How TDA is handling splividend. They didn’t receive shares and blame GME for the confusion.

  1. Long story short... 😂 The DTCC is fucking over brokers by lying to them. And brokers are believing the DTCC instead of GameStop.

  2. They are ALL in on the con. They've been caught red handed and are now just pointing fingers at the closest target but all the documentation, announcement from Gamestop proves they're ALL lying.

  3. Newsflash. The DTCC board of directors is made up from ranking executives from the same brokers they’re “fucking over”.

  4. If you were a multi billion dollar broker, wouldn't you check if it was a split or a split via dividend? I mean, it's a huge deal and you believe brokers were lied to and accepted the lie without confirming? Brokers, DTCC, SEC they are all at fault.

  5. I think in this case, it’s a rep doing what their boss told them to do. My guess is brokers are big mad at the DTCC and trying to sort this out - do the employees have the first clue? Idk. Also remember Dave’s tweet yesterday? At the time I thought it was because ‘meme’ stocks were doing ok, but now I think he got some info from his industry buddies that things were popping off.

  6. I was being lazy, but after all of this, I'm absolutely going to DRS this week. Honestly, I feel like exchanges like this pretty much prove that if you don't DRS, there's a chance you might get fucked.

  7. That depends on whether they received additional shares or not. If other brokers are receiving shares and doing the split correctly, then something is up with TDA. And if TDA is receiving shares and intentionally withholding them, then that's a whole new level of fucked.

  8. Yup. The brokers are playing coy and not going to publicly acknowledge that the DTCC is mishandling the split via dividend.

  9. Meanwhile Warren Icahn is drinking whiskey and watching the DTC and brokers self incriminate themselves. Just waiting for the stock to be suspended, while GameStop investigates.

  10. The rep said "GME entered a due bill contract". That's what they're basing all this on. I wonder if we can learn more about this contract. Perhaps it wasn't GME who signed the contract, but, for example, the DTC on their behalf? We could dig a little more on this.

  11. I'm not the only one who found her incredibly condescending, right? Like basically calling OP an idiot for believing company. Because her overlords wouldn't ever do something unscrupulous

  12. So it seems confirmed that DTC filed on their end that they filed as FC-02, resulting in a forward stock split. Should have been FC-06.

  13. Brokers are required to operate under DTCC authority, not the other way around. This is not a “doubling-down” by brokers but rather them affirming they were doing as told by the regulatory body that oversees these processes.

  14. When GameStop hands in the appropriate papers to the exchange and other relevant parties, what documents are these? I mean these 2 documents are for SEC and IRS, but what about the ones turned in to NYSE/CS/DTCC or whatever ? Of course I’m not saying GameStop made the mistake that this employee is saying, but it’ll be nice to put another nail in the coffin.

  15. This is the equivalent to brokerages plugging their ears and going LALALA pretending not to hear the truth. What an absolute joke of a market. Each day I can not fathom how corrupt and manipulated it truly is. What an embarrassment and disgrace these parasites are.

  16. In case anyone claims that GameStop could publish a bogus form on their site, here's the same form on

  17. One of the reasons I am on reddit is if I have to fix a refrigerator or something, I will end up on reddit or YT anyway and sometimes videos are annoying (lots of ads, etc.).

  18. My favorite part is how he blames gamestop for the confusion because the DTCC couldn't possibly be involved in a huge conspiracy that Ken Griffin himself dispelled as a bad comedy joke a year ago, no it must be gamestops fault 😂😂

  19. Also the "due bill contract" they reference, when googled, seems to be the contract evidencing the transfer of ownership of a security (or cash, etc) for the purpose of a dividend.

  20. interesting.. wonder if this gme 'misinformation' has anything to do with governments pushing for ministries of truths around the world

  21. my jaw dropped reading this like how could they be wrong about their own dividend…. twice??? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  22. Jesus this is insanity... push the blame on the company who not just said it was a split dividend but said it twice! I also loved how they said it was confusing for you when they are the ones who are confused

  23. oh that buy order you submitted? yOu ArE wRoNg. based on the instructions given by the exchange, this was processed as a sell order.

  24. That’s exactly it - they are the source of what happened. It’s their own split, if it was processed incorrectly, it’s not because they were correcting an error made by GME, it’s because they (whether it’s the broker/DTC/whomever) didn’t want to follow the process necessary to properly reflect the stock dividend issued by GME.

  25. I can imagine the possibility that there was en error in the paperwork submitted by GME. If that would be the case it would be fucking hilarious despite how unlikely it is.

  26. You should ABSOLUTELY save and back up this conversation and most importantly, send this to Gamestop investor relations. Both Gamestop and Gamestop’s transfer agent Computershare have REPEATEDLY confirmed that NEW SHARES WERE ISSUED TO COMPUTERSHARE and were distributed from computershare to the DTCC after Computershare clients received their new shares. TDA is bullshitting you 100% and they fucking know it.

  27. Is IR the best place to send this to? I don’t want to add to the flood of inbounds they are receiving right now if they aren’t the best option.

  28. This is the best comment out of all of this. If DTCC received divvy shares from transfer agent (which they did), then it is NOT a regular stock split. Can’t have it both ways

  29. This. We should be asking for the contract from them. This would either prove (it won’t) what they say is true or will further perjure them.

  30. I’m playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and a few times one of the characters has called the other “You muppet!” I love it and want to use it all the time now lol

  31. My favorite reject explanation was that “the fundamentals didn’t change” and it’s a split and not a dividend because “GameStop didn’t just quadruple in value therefor they can’t issue this split as a dividend”

  32. In the history of stock dividends, what company has increased in value due to a stock dividend? Thats as a good as saying a stock dividend doesnt exist. We get it, stock splits and stock dividends dont increase the value of a company fundamentally, but whats that got to do with the price of bacon?

  33. OP tell want to raise a formal complaint. This will kick off a complaints procedure which can be used as evidence to the ombudsman, it'll force them to escalate and investigate internally. It will force their Legal and Risk team to look at it, who may have a much dimmer view of these shenanigans than the business side. It will also raise a complaint with the ombudsman should the formal complaint not be upheld.

  34. Also, before I get downvoted for “This has already been posted”. I just searched the sub and I see a lot of misinformation stating that they received shares and distributed it as a div/split. So I wanted to debunk that with the full convo I just had. Straight from the horses mouth.

  35. Can you post your statement from last month? I had a few shares on TDA when the split happened and mine show as div/split on the statement. Also got no trouble from trying to DRS them day one

  36. REMEMBER: TDA is an Apex affiliated brokerage. They turned off the buy button in Jan 21 because they were told to do so. It is highly unlikely that the TDA accounts holding GME have been made whole. Even if the DTC were to give them shares, TDA would still have to come up with all those shares that have been “bought” that they just accredited to people’s accounts and didn’t go out and pick up on the open market.

  37. Dumb ape here - what are the other Apex affiliated brokerages, just for my knowledge? EDIT: I realized I could just use my good old pal, Google, and I found a list (

  38. Ape here, if I DRS to Compushare on Monday from TDA would it "fix" this issue? I just checked and mine were treated as a split and not a spltdrv.

  39. This is some first class gaslighting. Can’t wait for them to say that the price we see during MOASS is in fact wrong because they said so.

  40. The TDA rep is sort of correct. They processed it as a forwardsplit because that’s what the DTCC instructed them to do

  41. So… maybe I went about this the wrong way? I didn’t bother questioning them about the dividend split; instead I put in a transfer to fidelity. When my shares get to Fidelity I plan to DRS them. I had left 20 shares in this account that I forgot about, which was split giving me a total of 80. When I pass the buck over to fidelity they’re taking on that risk now since it’s all fraudulent shares. I wonder how they’ll deal with it then? Maybe they’ll tell me I can’t transfer them lol.

  42. Haha I plan on moving the shares over. I just wanted to confirm that they are holding a naked short position on their books first

  43. I'm in a pickle, i have my xxxx shares in my fidelity 401k brokeragelink account and want to DRS but have to liquidate my account and rebuy through computershare. Fidelity says it'll take 8 days for it all to process and i get my money. I hate the fact that i have to sell my shares and rebuy at whatever price it is in a week. But all this broker fuckery is really convincing me to take the tax hit and leave them altogether.

  44. I think that’s where OP kind of messed up. They keep calling it a dividend, which is a taxable event. GameStop did a stock split VIA dividend which not the same thing. Obviously shit is all fucked, but apes need to be careful with the wording.

  45. Transferred my splivy TDA shares Monday morning. They just left my account today. All previous DRS transfers took 2-3 days…. Buckle up.

  46. I dunno what else I can do to prove these shots are real, but I went back and screen recorded the full conversation as well. If a mod would like to reach out to me to verify, I’d be glad to provide that.

  47. TDA is full of it. A due bill is totally not applicable to the justification they are giving to say this is a forward split! It was a load of BS!!!!

  48. Their last comment, can someone explain that to me? I’m a little slow so don’t use big words, is it similar to grading your own test in school when you used a pencil?

  49. “new shares don’t need to be created and given out in in this specific event” okayy and? NEW SHARES WERE CREATED AND GIVEN OUT IN THIS SPECIFIC EVENT!!! sounds like TDA is going the ‘ignorance and incompetence’ route…

  50. Look, not that I doubt OP... but that is really strong language used by a low level rep. How easy is it to doctor/fake a conversation like this ?

  51. Anybody called out that the initial inquiry AND the initial TDA response came from the same person? Seems pretty fabricated and sus.

  52. Ayo these chat agents are probably minimum wage workers who are told what to say. Arguing with them is kind of pointless because they have no control or power. Not saying u are arguing with them but just giving perspective. I work in customer service and sometimes we are just tired of being lied to from the company and yelled at argued by customers. At the end of the day, they are there for a job to feed their families, so they'll say and do what they are told to say / to do to keep their job.

  53. I’ve spent 7 years working as a customer service rep, so I understand whatcha mean, which is why I wasn’t trying to be pushy or anything of that nature. I was just trying to get some answers before I contact the appropriate people to file a complaint.

  54. So lemme get this straight. TDA rep is stating that GameStop is incorrect in stating that the directives GameStop gave for it to be a dividend split is in fact a divided split bc they did it as a regular forward split. Why did GameStop also say they gave the dividend shares to Computer Share who they gave them to the DTC if no shares need to be created and given out at this time. Spidey senses are tingling

  55. GME reported it incorrectly, but brokers like Fidelity and Vanguard seem to have gotten the dividend shares to distribute properly?

  56. Seems fake. The 2nd message is on the wrong colour/side of the chat... Or am I as think as drunk I definitely am?

  57. this rep is going to get herself in a lot of trouble is she keeps talking like that. blaming a company for mishandling their own split literally doesn’t make any sense. she was not offering any help whatsoever. telling you to google things lol.

  58. Wow so this confirms everything, we need to know why the contract was submitted incorrectly and what it actually says

  59. It's funny, GameStop and many other tickers have been manipulated for decades. A stock split as a dividend is one of the ONLY ways we can fight back all the naked shorting and you can't even do one of your stock is manipulated to much...

  60. I think this is a fake chat..OP himself/herself types "we thank you for your patience..." type canned response???

  61. Why is the second part of this chat on the OPs side of the conversation but reads as though it should be coming from TDA? Makes it seem fake and they just didn’t notice their fuck up. I would be happy to be shown that I am overlooking something here, but for now I’m calling BS on this screenshot.

  62. From another set of DD ?and not the DDs I’m going to be rubbing my face in after MOASS), the DTCC filled out the form wrong. Must have been a glitch…

  63. Canadian Ape with Questrade and RBC. Both of my brokers show transactions after the dividend of a 4:1 stock split. I have reached out to ask them to confirm that they received 3 extra shares for each of my shares, and didn't just do an accounting adjustment to 4x my holdings. Any other Canadian Apes here check their accounts?

  64. The second message which starts " Thank you for chatting with us.." that seems like it would come from the customer service agent but its in a green bubble so it means OP typed it out. Am I seeing that correctly?

  65. Am I the only one who thinks this seems fake/sus? The TDA rep and OP both write in the same style plus the second bubble on the first screenshot looks off. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  66. Wow, good work. I'm trying to stay neutral with a lot of the information, but this is a worthwhile exchange, imo. GME reinforced their "dividend distribution" intention, via their investor relations update, so to say they're wrong is crazy logic. My hunch is brokerages are listening to what the DTC tells them, e.g. "GameStop was wrong," but it suggests the DTC is misleading brokerages. And they're still the only one who hasn't made a statement, as far as I know; that would be a helpful way to clear things up for all of us unsophisticates.

  67. She had way too much to say about this to be a customer service rep. Not sure I believe this. First image also has automated response dialogue on your side of the chat. Either way, we do what we can for our company.

  68. Most sophisticated banks in the world says they were confused about banking matters by a video game company! I guess playing dumb has worked out for them so far why stop now.

  69. Agent is being a hypocrite. So she says what’s written online about stock dividend is false but asks OP to read articles on other shit 🤦🏻‍♂️

  70. I just checked back for a few shares I left over and it’s processed as a split. I filtered for dividend and there’s nothing there. Holy fucking shit. Those last few shares are getting DRS Monday morning.

  71. I love hype, but there are so many bro typos, I can’t take this seriously. Once I found myself reading it in a trust-me-bro lisp, I realized something was off.

  72. Can confirm, have a small position in TDA remaining and Tovunya Craig from TDA Client Services told me that "This event was processed as a forward stock split and not a stock dividend at the instruction of GME." I am waiting for a reply from Vanguard as well.

  73. It's because people like Dave lauer conditioned people ahead of time that it was going to behave like a standard split and not one major voice in the community challenged him. There is no theoretical reason for the price to have been divided by 4 if applied correctly as a splivvy.

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