Is BBBY the new swap to control the GME price?

  1. I went full crayon and opened positions for near the money... 5, 6, and 8... all are looking good... also gme 40 and 70 for 200 more shares... I'll exercise bbby to force the seller to buy (since they're Jan not weeklies), then I'll slowly sell the bbby off, to afford to exercise the gme calls... then I'll drs them.

  2. I know he has stock. Didn't know about the calls. Do you have a source? Either way it doesn't change my point. BBBY is more manageable to them than GME and they might think is a good swap candidate in the light that nobody trusts the popcorn stock movements anymore.

  3. Yeah, I definitively will. Wanted to know if anybody else shared my suspicion. It seems I'm quite alone

  4. BBBY is publicity reported as being shorted near 100%. If it gets too much attention it could blow up a lot of hedge funds who are likely short elsewhere, leading to cascading defaults across the whole market. Sure, it could be in someone’s SWAP but I just don’t see it being very useful because it creates risk for countless other parties, all overlapping risk on one another.

  5. I understand. Nonetheless we know that short interest is easily manipulable by the people we are up against. GME is way way more shorted than BBBY. So yeah, I don't know, the sudden push feels like an attempt to keep people away from GME to me. But I hope you are right.

  6. You guys are really going in instead of buying more gme? Is there a thesis for BBBY outside of RC having positions? The board doesn't seem close to him at all. Based on the letter he had to write them, they seem hostile to his positions

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