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  1. He's talking about the market(s) pump, the limpness of instituting QT, and maybe even the Federal Reserve SPV with Blackrock.

  2. He could also very much be referencing legacy media blaming the AMTD pump and dump on retail. The same way legacy media finds ways to blaim retail every time it gets bad.

  3. its different this time. never before in history has retail owned more stocks and been more informed and confident of their investments because of the vast amounts of information they have access to. the fear induced selloffs of the past may not be replicable by market manipulators anymore. stocks too high? bank bailout to continue shorting. didn't crash? covid. still not selling? war. still no crash? covid again.. more covid. recession. inflation. monkeypox. provoke war..

  4. Maybe some stocks. Fact remains still that 10% of stockholders own 90% of all stock in the market. Thats more than enough to crash it all themselves. 10% control the stock market. Damn right they are and have been fighting abck against high retail owned stocks. they want it all.

  5. Um, dude so that’s not quite right. Look into the pre-great depression era. The US was about to rip itself apart, in large part bc it was common knowledge how corrupt and greedy wall st was. We’re repeating history lol

  6. Maybe it’s all propped on those passive investors that just DCA their 401k’s/ROTH’s and they continue to buy the dip on all their favorite ETF’s and market indexes, all of which are manipulated by our favorite brokerages, banks and market makers.

  7. BOOM TOMORROW!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  8. This makes so much sense. In “normal times” they would be able to truly create a market sell off and their collateral on their long positions would be just fine because you wouldn’t have a heavily shorted stonk with accountability for it’s shares sitting at such as a high price. The market wants to sell off but it just keeps getting pumped back up off of no real news, rising interest rates and inflation.

  9. Plus never before have algos been so prevalent. The world could be ending yet the market could stop be going up if market makers set the algos to pump

  10. If Japan were to sell US Treasury Bonds tonight, stock market would crash tomorrow and it’ll be MOADF …Mother Of All Dominoes Falls

  11. he can't seem to wrap his head around the fact that people don't act mathematically and that the markets run on crime. good with numbers, no clue about human behavior. shame

  12. I dont dislike the guy, I find him interesting but that is what always struck me about him. He always seems to act apalled or in disbelief at the irrationality of a big number store where panicked monkeys trade letters worth one number for letters worth another. Burry, youre just as silly as they are but I still love your autismal rage. I can relate to it one some level.

  13. I mean, isn't that pretty much what he's saying? The market is silly, it ISN'T acting normally or mathematically. Whether it's all crime or just irrational behavior and crime combined not even we fully know.

  14. Ahhh, WorldCom, as a Tradie my company was contracted for 12 people, 2 shifts, 7/12s indefinite time duration to be on site ready at a moments notice on a shiny new Glass atrium 4story building that was state of the art at that time. We did absolutely nothing for 9 months except show up, sign in and hang around. We were all being paid premium hourly rate +Foreman+General Foreman, then the bubble burst, we were the last to leave the building.

  15. Wen the market crashes, everyone will pile their money into GME - bc apes have hands of 💎. Not financial advice, I’m stupid.

  16. Positions or ban Burry. You don't get to claim doom and gloom every 6 months until it actually happens and then say "look at me, I was right, I'm such an autist"

  17. TBH I’ve kind of stopped listening to what this guy has to say since he sold all of his GME and subsequently pooh-poohed the theory of the case that all of us here maintain regarding the owning the float, naked shorts, and the MOASS.

  18. Ah the classic doomy burry that we all know and love, i dont get why people seem to get confirmation bias by his tweets though

  19. Remember on September 10th, 2001 when Donald Rumsfeld announced that there was 2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon, then the next day happened and everyone just kind of “forgot” all about it, and it was never mentioned again? True story.

  20. I mean he isnt wrong. I feel like most people in finance know. They just know they can plead ignorance, still make their bonuses etc in the meantime because they aren’t gambling with their own money to even get these bonuses. And no jail time? Lets not forget Madoff turned himself in.

  21. Pretty sure he be right from early last year. Somtn, somtn trillions wiped from the markets in a very short time.

  22. A very very good play. Not that he’s infallible, and his cryptic tweets (and no underlying research) need a critical eye, but he’s worth reading.

  23. Why does he talk in riddles the guys a Narcissist, he loves watching us trying to decipher his tweets ain’t got no time for him anymore 🤷‍♂️

  24. Saying this is silliness is like not understanding the entire thing is a system of bubbles and crashes. It's almost like capitalism is super unstable.

  25. Cassandra had one good win in 2008 and has been fighting to be relevant since. Why are we listening to him?

  26. "This guy only correctly predicted utter market collapse once (while pretty much everyone else around him was bullish). Why are we listening to him"

  27. Because he is relevant and real. He got into GameStop before anyone ever did. What’s your issue with him. Seems like some hate for no reason and no research.

  28. Oh, F*ck Dr. Doom Burry. I'm in an absolutely SH*T mood today. When this uppity a-hole starts tweeting in english, without all his usual BS LMK.

  29. If what some people are saying about this crash and are saying it’ll be worse than the Great Depression then we are really fucked. Even with the tendies the world will be fucked…

  30. I hear: we're at another of the (bubble pop) top ones, if it weren't for another of the (scandal/corruption) bottom ones.

  31. All these updoots for this dude and I have no idea why. I’m so for the purple circles that literally everything else that’s posted in Superstonk is fud to me. If it’s not computer share shit or purple circle meme’s I’m hitting the down doot button. American financial market is a complete fraud and the only win for Superstonkers is 100% DRS!!

  32. Oh the shit going on is definitely looking silly. Big world order changing event on the horizon to once again wipe the books and significantly change the course of history.

  33. So who’s job is it here to stake out this guys Twitter account > be first to post > and then have their bros take public shits in the comments?

  34. Been saying this garbage since 2009. Dude got one amazing monumental play right. He then sold gme before the sneeze lmaoooooo

  35. If you’re going to repeat “the market will crash” for long enough, one day you might be right. He’s just getting annoying at this point.

  36. I mean I get this. He’s often right because he’s a smart cookie. But you know this guy HATES Crypto, NFTs, and Gamestop, right?

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