What I think the current game plan is

  1. Investors gonna DRS. Nothing anybody can do about it. It's gonna be a flawless victory. 100% achievements all sidequests completed. No easteregg left untouched. The absolute definition of GAME OVER

  2. and a LOT of potions, health lives, and extra weapons and arrows left in the tool bag that we unload all at the last second just because. (synthetic shares having to be bought and replaced with real shares)

  3. DRS cat is out of the bag. Hundreds of thousands of Dr. T’s that learned how the sausage was made and refuse to eat it ever again.

  4. I agree. The SHFs can't do much to GME directly except short it so they have to play these games. Expect max pain today.

  5. And max pain today is 36. Should be an interesting afternoon but I'm busy today so I'll have to check up tomorrow! 💎🤚

  6. It’s the reverse of the boy who called wolf. They created a wolf, brought it into the town and then started yelling about it so that everyone will remember that they were “warned” by the boy and will listen next time.

  7. The plan is to try to get away with the stock split or stall as long as they can do they can kick the can

  8. The only problem I see with that is whenever they crush the price we buy MORE and then DRS. They are trapped in an ever tightening noose

  9. Seems like the kind of adderal psychosis last ditch effort Ken and Krew might make. The only reason I can wrap my head around owning sticky floor is GME was too expensive when you wanted to yolo $25 at a basket stock early 2021, and you never paid attention to anything since.

  10. Popcorn just announced they are issuing a preferred stock unit via dividend and it will be a separate ticker called $APE. It's an interesting development And I can't help but think it's connected.

  11. Wait, I'm confused.... I thought the narrative against that stock was 'look the ceo just denounced synthetics in his company'

  12. All partnership coming together, People see GameStop making multi billions and this time alot of people buying in computershare and apes adding more shares on computershare, float will be locked in 1 week Game over Gme to millions per share I am reserving lambo

  13. I agree they cant "fake squeeze" GME. But I think part of hkd is to fake what COULD happen to GME

  14. msm has been pushing 'sell all pops' for over a year now while insisting market crash, recession is coming.. so theyve never told us to sell any of the previous market crashses, why would they try to warn us of one now? how they know about all these 'pops'? could it be they know big money is super short on a ton of stocks and trying to cover/close causing them before markets rip again?

  15. Can almost guarantee they talk positive about popcorn and let it rip upwards to build trust so they can try saying “see we’re not lying when we say forget GameStop and get out, we just want what’s best for retail u guys, we were saying this was going to go 50%+ over the next week and it did”.

  16. The fact that the poopcorn divy is literally called an APE share is such a shitty level of lazy pandering. I'm surprised more people aren't calling out the absolute sack of crap they are pushing.

  17. I can see right through the BS I think we all can 😂 I believe that GME holders are molded differently. We don’t give a fuck. GS is going to be the first company to be DRS by retail and there ain’t SHIT ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT ENDGAME HERE LETS GOOOO🚀🚀🚀🚀

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