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  1. can't reach GameStop investors site or news site. since yesterday - never saw the announcement in original. is it mirrored anywhere?

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but public entities on Twitter must have public posts and comments so people can reply since they are supposed to serve the community. Since DTCC is a private entity, why in the world are they considered the distributor for everything financial? Sounds like corruption.

  3. RC still hasn't bought out the last of the shares he can buy in the company. I think as soon as we are in striking distance he makes his move with DRS

  4. RC and team just killed off any weekend FUD. I'm so jacked up. Gamestop saying in legaleze that the DTC created counterfeit shares and brokers took 'em and now the DTC did it again for the splivident and now they can't keep up with their own crime to cover their tracks.

  5. why cant RC just tell us what to do 😭 why he gotta give us these hints and clues. If u just tell me to do something im gonna do it 😂

  6. You know when you were a kid and you got a bad report card, so you changed the F to an A and Dad found out, so he pulls over to the side of the road, whips out his belt and beats the fuck outa you?

  7. You can't go direct, you can transfer them to Fidelity and then to computer share. It costs $70 to go to fidelity but the DRS is free from there.

  8. Bought a refurb Xbox Elite 2 controller from GameStop to show what I can do for my company. Can’t wait to play some Call of Duty Vantage with it.

  9. Oh man, a lot of the options in the money this week were weeklies, right? They don't hedge fully for the weeklies. This could be nice come monday.

  10. It's like they sold six million seats for a flight on a 727. Then GameStop said, "Here, you can use this 747 too."

  11. Let this sink in: tens of brokers did not get their shares as we know of. That is beyond huge. A shortage of hundreds of millions of shares as we know of. This has only been unfolding just now. Although, as I am visually minded, it is not my favorite expression: SHIT 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼 ABOUT 👏🏼 TO 👏🏼 HIT 👏🏼 THE 👏🏼 FAN!

  12. Thanks! I purposely left some back in my broker just to see what would happen if iDRSd the day after the splivvy.

  13. Imagine this. After GS gave CS the amount of shares to cover all DRSd apes the DTCC was given the rest. The look on the faces of the DTCC execs when they realize there are 47 Bagillion synthetics and they got 12 real ones to hand out 🤣

  14. CS liason: Well, our accounting rechecked this several times, but it seems we actually 'owe' you, uh, negative 47 bagillion shares, times four. I believe our valued shareholders wish to convey the message 'fuk u pay me,' will that be cash or check

  15. I been here almost two years so, what’s next? Brokers buying on Monday after DTCC makes the correction?

  16. Folks working on the phones at brokers helping everyone DRS are the true unspoken heroes. Everyone’s gotta remember that sometimes

  17. I had one share left in an IRA at fidelity. I am gonna do another distribution on monday because that one share is now 4 and I am gonna DRS those so they can be with their friends!

  18. DTCC, everyone here is hating on you, but I'm sure it was an honest mistake. So just give everyone the shares that GameStop gave to you via their transfer agent.

  19. lol meltdownies trying to make GME shareowners look bad on the vv s b sub right now. 1 retarded dude keep spamming shit posting as a owners.

  20. Yeah. Some group of clowns keeps trying to push this narrative that it’s just a split and apes are dumb quoting Delaware state law and while they’re not entirely wrong about any of that it also completely avoids addressing the disbursement of shares to the DTC and subsequently brokers, specifically international brokers. Right or wrong on the splitty divvy, Delaware law and corporate action does the DTC have all the shares from CS to cover the actions they are directing the brokers to take. The actions that keep getting done, undone, and redone which is where the real contention is.

  21. One made a chairman hate post on the game store subreddit. I reported him when I saw all the meltdown posts in his history

  22. Okay guys the last few days have hammered it into my thick ass head to DRS - I know, I’m fully retarded

  23. If you could carpet bomb one term from Superstonk, sending it to the grave, what would it be? I'm torn between "probably nothing" and anything to do with "jacked titties."

  24. Kinda feel like RCs tweet was a jab at AA? RC and Furlong have been doing things that are helping the company, AA not so much. Or was this really a call to action for stockholders?

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