HKD rug pull right on time.

  1. Lol... start the day - New reddit squeeze!......... end of day - Reddit posting about the bullshit fraud in that ticker and suspicious links to other parties. Nobody on Reddit, I assume, is investing in the scam.

  2. what's bullshit is that there weren't any stock available for shorting this disaster of a company. Nor options. Fuck those criminals.

  3. Remind yourself, the SEC wasn’t created for us, it was created as an illusory regulating system for them to do illegal things while we believe it’s for us. The SEC isn’t simply turning a blind eye to the crime, the SEC is a useful AID to the illegal activity.

  4. No. Stop. It's unrealized. It was never worth that, they never had that money, they never lost that money. Even if the trades and price were legitimate and not spoofed (they were) then it was only ever a few of the shares worth the price high. As indicated by the decline, maybe the first share sells for that. But by the hundredth you can't find anyone buying for less than half.

  5. Blatant manipulation. Not even remotely surprised. The stock market is a money machine for the rich. A carrot they dangle to the avg person. "If you study and learn, you too could make money off this thing" it's a bunch of bullshit. Winners and losers are predetermined, company performance/ fundamentals means nothing.

  6. Not like it hasn't happened a few thousand times over in the crypto markets either. Basically anywhere there's a pool of money and investors, there's potential for market manipulation. The only reason why it doesn't happen everywhere is because we have such vigilant expert regulators who... uhh, nvm.

  7. Why young man, didn’t you hear HKD is a meme stock fueled by gambling addicted social media millennials?!

  8. funny thing... the volume candles on TD Canada only add up to just over 1k shares.. but they claim over 53k have been traded in the volume section.. weird shit

  9. I thought if a stock moves more than a certain percent in 10 minutes or whatever, then it halts automatically?? Wasn’t that the deal when gme was moving

  10. ADR’s are halt free. I couldn’t tell you the technical reason behind that, but that’s what I’ve been told.

  11. anyone who put money in this deserves to have the rug pulled from under them. If I’ve learnt anything over the last few years it’s that you position yourself for the “wave”, surf it a little, then pull back. Don’t try catch it once it’s past you.

  12. Funny thing about this - if they really wanted to fleece the other sub they should have waited until option chain opened. Unless, it was used for another temporary purpose like pumping collateral on paper. because everybody would have bought puts on this disaster.

  13. It wasn't about taking your money. They purposefully tried to keep this stock quiet. They weren't looking for buyers to hold their bags. They never even owned the stock, just rights to purchase at the initial IPO price. This allowed them to pad the portfolio value as collateral to either meet margin or acquire loans.

  14. Mathematically speaking, from 13, to 1800 that's 138X increase in prices. If we were to consider what GameStop was before the big jump around 98 I think at the time. If the jump was similar then the price during that week before the price suppression would of hit about 13,569.

  15. I'm ready for the investigation court hearing into China's HKD/AMTD just like they did with GME. Right!? RIGHT?! lol

  16. Can’t believe this stock pumps to 2555 one day, and down to 975 the next day. No buy/sell restrictions. What a fucking joke

  17. What blows is that avg vol is 1.2m, today’s vol, as of 1210 est is 60,xxx and it dropped 1k a share. What a fucking joke

  18. I’m not sure I fully understand their motives for this? I’m not in the industry, I have an armchair dabbler’s grasp of the markets, I would enjoy a DD about what the hell is going on HKD, even if it’s not GME related. That said, tangentially any nefarious bullshit is related to GME I suppose.

  19. Didn't y'all here it's the next GameStop. It was the highest mentioned ticket on Reddit. Even though the volume is low and it's hedge funds selling between two parties it was obviously retail pumping up the ticker. MSM also already said how we are going to lose all our money buying in at these prices. Like WHATHEACTUALFUCK

  20. If you did, they'd just run the price up to shake you off, take your money, and use it to short gme. Best play is to ignore it and keep buying and DRSing.

  21. On the built in iOS stocks app, this morning was the first morning I saw articles about this ticker. Right on cue, they tell the masses, get ‘em hyped, boom: bag holders created

  22. Pump and Dumps are back on the menu. Mayo Man and his criminal buddies need that sweet collateral.

  23. I couldn’t get on my brokers website fast enough to buy puts on this yesterday...except there are no options. Dang!

  24. So beautiful, and hilarious options weren’t here and based on your liquidity and account minimum 25k day trading to short this which limits most retail investors. This was the biggest pump and dump for capital and it’s hilarious

  25. And news outlets are saying this is a meme stock, which GME is lumped into that category. Thus making uneducated investors steer clear from GME because apparently GameStop is an illegitimate company with zero fundamentals and value.

  26. So wild to see stocks end on the .00 , i remember seeing some people talk about those occasions. Was there anything definitive about that, as in does it mean anything?

  27. GME Investors are spot on the DD. You all deserve the infinity squeeze that your about to receive. And know Mayo man, Dtcc, Hedgies and brokers days are short.. pun intended

  28. They spin it up, boast it as retail is fueling this train, uninformed retail FOMO’s, they rug pull and steel millions from investors!

  29. And then they say: “you can trust crypto” it is to “volatile” and “it is not actually based on something” well… here you have it. The crypto market. Correction I mean stockmarket. But with the rugpulls and all does anyone still no the difference?

  30. Im not smart enough to look into this, but I would be curious if there was anything that hedge funds or banks might have needed such collateral for over the last few days?

  31. In my opinion, this is good. It give us a visual in real time of how GME will move during moass. Thanks hedgies you r fucked!

  32. Surely moves like this would get it halted for the entire day. Not just a few minutes at a time. Total. Circus. Bullshit.

  33. So glad the veil is being uncovered on a mass scale now . The fuckery has lasted WAY too long. We as humans are so gullible. This system should have been wiped out years ago but I guess we needed someone like RC to steer the ship!


  35. I saw a bunch of random fishy articles naming them the “next big meme stock.” I knew something was going to happen, so I added the stock into my tracker, and within hours there’s a $50 billion+ pump and dump! $50 BILLION in illegally gotten gains within hours. Wild.

  36. Amazing, the fraud is total!! We live in a completely fraudulent system. After MOASS I’ll leave the stock market behind me… this shit is infuriating! Scammers

  37. I'm disappointed they wouldn't let me buy puts. Everyone knew this was a scam. Seriously, how obvious could they be?!?

  38. After Gamestop I never thought I would want to see a stock shorted. Then I see this and realize how much they make off this crime and its maddening.

  39. As I thought, desperate for liquidity, just like RKT, hemp, silver and so on. Look at the chart, keeps inching higher and higher, wouldn't shock me if we hit 40+ EOW or even a sneeze.

  40. Literally don't even bother to hide the crime. Stock market has to go altogether, there is no fixing something this broken.

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