The splivigeddon saga continues! German bank reevaluated the situation and the stock dividend, that was carried out/announced after the stock-Split was reversed, is now RE-REVERSED into a normal stock split again! 😅 can’t make that shit up

  1. Broker does a stock split --> it's not a dividend, people complain --> they reverse, tries to do a dividend split --> no shares, they don't want to buy millions of shares on the market -->reverses the reverse on the stock split

  2. Man I hope RC & co release the other shares ontop of this complete cluster fuck. DRS real shares,phantom shares, no one can tell the difference and boom recall for removal off xchange. Moass. We all get rich and buy the stock on the new GMerica xchange.

  3. Been saying it a lot lately, GS really needs to shed light on this. Everyone is speculating because they've been quiet ever since.

  4. Update: Called BaFin callcenter aka. Bürgertelefon- they can’t do anything as they are an outsourced calm center. They don’t know anything about the issue at hand and aren’t allowed to help. Have to write a letter to them or a mail and they will get back to be in a few weeks (minimum).

  5. While you’re in the process of trying to get more information, also make sure to make a complaint to the government regulator that regulates the brokers in Germany. Very important, as the only institution companies truly fear is the regulator, regardless of industry. Source: I work for a government regulator.

  6. We need our German Army to push this agenda. Pressuring them to sue DTCC for real shares otherwise it’s against the law to keep retailers hostage like this.

  7. This is so fucking outrageous. Everybody pointing at everybody else. And these people are the 'pros' It's like a mirror to politics and society. Everybody's fucking things up and no one ever takes the responsibility of gets shafted anymore. Am german myself, living in Sweden. Wondering how long my shares are going to last 🦍🦍 As of now swedish brokers sure aint looking as incompetent or corrupted as their german counterparts.

  8. yes, Euroclear (the company basically between the DTCC and european brokers) looked at their incoming shares amount to give out as per Dividend split, and went like.. yeah Dave, 741 shares aint gonna cut it here... we need like a billion more..

  9. Question, how the fuck did EVERYONE seem to get it wrong? In every business I've ever worked in, every person I know and the businesses they worked in ALWAYS knew when people were watching your every move, be it a manager, or bosses boss, or the surveillance team, or the media. You might get caught off guard once, but you learn from it. You find out what went wrong, you know the signs or get someone to tell you when people are coming.

  10. What is most revealing to me is that before the split around the 18th of July, NO german broker had informed customers about the corporate action. We always get information about coming corporate actions/dividend etc. but not this time. Everyone called and wrote their banks and asked about the dividend and how it was going to be handled. Literally everyone answered: „we don’t know about anything, we have not received any information about a corporate action form GameStop“ this was one day before the split!!! They were acting shady beforehand already!!! Nobody was able to say what was coming and how it was handled they weren’t even able to state THAT there was a split/dividend happening. I now strongly believe that that was all planned ahead and they didn’t know what to say back then because they knew shit was about to hit the fan!

  11. They're not getting it wrong. They're getting it right. They're doing the best they can to survive another day, which means committing crime in broad daylight and fucking over retail. If they were competent their crime would have been more subtle, instead of this shitshow. I'd like to think it's hubris, thinking they can't be hurt by the HODL / DRS

  12. because the finger pointing and confusion is all distraction. they made the dividend disappear for a weekend to cook their books, there are no "errors" this is 100% deliberate. and they don't want you to realize and talk about it.

  13. It was their pond for over 100 years, they have no concept of society or community or accountability to anyone but each other.

  14. I love how they said LITERALLY YESTERDAY: „The company has withdrawn the planned share split.“ Now it’s a split again? Did the corporation aka GameStop change their mind again? Huh

  15. Another ape called this last Friday saying that they will just remove them from their books just for reporting end of month fuckery...

  16. I assume it was about that, too. The timing was just off. Stocks removed 10 minutes before midnight on the last accounting day of the month. Booked back into account on the 1st- removed again on the first and booked as a split again on the 2nd. Shares still not tradable aka. „Not really there“

  17. But i have to wonder. If all german shares are with this clearstream people. Then they would know the total outstanding gme shares owned in Germany. If this is true and it's a complete float then they would know about this and are commiting a crime by themselves. Naked shorting is illegal in Europe. Isn't there a possibility to ask them how many shares the hold for all the german apes? Why should that number be hidden?

  18. Hahaha exactly. Like they went all the way to the DTCC with their big empty bags and got the shares for us and than said: nah you know what, we’ll do a split. Bring those shares back to the DTCC

  19. Ya know what, they probably didnt. Most people think we are crazy and believe the system cannot be as bad as we say it is.

  20. I can’t because I can’t move the shares or sell them. They are again restricted Oh and they are in a shared account (joined depot of two people) most brokers don’t allow that

  21. Okay, why is this so complicated. Just give us 3 more shares to our 1.. where can I look to find if this has ever been so complicated before? Any tickets to look into? It seems so fuckin easy.

  22. Because those shares people own, actually don't exist. They sold shares that didn't exist in an attempt to keep shorting and artificially lowering the stock price by flooding it with fake shares. Normally, no one catches on, and the company goes bankrupt, so no one gets caught. But then the apes figured it out, bought a bunch of shares, so now all these fake shares have to be given the split, which doesn't exist.

  23. Funny. I coulda sworn form 8937 stated that the stock split would be distributed in the form of a dividend. But what do I know? I’m just dumb money.

  24. This is fucked up. Are all or most of the brokers/banks deciding to call it a normal split; “yeah we don’t care this is how it is now and suck and shut the fuk up because it is not our problem we decided not to be fuk up!!!” Ape: “but… you read the 8K by GameStop?”

  25. Have they again reversed this decision? Just curious, before I celebrate another win just for them to steal it away cause no one wants to make a real decision. Lmao

  26. Fck this shit is getting juicy. All I have to do is hold my drsd shares. While they look like complete fools while the walls fall down around them or should I say shorts 🤣🍿

  27. This is the shit show this sub has been always talking about. Whether someone likes it or not, we are actually right about almost everything

  28. DRS them before they pull it back. Its not your problem if they issue you a short after this. The brokers need to force the DTCC to distribute the dividend they were handed by the company. Let them tear each other a part.

  29. Already did. No answer but they have the info. Wrote them 3 times already. They have a whole timeline of events. A new surprise every morning when they open their mail account

  30. Ryan Cohen needs to speak. This is affecting entire countries. If they mislead and say it enough times stupid people will believe it.

  31. NEW: German finance authority BaFin urges brokers to deliver shares as a dividend while german brokers continue to say it should be handled like a regular split (their source is the DTCC).

  32. Nothing changes- they booked a split, then a divided, now the dividend is gone and it’s a split again. Because someone told them to

  33. Hang on a sec here. So, these naked shares have potentially be transferred from the SHFs to brokers all over the world? Am I understanding this correctly?

  34. You all are not wording things correctly when you were speaking to these brokerages. This is not a stock dividend. It is a stock split in the form of a dividend. So when you say stock dividend. They can say no it's not stock dividend and they're not lying. You were allowing them to manipulate you by not taking the time to even word things correctly.

  35. Michael Scott: You have no idea, the emotional toll that three re-reversals of a split, has on a person. SNIP-SNAP-SNIP

  36. They definitely couldn’t find real shares since they were late and CS probably already handed them out beforehand. Holy shit!

  37. Strangely my one german neobroker says stockdividend and so far it looks good.🤔 Also gave me a statement that it is correct like that after getting in touch with BaFin and WM.

  38. but brokers are meant to hold the underlying shares, they need a transfer in of 3 for each legitimate share cert they own.

  39. Splivigeddon Jesus this is fucking hilarious. I feel so bad the Euro-apes are getting fucked by this right now but God you have to admit it’s all so funny.

  40. The broker should have somewhere they can report this as a massive international financial crime. Maybe even financial terrorism

  41. We know 100% this was a stock split via dividend, the stock price is divided by 4 but you receive your new shares physically in the form of brand new shares instead of the original share being divided into 4. So regardless of how brokers issue it if they held the original share they will receive 3 more so where are these additional shares? There in a tizzy now because they are not receiving the dividends because they never held anything in the first place. These brokers should have shares sitting on the accounts not assigned to anyone if there issuing a standard stock split, RC needs to recall these shares from the DTCC the investors must now be protected the fuckery is now out of control its apparent they have are completely out of control

  42. In other words, the problem likely lies at the information provided to the brokers by the DTCC. Please ask the brokers to sue the DTCC for lying to them. And refer them to the official announcements and forms filled by Gamestop themselves.

  43. Someone’s going to ZERO!!!! They are stalling!!! No one wants to be left standing holding the bag when the music stops.

  44. I could studder, have palsy, a blindfold on, car in drive with no legs and still place orders at McDonald's at 10:29am better than these cucks.

  45. I just re-read the message I got for H&L (UK ape), had a couple shares that I hadn't yet DRS'd and they only mention a stock split. They don't say the word Dividend once!

  46. I'm going to start a pool on the date that CNBC can't ignore this any more, and what sort of outrageous lies they come up with to explain how it's all our fault. This is about to be a major news story.

  47. Maybe that was RC's plan all along. He knew that they would be scrambling to find shares that weren't available and rather would be pulling proper shady shit. In turn, causing us to get up in arms and making them sweat and bring it to the fore front. The plot thickens

  48. No there is nothing wrong with it…for each share you own you will get another three shares…25 shares will be 100 shares now. I think it’s just said differently in Germany

  49. Only problem is that we received the dividend before the split. 😅I had 4xshares at 150$ the first night. They distributed the dividend and then did the split. If it were a stock split in form of dividend I would’ve kept my shares at ~150 buy in and gotten 3 additional shares at 0,00 buy in = all shares at 37,5 buy in after split. But I had 4x shares at 150 buy in in the first night of distribution

  50. So this is something I'd like a clarification on. Who's on the hook here? The DTC gave wrong information, so in my mind it's them who owe brokers shares. And in turn the brokers owe shares to us investors. But considering it's the DTC who's handling this I'd assume that it's them who need to cough up the shares, right?

  51. Read between the lines and the shit that is happening.. what could have caused this? Major short selling causing the DTCC simply to not have enough shares to give out as dividend to their brokers. only solution to cover their own asses from sticking out like a purple gay lord in a KKK meeting is to simply tell all your brokers to use a simple stock split. They are as guilty as the naked short sellers!

  52. In other words, word finally got back to them that the DTCC wasn't fucking around when they told them to just multiply the shares.

  53. Not German (at least completely) and I have not seen any MSM (including Main Stream Propoganda) talk about this.

  54. I wrote several magazines including high profile ones. Send them really detailed texts and put in evidence from several brokers. They don’t seem to care

  55. I do and I don't understand the problem here!?! Like of course there is fuckery. But like, gs said it's a split via dividend, just fucking do it. There is no room for discussion or opinions or what ever. TSLA had a split via dividend, that was fine. Just follow gs wishes for the stock?? This might be the start of gmes removal from the traditional market

  56. Two UNO reverse cards back-to-back? Either somebody is cheating, or they don’t know how to play the game properly.

  57. This is like ordering a country fried steak at a restaurant and they bring out a chicken fried chicken instead.

  58. Split or dividend. I don’t care. I got my additional shares finally in my account and you can bet that these will be moved asap.

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