio company and a telecom that maintains a stranglehold in western Canada outside the two biggest telecom whales that collide to drive prices high instead of compete and watch prices fall.

  18. Any way to include the actual qty of ftd for each ticker in that first table? This is awesome stuff, but including the quantities would provide some info on overall scale. Like is SPY 1.5x GME or 100x GME? Same for the rest of these, just for an idea of overall relative scale of things. Do FTD totals fall off at some point? Is it before GME in that list? after? No fall off and these are all in the same realm as each other?

  19. You have to compare FTDs to volume and shares outstanding. SPY might have a lot of FTDs but compared to outstanding shares and volume GameStop has a lot more FTDs per shares actually trading in existence.

  20. This is overall FTDs right? What happens if you compared these FTDs to the size of the float/outstanding shares of the company.

  21. can you share your code to pull the data? i have been dabbling in python to pull data and i am still very much a beginner.

  22. Ballard Eh? I bought into them back around 2000 thinking they would be the future of electric car batteries. The stock did nothing but drop after i bought in. I was early AND wrong!

  23. Very interesting analysis! Please don't stop jacking your tits on my account, i do have a question. Based on what are you saying the other two stocks with high FTDs went through a short squeeze, but GME didn't? GME also had about 1400% increase when the buy button was taken away.

  24. the fourth slide is the source. it's the SEC report on the January sneeze/buy button removal which concluded that the price action experienced back then was due to retail FOMO and not a short or gamma squeeze.

  25. BLDP had a spike similar to another stock on this list that happened in…wait for it…late Jan 2021

  26. Sorry for my sub-10 IQ, but could some wrinkly ape explain what happens when something fails to deliver? Like, say a guy's short on GME, let's call him K Griffin. No that's too obvious... Kenny. Ok so say Kenny has shorted GME and the agreed upon date that the short should close comes up. Kenny fails to deliver (I think that's how it works?) What happens to Kenny? Surely the party that wants their shorted share back that they've risked their own money for wants some kind of financial restitution?

  27. 99% of the stock I own is GME but I also own a couple shares of XRT. I've been watching it about a year now and it constantly has over 200% short interest. This is supposed to be impossible. Why is it allowed? Because the SEC are a bunch of clowns.

  28. Is it possible to calculate number of FTDs as a percentage of number of shares outstanding? I realize that might be very hard / impossible given most of them are ETFs and total shares fluctuate... but I think it would completely change the list. XYZ stock could have 100M FTDs, but that's nothing if it's only 0.1% of total shares outstanding. I imagine there are many companies that had far lower FTDs, but it was a significant proportion of the entire company's outstanding share count.

  29. I feel like this proves that these types of stocks are habitually shorted to control price spikes. Guess whomever is it is short volatility - probably designed as a way to ensure the market dosent crash and now being takin advantage of for things like TESLA and GME

  30. I get fails to deliver but the amount of time they are allowed to keep rolling it is insane. Brokers and others should have 24 hours max to actually locate and deliver shares. We have the technology it's completely possible.

  31. Huh, odd to see SIRI show up here, it was also in my list of tickers that halted between Jan 27 and Jan 29 last year.

  32. Was typing in TU to look at the charts and accidentally hit TUEM... Tuesday Morning... up 300% in last couple days. Continuum is unraveling

  33. None of the media wrote about this. They wrote about a guy that stole an NFT and an NFT with source code unlicensed. Then they insult the shareholders. Never any real journalism about the truth.

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