LFG! 🔥🚀

  1. caught it on active trader pro. what a mighty green candle. the tip is at 39.80 the bottom of the candle is at 38.33

  2. I think that's the normal purchase time for CS. There's a spike at that time almost every day. Still love to see it.

  3. The CS buy in actually occurs around 10:45-10:55AM. It also is typically only around 5,000 shares (post-split).

  4. Any chance this “whale” is simply the auto-purchases through ComputerShare by apes? I have an auto-buy to withdraw from my bank account on the 1st and 15th of every month, and my early August purchase hit the books at approximately this same time.

  5. Could you imagine, German brokers after finding out it was supposed to be a stock split (in the form of a dividend), and by simply doing a regular split they were giving out fake shares, are like "hell no, I'm not going bankrupt."

  6. That’s what I think. Notice how it was completely knocked back down into the same channel it was in. They must’ve known about it and had a bunch of synthetics ready.

  7. It was a series of dark pool dumps coming in, there had been a few for the first 30 minutes of market open, but the big candle was due to a burst of them in a period of about 2 seconds. Quite a lot of volatility at that time. The dumps I spotted only add up to about 100K shares, possibly shorting at that time to keep the price /volatility stable. Perhaps all due to ETF FTDs, though really was lower volume than expected for the day. Expecting similar activity Friday and Monday. 🚀

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