I am genuinely worried about popcorn apes now. If shit hits the fan, welcome them, don’t discourage them any further. There’s still a lot of room left on this rocket.

  1. From my understanding AA was upset that he couldn't issue more shares and so this new ape ticker provides more voting power to whales i.e. corporate so they can vote whatever they want into action

  2. I guess AA is fine with it being called a meme stock. I prefer Gamestop's more subtle nudges at our particular culture instead of spelling it out and making the investors look like "memers". We have our fun here with all the memes and stuff, but ultimately I'm a serious GME investor and i would like the company to treat me as such.

  3. I mean, if I knew my company was heavily shorted, I’d cozy up next to my enemies and make it seem like I had no idea before a recount of the shares, for legal purposes. Why would he waste time and energy tweeting something like that? Guess time will tell, but it is one big game that he may be playing.

  4. We tried telling them before that it's a hedge against GME and hedge funds are long on sticky floor but they continue to buy, not my problem when they lose everything. When a CEO sells shares directly to hedge funds, does interviews in his underwear, and the entire board sells off their holdings its a clear indication that they don't have the shareholders in mind.

  5. Not going against your point here but I've never completely understood how it could be used as a hedge against GME? I'm not very wrinkled but from what I understand you can only hedge something which moves opposite to what you're trying to hedge. Could you explain it to me or point me to the right DD so I can read it?

  6. I dont like the stock at all but i am happy for ANYONE who makes money from this situation as a whole.

  7. I sold majority of my holding for GME a while back. While I hope whatever this play is for APE stock helps in some way, the possible share dilution that comes along with it is very concerning. AAs tweet about Cokerat was the last straw for me tho. Lost all faith on that side.

  8. It also means that popcorn holders must hold this APE coin to avoid it getting converted. If they no longer own the float of APE then whoever does votes to get it converted to popcorn.

  9. Nothing is ever bad news to🍿apes. AA can literally do anything and the apes will interpret it as something good. If you check their subreddit, a lot of them are in support of the new APE ticker and say "aDaM AaRoN iS pLaYiNg 8D cHeSs". And for AA's tweet about Cramer, they say things like "kEeP yOuR fRiEnDs ClOsE bUt kEeP yOuR eNeMiEs ClOsEr"

  10. “It is easier to fool a person, than to convince a person they’ve been fooled.” We tried, they’ll have to convince themselves now. They know where to find us.

  11. It's insane, but it's true. Sadly. I don't understand how it works, what quirk of human psychology makes this possible, but it's terrible to watch someone being fooled and being powerless to stop it.

  12. Sadly, if the whole popcorn thing is a wash for those apes, they are likely to hang on anyway. They are emulating the spirit of GME which is a never say die, never quit thing.

  13. All I know is I just pulled trigger on drsing 100% rest of my shit for both so let the chips fall where they may. Im an equal opportunity employer at getting rich af

  14. Jesus those AA tweets. CanNOT understand how he isn’t seen universally as an obvious moronic weasel. He’s full cringe all the time.

  15. Out of the many posts that showed up on my feed last night and this morning from that sub, almost all were bashing the $APE move and 1 was about $BBBY

  16. Meh. it’s no secret that many of us simply don’t trust their CEO. Obviously, chatter would increase a bit due to their earnings and whatever the deal is with their $APE thing.

  17. I don't think you need to worry much about GameStop OGs all of a sudden falling for the popcorn trap. We have the DD we know what the real play is.

  18. I just came from popcorn sub…. Why the fuck is AA trying to kiss Jim Cramer? And what the fuck is $APE? You don’t become an ape by buying $APE…. 😂 you become an ape by DRSing.

  19. Every popcorn investor needs to changed their tone about DRS then. I’ve been harassed and abused over there for pointing out that brokers are lending out shares against them. If they can and refuse to DRS for simple ignorance, then there really is no point in them coming to join in.

  20. We can use their numbers. If every pcorn ape sold, came here, loaded up and DRSd in the space of a week the float would be easily 80-90% locked.

  21. Back in early Feb 2021 I bought one popcorn and one GME. I still have that one popcorn. I still have that one GME too, but it has 177 buddies chilling with it in Computershare.

  22. Listen I am about to use that popcorn for more fuel, but...does anyone think the price will or could hit 30-50$ before their divilution, a dividend dilution if you will and I hope y'all use that because I think it is a clever and easy way to describe it.

  23. Sold my 150 popcorns with a 3k loss and bought about 17 more GME with it pre split... basically got my loss back already and zen af

  24. It’s dilution at its finest. AA is a crook. I’m glad I got out last year in that dumpster fire of a stock. Those preferred shares can be converted to normal shares. That’s the end game for popcorn. To have 2 billion shares outstanding.

  25. This is a GME sub - forget about them. Why so passionate about something other then our ticker? It’s not dilution unless voted on by stockholders - let it be and possibly, it helps hurt our enemy.

  26. This whole thing is 100% a response to $GME running in order to keep the swaps the right side up. Popcorn is not our friend and this response was predicted in my swap DD.

  27. I see lots of them still have faith or can’t drop the ego and admit it was a bad play. AA is fucking them over in broad daylight and they can’t see past it. Hopefully they see the light and come over here. I love the purple light!!

  28. Their CEO proves time and time again he is fighting for the wrong side. He leave his shareholders crumbs along the way to keep them invested but in the end it’s clear who he’s working for.

  29. Looks like there's some serious and coordinated fuckery going on with sticky floor right now. Makes sense to try to get attention. They are not even close to DRS the float. So SHFs will still have some control with FTD. So maybe make it look like a tiny little squeeze happened and call it over. Maybe even prosecute someone for a 1% fee fine. Distract from the real end game. If that's what happens then everything for the past few days by those people AA/ cokerat makes sense.

  30. AA specifically tweeted that there would be not dilution (with emphasis)....can someone explain why there would be?

  31. Won't be used to dilute right away, but can almost guarantee it will in the future when they issue more APE without increasing Popcorn shares

  32. If the shareholder vote later says "no" to being able to convert APE to Eh em cee then no dilution will occur. If it's a yes, then it will be diluted by a factor of 100%.

  33. They are issuing 1:1, but have the option to issue 4.5 billion more. And they all have equal voting right as common popcorn shares.

  34. You boys seem real concerned about popcorn today. This morning it was "popcorn dumped to FOMO into Vidya" Now it's I'm worried about popcorn. Man GTFO with that bs.

  35. I will welcome them. Just because some retard hedgies lumped them into a similar basket of “most likely bankrupted stocks in the next five years” does not mean we’re anywhere in the same league as popcorn, however. That being said, anyone who wants to defect and jump Off that sinking vessel is more than welcome aboard the USS GameStop.

  36. Hi it’s me, a popcorn ape. I switched after I turned a profit on my corn. Also just saw a post about the same shit happening where they are going to get a cash equivalent for the dividend. Drs is the only way, eat the fucking rich

  37. Comments here are toxic AF, about what I expect from SS lately unfortunately. Been here a long time and folks are even driving me and my XXXX shares away.

  38. If somehow hedge funds have criminally shorted popcorn it’s quite irrelevant whether they are long term profitable. I just don’t think they are in fact criminally shorted as there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that it still is.

  39. What was actually the highest short % in popcorn? Like 40-60% i think? might be wrong.. either way since then aa diluted the stock by like 400% or smth ridiculous like that, filling his own pockets by ripping off the regards who thought it will sneeze like gme.

  40. I believe this is probably their last ditch effort of distracting from GME... their final FUD... but it will be interesting to watch

  41. I'm not sure of what's exactly going on with popcorn, but if this is some kind of dividend on a new ticker it will also be a taxable event, if I'm not mistaken.

  42. If you're looking at the performance only on the day, week, or month timeframe. Obviously still way out performing the market but still nowhere near GME on the long term scale.

  43. I'm not reading beyond title. Ape doesn't fight ape. They understand the play. I cannot upvote this sentiment enough.

  44. I welcome all. I do feel really bad for them. I went to a live “Ape” gathering once. They were so excited. It turned out they were all popcorn, and I was the only gamer. That group doesn’t even talk anymore. It’s sad watching them slowly drain. I don’t like AA for slowly sucking the life out of people I know. There was really nothing I could do about it. There is a tail of the prodigals son. A selfish son wanted his inheritance early. He spent it all and was living with pigs, but was too proud to come home. Eventually he had no choice, but his father instead of being angry that he squandered so much money welcomed him home because his relationship with his son was more important, and they feasted. It is absolutely an example of how we should treat them when they become despondent.

  45. I generally don't give people financial advice or stress about how others spend their money, but then again, I'm not an asshole.

  46. It’s the debt for me. How you got 5 B in lease obligations? Do you own none of your own theaters? Is Regal actually the better chain? They own the two near me not lease them. Wtf is going on over there?

  47. Listen…I started on popcorn last year when it was $10 and I couldn’t afford GME…I rode that rocket and did okay. I read the DD, feel in love with Gamestop and rolled everything over.

  48. That's gonna be a no from me dawg. They've had two years to get their heads out of their asses. They're welcome here, but I'm not going to pretend like they haven't been against us this whole time.

  49. I averaged down with popcorn and as soon as I could sell it for a profit I did. Then I went all in on gme and never looked back. I saw the fundamentals and dd and didn't think twice. Popcorn didn't have anything but gimmicky bullshit that tried to appeal to popcorn investors, but not the main stream retail investor.

  50. Eh, I dont really feel that bad for them. Every time I tried to help them see the 50ft writing on the wall in neon lights I got called a GME elitist and a shill. I wont revel in their misery, but thats about it.

  51. Seriously, do u need help? Why just let them be, why always bushing them, every one is free to make his decions and assume the consequences .

  52. We must be absolutely, .. right around the corner, … bc it appears that they are pulling at straws right now, …. In dishing out that C. Tweet. 🌙🚀

  53. Nah fuck em. If AA diluting the stock like 4x? of it's original float when the short% was actually pretty high wasn't enough for them to realize it's a bullshit ticker then nothing will. Thankfully i actually don't think there's many real people who are still holding onto the idea of a popcorn sneeze (atleast on reddit, ppl on twitter are in their own league of regarded)

  54. Dude is always talking about "pouncing" and how good he is at "playing 3d chess"... and he thinks Coke Rat has been fair to 🍿? Wut. Dude is a straight nutter and so cringy

  55. I honestly think they are trying to play everyone. They WANT people to sell it so they are making these public statements with cramer. Shit ran hard today. Up 20%.

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