Whatever happened to the people who were spreading this FUD? Nice of the Queen to directly address it.

  1. Houston Wade is a moron he had a GREAT first video and then totally fell off. Hes now just grifting and pandering to the latest hot topic for clicks. Thank god the Dr corrected his bs.

  2. I’m in the 95% DRS crowd myself, but I for one still find his streams entertaining and informative, especially the geology / politics side of things. He’s also an ape and an early DD writer (

  3. Head on over to the thread and you'll see that she never answers my question about who facilitates the trade when you want to sell, or who is the prime broker (and DTCC member) for computer share... or that DRS'd shares can be used as locates for short hedge funds to naked short.

  4. How are people so confident spreading wrong info about something they're clueless about? Society amirite

  5. These people had a substantial enough following and were able to create quite a stir over the FAST system last year. Merely posting because Trimbath addressed it directly just today

  6. While he may be trying to spread fear his statement is actually “true”. Claiming it is false is disinformation. Which is sad because it’s easy to confirm.

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