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  1. My opinion: They pumped BBBY as a retail distraction from GME. They know the powder keg is huge and DRSing is creating a very short fuse. So they'd rather take a smaller loss baby squeezing BBBY than letting the volume/fomo flow into GME.

  2. If I have set up my GameStop wallet with Chrome on PC "A" and I now want to use it on my new PC "B" instead... what do I have to do?

  3. It probably wasn't a trap before RC invested in it. After he invested into the company earnestly, it is possible the hedgies have turned it into a trap.

  4. My theory is it has more room to run up to give them 'one more day', so its a suitable distraction for now (even if a legit play), given GME is knocking at $45 ($180) and they've lost control. /tinfoil

  5. Even though things look legitimate in terms of like…the FOMO/squeeze gold-rush, reported short interest, etc… the amount of BLATANT, lazily made shill accounts hyping it up has me incredibly sus

  6. Sorry if this has been asked before. I have my GME shares in my TFSA (I'm Canadian). I'm thinking of selling the shares in my TFSA, withdrawing to my bank, depositing money into my non registered account, and DRSing from there. My question is, what steps should I follow to DRS? Is it simply the same instructions for Canadians as it is in the states?

  7. Call your broker and ask to take the shares in your TFSA and "transfer in kind" to a cash account. This changes the shares from the TFSA to a cash account without selling. Then once in the cash account (may take your broker a day or less ) ask to DRS those shares to computershare.

  8. Look on the GMECANADA sub. You don't need to sell any shares. In-kind transfer from TFSA to Cash account. Broker DRS from the cash account.

  9. Anyone notice how today’s chart is almost the identical compared to the January 2021 to date chart? Probably nothing.

  10. CS trades on the lit market, and you can't pick and choose on the lit market, that's the beauty of price discovery. So if they do this kinda of shit in dark pools, from a broker just sell via IEX to compete with all the other orders.

  11. The implication of having the entire float locked is that any shares left in brokers are synthetic shorts, they're not nothing though, they're like IOUs. At that point we're hoping that whoever sold those synthetics would be forced to repurchase them, or other shares from CS to deliver on those obligations. There won't be any difference in value between CS shares and broker shares.

  12. I guess part of the play is getting them to have the same name so they can get people to fomo with popcorn instead of us and so when people type in ape into the search engines it comes up with their shitcoin thing.

  13. Uhhhh; just had the thought that splivvy was intentionally handled incorrectly to prompt a multi day trading halt to block any large movements e.g. moass/cycle squeezes

  14. Hey I have a question about the GameStop investor relations statement about the shares already been distributed to computershare who then distributed the ramainder to the DTC

  15. Yeah they should really add a publication date on these announcements. I just remember it was 3 days ago because I saw it right after the RC tweet about asking what you can do for your company.

  16. Can someone please help my smooth brain remember what it’s called when you sell some of your shares to exercise a call option in order to get more shares? Sell-to-cover maybe? Thanks

  17. Can a few people please check DFVs profile for me and tell me if something is wrong? I see a whole bunch of random videos and posts, some users see no posts, some users are seeing different random posts than me. I posted about it and am getting called shit and downvoted so hard I can't help but be sussed out. Please help

  18. Every single share that was issued as a split not dividend has falsely diluted shareholder value. I know the stock is up but how are we not rioting right now

  19. Thinking back to the day of the split and the stock I like getting shorted to shit 😆 these fucking morons! 19 months later and adding. I’m a DRSd ape who hasn’t posted for lots of reasons, but my account number is in the 115xxx range. Nights like tonight get me fired the fuck up and have me ready to hold for however long this shit takes!

  20. This is something I’m seriously dealing with. I used to love my job but late last year got absolutely shit on, and now I struggle just getting out of bed in the morning. I’m working on a career change, and that makes it even harder. I make good money so it’s scary to just up and quit. But I’m getting closer every day.

  21. The lender may have given up the right to vote, but the recipient of the shares has a right.

  22. I am ready to fight some crime I have inserted many sharp objects into my rectum and I will blast them out at my enemies. I Am The Super Hero Known as eneMA

  23. Can I just say whether it was GME related or not, there’s a special place in my heart for today’s 11-digit margin calls on a hedge fund

  24. I'm not sure who I can tell about this irl that will care, but you guys will so here goes. I'm hooking up Justin Horns (BluPrince) daughter with a new bike on Wednesday. I reached out via the fundraiser and his mom called me at work today. I'm not sure if I'll make a post about it because I don't wanna bring any more attention to the family, but his mom kept saying all the "gamestop people" were really supportive. It was really surreal. We're actually out here making a difference. My parents always donated bikes to toys for tots, and now that I work in the bicycle industry, I do the same. Very happy that I can make even a small difference. Anyway, this is trust me bro territory but thanks for listening.

  25. It’s been lower highs and higher lows since January 21’ as the price consolidated into this massive bull wedge. Now that we’ve broken it it’s key that we hold this level as the T+69 deadline push has allowed us to potentially see new ATH. Make no mistake if the algo takes control tomorrow it will be a wait until mid October for the next cycle. Godspeed apes I’ll be buying alongside you. The smell of mayonnaise grows fainter by the day.

  26. These crooks deserve everything coming their way. DRS and stick them where it hurts. You are the 1% who will change the world. This is an opportunity. DRS is as peaceful as a protest you will find and they are absolutely…

  27. Why are a large majority of the pathetic “buy popcorn too” beggars on every GME tweet by players like Pulte and RC, boomer Karen housewife looking bitches?

  28. Most people I know that hold Sticky Floor are 50+. Movies are their video games and AA is old as fuck so they can relate

  29. Yep. Let GME say, "Oh cool, since the split via dividend went smoothly (after a little confusion ha ha silly brokers), we're now feeling great about offering this NFT to every shareholder, able to be used right now on the launch of our new marketplace! We just finished minting 225 million of them! Hooray!"

  30. That’s been happening for months. It’s possible the advertiser mined some data from Reddit to help craft their copy, or it could be a coincidence.

  31. Lol, Netflix games are shitty mobile games with pay to play removed but the mechanics are still there from pay to play, so you have to grind to get unattainable .0002% chance loot. Its trash.

  32. Gonna go to bed, superstonk, pretty sure this was an adequate amount of comments in the feed for today. More tomorrow?

  33. You’re getting downvotes, but hot button media issues like this 100% distract from other things happening, and it’s 100% orchestrated to be that way.

  34. I’m getting so good at this x4 and /4 math that I’m going to start doing only quaternary math and sing in quartal harmonies 🎶

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