Could this be real? Trust me bro comment… in our loved coin subreddit

  1. Kinda weird. I mean he could just use that 5k and the rest of his net worth to buy loopring himself. Or have his spouse buy it a la pelosi

  2. Does anyone know why matic isn't a serious competitor in this space? I know zilch about blockchain, but I was reading about their own zk2 ETH implementation

  3. Guy heavily insinuates he apparently works for TikTok ("the people who dance in the middle of the street because of us", "we definitely get a lot of views") and is basically saying TikTok will announce their new money transfer network later this year - Loopring L2.

  4. There was a post in subreddit loopring, the account got deleted immediately.The title was or is: „Well screw it. Brig secret reveal time“

  5. Remember when we thought there was a problem with the GameStop/LRC partnership and some people speculated it was because LRC had ties to China? Or maybe it was a buyout of LRC but they were already tied to China??

  6. In case anybody doubts a dude would get fired over a stolen laptop, I can confirm this is a thing. I work in healthcare on the insurance side, so we deal with financial data as well as HIPPA protected data.

  7. This right here seems fishy to me, anyone that knows anything about security on a computer would at minimum encrypt their hard drive.

  8. For the most part, anything loopring related is GME related. Loopring goes boom, loopring makes the news, loopring becomes a powerhouse, “oh shit GameStop is partnered with this powerhouse?!?” GameStop booms. Idk that’s how I look at it.

  9. Gotta be fake. This dude wouldn't essentially doxx himself to his employer. Loopring is very much active on social media, so very likely that they see this in no time and find out the name of the employee.

  10. This just doesn't wash. Encryption is a thing, rendering lost or stolen laptops essentially worthless. From a network security perspective, you can just blacklist the device. Not sure why losing the laptop would be grounds for flushing your career (and future prospects) down the toilet by essentially doxxing yourself to your employer on reddit, that is unless he's one of us then the answer is obvious (he's retarded).

  11. Might be why Byron said there was a delay in the upcoming quarterly report? He mentioned something about waiting on a 3rd party (partner?) to be able to release the report

  12. This has probably more validity than any of RC’s cryptic tweets. TikTok has a gift giving feature in their live streams. It’s hardly a stretch for TikTok to want to utilize that feature as a way for users to tip their favorite streamers directly and make a cut off of it rather than live off of advertising funds like insta Facebook or YouTube.

  13. I found someone, who want to talk about this topic because he/she got some information. The person have not enough karma, how can we solve this problem? Can anyone help? Mods? How do i contact mods?

  14. Just post for his or her behalf, and shout out the username in the post so that they can get upvotes

  15. Good if you're an investor. But the majority of people outside of crypto have a negative view of crypto, don't know how beneficial this would be

  16. All posts like this you take with a grain of salt. Anytime you see a trust me bro post, you make a mental note and move on. I don’t seek to verify it or discredit it. It is what it is. Later on, it will either prove itself true, false, or inconsequential. Sometimes what the person says has. Verbiage that lends towards truth or lie. That’s about all you can do with this stuff.

  17. Wait a min…. Are we missing the point??? Didn’t RC visit Culver City early on and take a selfie with customers in a gme store where he gave them merch?? Didn’t RC recently tweet “I love China” or something like that? Isn’t that stupid ass app from China? Maybe I’m crazy but it seems like some kind of connection.

  18. Rc is my dad, i know matt from my childhood went to school together, and ken Griffin is my uncle hes a BILLIONAIRE.. BRAH STFU ON ALL THESE STUPID TRUST ME BRO CRAP!!!!

  19. Even if this is true, there's no way Loopring has a marketing set-up that could even remotely capitalise on such a game changing concept like this and actually turn LRC holders into millionaires.

  20. How do you “make money” off loopring? I’m very new to all this. Is it just a coin like E(t)h that you buy? Or what? I just want to make sure I get in on it now like the original commenter mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  21. Do you have a GameStop wallet? I think you can buy LRC direct from the wallet now. If not, connect a GameStop wallet to and you can buy or trade for it.

  22. Lol if it’s a post about Loopring the timeline of saying wait without any evidence seems par for the course

  23. Will any of this benefit someone just holding stock in a broker? I can't afford to buy more GME until later this year and my shares are stuck in an etoro account. I basically can't do anything with them except wait to sell when the price is right.

  24. seems to me the guy lost a laptop and that will cause him to get fired (second one he lost). He offered 5k to anyone in exchange for his laptop. looks like that didnt go well, so he got drunk.

  25. This is dumb lol. Either he’s right and it’s non public info and now the sec might be upset and call LRC a security (which it is imo), or he’s wrong and the post is still dumb

  26. Is he saying he works for GS and they’re going to be having a money transfer function EOY via LR L2? This with the subdomain warms the cockles of my trust me bro ballsack.

  27. I don't think he works for gamestop --- trying to understand the "people hate us" / "dance in the street" aspect of the trust me bro drunken ramblins

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