Beyond the Wool – The Smoking Gun and How the DTCC May Have Narrowly Avoided a Tactical Nuke ( all credit to u/Daddy_Silverback )

  1. To think everything this guy figured out on his own in this short amount of time would’ve taken the SEC/DTCC/FINRA/DOJ years of investigations with millions of tax payer dollars.

  2. There would be no investigation. Do you really think the SEC doesn’t know about this already? They all collude to sweep systemic risk under the rug, and punish the people that aren’t in the inner circle for their own job security.

  3. Incredible find. I had the talk with my broker and like all the others, they said it as a simple forward split. We know it wasn’t and you just explained just how!

  4. If it weren’t for apes the SEC wouldn’t know what to do. Apes provide all info, all they have to do is act but those porn addictions are crippling them

  5. Do you think German Ape putting pressure on their Gov would help push this movement? So far they have pressured the Bank to deliver dividend shares instead of treating it as a split.

  6. SFT also have reduced clearance fees in the updated NSCC Rules $0.14 per million notional balance compared to $2.56 per million of settling value. I'm not sure how much that adds up, but could add up quick on a day to day basis.

  7. Hmmm it’s almost like I know where this original DD was posted. Better let users check it out for themselves you can find it on OP

  8. The amount of effort going into these DD posts is incredible. I really hope I never piss off the entirety of the internet like criminal Ken Griffin has.

  9. very informative, thank you. i have to assume RC and co. know this. i remember when we were meming the DTCC as the final boss... of course they are. of course. all this attention on citadel and ken griffin when the real bad guys are the ones who actually hold all the stock on the earth... you could say all this fuckery happens because of centralization and lack of transparency. where is the free market? supply and demand? not to be found here as long as these chucklefucks are allowed to devalue the entire world. how do we skip all the steps and just nuke the DTCC and the fed? im probably in the wrong place for that. drs every single share like you said. fuck them, fuck their overly complicated rules. they simply exist to hide things so they can more easily steal from working people's savings. we dont have to take any of this, and we never did. you all matter.

  10. They’re probably leaking out of their anuses a little everyday at all the DRS’ing. I’m hoping, anyways.

  11. This is one of the if not the most tit jacking DD I have read since castle of glass new game +. Fucking well done ape.

  12. This is top tier detective work… not sure how you were able to pull together this brilliant analysis but we’re lucky to have you in the community 🦍 Thanks for the wrinkles

  13. It's easy to know where this is going, GameStop has to leave the entire system and pull the trigger on the blockchain based stockmarket. I don't see any other way based on all the DD and theories we've floated here. If most of those are true, then crime really is being skirted under the rug to allow the unfree and unfair market to continue.

  14. The DTCC, SEC, and other financial terrorists keep giving more and more provable reasons for them to make the switch. How could anyone, after what has been drug up over the last 18 months, say the financial system we have now is fair? It has become obvious that the current system is rigged/designed to fuck over all except a select few who run the system. How can we ever win when they can just patently disregard the rules and suffer no consequences???

  15. So the DTCC keeps the stocks and the brokers just multiple based on blind faith? no accounting needed no requests for stocks based on Holders from the record date? Idk if I agree but if that’s true then they stole Germany shares over the weekend to prevent MOASS just like they pushed back delivery of shares to the 26th seems like crime and fuckery either way. Either they lied about needing to wait till the 26th plus Germany lied about improper processing while both needed to find leverage to multiple shares or the DTCC is lying and doesn’t want to do a count based on the 18th record date for delivery of treasury shares to prime brokers. Either way crime and fuckery pick your poison

  16. Have you ever seen the Simpsons episode where Bart is at the bank and starts asking if they really have all the money and instigates a bank run? We are at this point :)

  17. The problem is that the DTCC f’d over German apes and the regulating authority in Germany is pretty anal about details. I’m sure there are a lot of heated conversation right now along the lines of “Give our German citizens what they are entitled to!”

  18. Could we actually report this to the FBI? I'm pretty sure the FBI has a website where you can report these sort of things. I wonder what what happen if we brought all this evidence to their attention.

  19. Somebody give this ape a fucking Wendy’s dumpster coupon. This is the wrinkly ass shit I’ve been looking for to explain WHY DTCC processed as split and not stock dividend. You busted it open here, methinks

  20. Wow!!’ This is amazing and explains what I think is the smoking gun. They did this fraud to buy themselves one more day. I can’t wait until the system collapses.

  21. But we also got to consider why they won't upgrade their system to reflect the splitdividend as a code by itself. Conflict of interest. They'll sacrifice everything for liquidity.

  22. This hits the nail on the head. It is a split VIA dividend. A stock dividend wouldn’t be associated with a split under these codes. FC 06 would only be used if there was no split involved and they were simply issuing shares or dollars for every share held

  23. How do you know that this is the absolute truth? The fact that we keep hearing that the apes need to learn how to capitulate. How retail is going to destroy the market because they don't understand how things work. If they sold and bought back in at $2 dollars a share, everyone would make money when it gets to $5 dollars again. And all the FTDs, SFTs, ETFs, and whatever mechanism they use to naked short, would be swept under the rug.

  24. TL:DR, OP seems to have found supporting evidence of DTCC hand in the cookie jar, by mislabeling as forward split, allowing can kick, narrowly avoiding system catastrophe. after reading OPs words, i now realize i am truly retarded, and appreciate the company of this sub.

  25. Hedgies have another route to short our beloved GME and other stocks and the stock split via dividend by GME should have temporarily halted their ability to short via that route AND forced the closure of those transactions but because DTCC filed it as normal split, this other shorting route continues and nothing had to be closed... thus....fraud.

  26. Pretty much exactly me here too. Work amd school with whole family. I finally got a CS account and need to drs rest of my shares. My broker ain't listed on can anyone help?

  27. Wow, just wow. I had to read this extremely slowly just to understand, even after it was broken down for someone like me to understand. This totally explains why they didn't classify the stock split as a dividend. I hope you've submitted this to the proper authorities, because this is huge. This feels like the missing puzzle piece. I vaguely remember a dd about SFT's but this connects everything and explains why the dividend was a shit show. Thank you very much for writing this!

  28. This needs the largest spotlight ever. Curious what DL and especially Dr. Trimbath can add to this discussion. Also: Why is the writer of this work not allowed to post? Satori still “protecting” us from genuine apes?

  29. I'm not able to post here as I lack the 4800 Karma, although I'm no DD writer so it's not really a detriment to the big picture. I'm pretty sure the day I reach all requirements to post, the MOASS will happen. I AM the catalyst

  30. Don't expect three letter agencies to do anything. They've been wholly compromised and work against the interests of the citizens they were meant to protect.

  31. Half way through this I had to stop so that my blood didnt boil anymore. Oh the beauty of not knowing what you dont know. Just when you think it cant possibly get any shadier, it just shatters any preconception and takes this to new lows.

  32. This is disgusting, yet not surprising. With the DTCC, SEC, and MM'ers all corrupt with one another, it proves that the only way to stop this is to DRS 100% of the entire float. Locking the free float is our first step and may prove more consequential than we realize, but we have to lock every. single. share. We already know that they will clearly do everything in their artificial power to stop this from happening. Luckily for us, we just have to DRS the shares and sit back and enjoy.

  33. Great work OP. This was a very interesting read. Would love to see more wrinkle brains dive into this as I feel you and the OP who could not post are certainly on to something

  34. Honest question, is a stock split via dividend supposed to be processed as a fc-06, or would it still fall under fc-02. I think a lot of the confusion is this is a combination of both a split and dividend and no one is really sure what category it falls under.

  35. Yep. Fucking cudos to OP. But I think this is where the rabbit hole continues. GameStops corporate action was not a share dividend, it was a split VIA share dividend, so technically, the code used in the form should be the right one imho. That does of course not rule out any misconduct, it just means that this is not a 100% proof of misconduct. It means we know DTCC treated this as a stock split. Wether they treated it correctly as a stock split via dividend or incorrectly as a regular stock split, we can’t tell because there seems to be no code further differentiating stock split vs stock split via dividend.

  36. Mother of God!! This is the one!! We need this post to take off, quick stop at U/dlauer, then off to fuck hedgies and the DTCC!!

  37. Avoided nuke or not, they may have done something more dangerous to themselves. They seem to have eroded the people of the worlds will to be subjugated considerably. Regulators round the world are saying publicly this is wrong. Time to be heard stand up and say no. Then the game is over

  38. This is some of the best DD I’ve seen on here. I expect that GME is putting this exact analysis into their game plan to recall shares from the DTCC. Just gathering evidence against DTCC right now. Good things come to those who wait.

  39. Yes! See my other comments - sorry to be misleading. 1000% nothing can prevent MOASS. I simply think they avoided one possible trigger (just like we've seen countless times so far) for MOASS. The obligations are still present even if SFTs were allowed to roll so it isn't like the pressure has been reduced at all.

  40. This IS fraud, a great fraud and I don't know how you can still go on with this. I have lost my patience. there should be thousands of people in the streets manifesting against this fraud. I have completely lost any faith in the USA financial system. I won't invest a single dollar after we moass

  41. i love these long posts with diagrams and pictures and lots of words. I don't understand it but I'm sure the folks that are on the other side of GME are scared shitless that their fuckery is getting discovered little by little.

  42. Aight I’m fucking pissed. What do I need to do to submit this post to the SEC/DOJ in a way that they have to acknowledge and respond?

  43. If only we had some type of regulatory or enforcement agency to safeguard participants from fraudulent activity 🤔🤔🤔

  44. The way I see it is the government can step in and liquidate the major bad players and throw some in jail by and then let GME have a controlled run (because let's be honest, while some apes will hold for millions a share, some won't and there is a slight chance the liquidation wouldn't crash the system if they just let it run slowly) or they can continue to fuck around and find out and bring down the entire system, because the only other alternative is to lose face in front of the entire world that the global stability and currency that is the USD is actually a manipulated farce. Everyone knows it but can't prove it.

  45. These SFTs are that bullshit everyone was talking about last year when the rule was enacted right? The one everyone thought back then was proof that they were preparing for a massive market crash and would prevent freefall of stocks through these transactions and turn in into a more controlled descent. Fun times, so in a way yes, they were preparing for the MOASS, just not to pay us but instead try and prevent it. Again.

  46. My God. This is some serious big brain shit. Like, "Aren't they filled with thousands of fucking mortgages? Yes, I read them all." Big brain. I love it.

  47. They are stealing our life with these frauds. I have spent 18 months without the money they OWE me because without fraud gme stocks would have made me rich by now.

  48. reading this stuff makes me feel so small. it even makes me think of RC as small too. like the good guys can do everything right over and over, but if one greedy insecure loser prefers a short sighted mistake, then that's what we get.

  49. We're not small. Our collective DRS holdings are currently worth billions. Billionaire RC is not small either. So, poker analogy:

  50. WowowowowoW looks like I need to buy more via computer share and take my oled stock at fidelity and sell it for GME and then transfer to CS!!

  51. Anyone else wonder how someone who claims NOT to know jack shit about shit somehow has access to all the information? This post contains a ton of info that requires some knowledge of the machinations of the market to digest and then regurgitate here for all of us in a way we can comprehend.

  52. This is exactly why I tried to provide every single source possible. That way anybody can go and explore these topics themselves. I spent many hours reading countless documents to reach my current understanding and conclusion (which I have posted here). I can't even begin to explain how many hours I have spent on this over the past two years (I'm sure many of you have as well).

  53. “In my opinion, the single most important thing to do is DRS every single outstanding share and then some to finally end this.”

  54. The kicker to this stunning DD is ‘so what’? Who is going to tell the DTCC and NSCC to go back and put this right? The SEC? pfffftt….

  55. Holy shit. This was an incredible read and you made it so easy to understand!! In my opinion, this is clear evidence of manipulation and fraud from the DTCC. Have you submitted this to the DOJ or SEC? Thank you so much for sharing this, fucking amazing!

  56. Upvoting and commenting for visibility. Great job discovering this and taking the time to research this and post your findings.

  57. Is anyone surprised? It’s simple game theory superimposed onto the respective self-interests of the parties. The options are literally almost binary or 01. 0 they perform their functions within the legal allowance and they 100% go bankrupt along with the rest of the system, or 1, they engage in crime and avoid corporate destruction. Which choice do you think they made?

  58. My favorite part about the journey to MOASS is that many apes who once looked towards government with rose colored glasses and believed the three-letter-organizations were actually full of selfless-do-gooders, trying their best, but bamboozled by a congress elected by a polarized voter base can now see, and know, that gov’t is actually full of shit bags who think nothing to waste your money while congratulating themselves for doing a bad job. Then they raise your taxes.

  59. This is awesome and relatively easy to follow considering how insanely complicated it all is by design. It would really help to get the same info for Alpha split/divi to compare and contrast. Comes down to if it is a supported or unsupported corporate action as I read it. Is there anything in GameStop’s filing that state it as one or the other?

  60. As much as we know that the governing authorities dont care. I feel like this DD should be sent to them anyways, along with B-tier news outlets and maybe even international governing authorities.

  61. Yeah not only do we need to get paid by the short hedge funds, but the wrinkly apes here need to get paid by the government for doing the work of the SEC/DOJ for them.

  62. Well they will just have to process it like the company asked or should we move our shares somewhere where they will be processed correctly from now on. Sons of bitches are preventing my wedding and me building a future day by day. They will burn in hell for this but first they will burn in this life as well.

  63. Oh shit, DTCC is fucked! I hope they are ready for a $30M fine from the SEC and absolutely no other consequences!

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