1. Pretty sure his prime broker holds real shares or uses the company custodian aka computershare to hold his shares.

  2. I think he does drs. Didn’t he even ask how to gift a share through CS? He even gifted someone a share

  3. So I get the whole point of drs and the best time to drs was yesterday and the 2nd best time is today. Seeing as I've been a lazy ape that got my split dividend shares in my fidelity account immediately, if we ride on Monday, should I hold off on the drs cause I don't want to have my shares locked up in the transfer?

  4. At the least be self-aware enough to say you hope people DRS to satisfy your own interest in the matter, and little else. DRS isn't the fucking panacea chief, no matter how hard you wish it to be. Your end game with DRS is going to take years longer to realize, and you don't even know what the result will be if you ever get there and the assumption is always that they haven't found a way out on that timeline.

  5. his cost average is around $145, so buying on monday at $160 is a show of faith in value of the stock! big bullish! LFG!

  6. I don’t get into hero worship (yada yada) but I admire what he’s doing. He has a following of people who need financial help and he performs real charity, but he also promotes $GME on the same account. If all those people just bought themselves one share…

  7. He truly seems like an honest man who just wants to make a difference. The fact that Pulte Group and GME both hired the BCG consultant “services” is likely why we are fortunate to have such a large businessman proudly posting about GME. Think about how the only two large business owners to promote GME are Mark Cuban and Pulte. That’s a pretty big deal imo because it introduces the story to so many more people who otherwise would have no clue.

  8. If I were a gambling man, I would bet that Pulte absolutely, unequivocally has all of his shares DRS'd. GameStop has been/will most likely continue to report the DRS numbers on their quarterly reports, and if I were an ape of his caliber I wouldn't be 'feeding the bot' for validation from apes on superstonk. Just sayin'

  9. Well he's not really correct... Usually has to do with what you view, tweets you like and what accounts you follow, so since he's always tweeting about GameStop and follows RC it's just showing him that stat because of that. (Algo)

  10. I’m glad this is at least somewhat upvoted. I can’t believe that people are getting hyped over a personalised trend list.

  11. Man I really don’t think that’s the case. Have you looked into the history of Pulte Group’s challenges and the work that was done to resurrect their company? I believe he is genuine and was drawn here because both Pulte Group and GME hired BCG consulting so he likely knows more than he can publicly tweet about.

  12. It blows my mind in 2022 that people still dont get this. (though I guess its by design) I see people say ____ is trending! we did it! like no its trending FOR YOU lol if you want to see overall trends based on your country or the world you gotta click "show more" and then click the second tab which is the real "Trending" and not the personalized one!

  13. Yeah there is an actual trending list that you can select the location of (I set mine to US, but there’s also worldwide) but that’s almost NEVER the one people are talking about when I see them here all excited cause we’re “tREnDinG”

  14. 13k upvotes for a guy who has never shown proof of ownership or DRS’d a single share. Funny how all of pultehomes & pulte capital filings show that they use computershare for those shares though🤫

  15. Isn't it likely that it's only trending for him because that's what he looks at? If he logged into someone else's Twitter, would it also show MOASS?

  16. Cool story brah, now imagine how cool It would be if he bought and held some GME shares and wasn’t 100% cash….

  17. if RealPulte's posts a purple circle next week, I will throw the rest of my bank account and buy GME through Computershare.

  18. I think this guy is another bad actor that many apes have emotionally latched into in the spirit of the movement/cause.

  19. Hello shill 😂 promoting GME with a large following is bad 😂😂 what a bad comedy joke 😂😂

  20. Just cleaned out my Fidelity account's last 100 shares over to CS today. Guess I gotta rinse and repeat as well. Monday it is Pulte.

  21. What happened to GME,i must have missed something? On revolut is showing $34. I remember it being 130 for a long time? But the history doesn't show that any more?

  22. The stock underwent a 4 for 1 stock split via a stock dividend (not to be confused with a standard stock split, instead of each share splitting into 4, holders received 3 additional shares for each share they owned). The effect is the same though, the current price of ~40 gives us a pre split price of ~160.

  23. Mr. Griffin, tear down your walls. We are going to lock this float and you’ll be answering to us, you criminal!

  24. When grand theft auto 6 comes out its gonna be insane! There were huge problems with 5 nearly a decade ago. Now the people who bought that game are doing this shit in real life. I think a fart of a gme share will be life changing after this week. I was thinking about only America. Fuckin fuck....... guys we are gonna have to help people out

  25. I really hope the infinity pool DD is correct and my small group of elite (DRS'd) shares are really changing my life.

  26. Ofc we have the brainlets in his replies trying to link this to the movie stock. It’s just depressing at this point, their CEO is practically making fun of their stupidity and they’re too oblivious to realise.

  27. I just got 750 thanks to my state government, and that will be going directly into GME. our chairman tweeted one of the best presidents speeches ever, one of my fav presidents. I love you papa!

  28. This dude… he knows what he inherited, is humble, grateful, kind and straight to the point. He’s someone I’d like to to strive to be like. Unfortunately, I’m kind of a sarcastic asshole, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do the same if I can, it only means I’m not a popular candidate for role model of the year. lol. ❤️ #pulte

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