Missing 2021 Swaps Now Up on CFTC Website? Need Eyes!!!!

  1. My thoughts on this: If they have a given a free pass to everyone I would say these numbers are incomplete. The ones with no issues will report and the ones with much to hide donโ€™t need to as per the cftc curtain.

  2. Please Google notional value. It's what the options represent in value not how much cash someone has or is actually betting. Remember options provide extreme leverage.

  3. I could find only one type of swap in the historical CFTC reporting data for GME. Multiple portfolio swaps were opened almost daily, each with an amount less than 500k, they expire in 2026-10-16, with daily payouts, but only position openings and it adds up. I checked the reporting data after (not just CFTC but also SEC reporting data), and it does not seem that these swaps were terminated early, probably they are still active. In total more than 1.5 million USD, and a notional quantity of 697k.

  4. Lmao youโ€™ve driven anyone who could look at this out with your bizarre anti-options and cult sentiments.

  5. Is this Gherks alt account? And you think being a big proponent of DRS is spreading a cult sentiment? Every single time options get brought up, there's a date floated around that ends up with the day closing at max pain. You're getting rugged, instead of gambling maybe start contributing to taking this company private?

  6. Thanks fren, my dumbass dont know how to script but i know how to weaponize my autism, i downloaded all by manually clicking every available report one by one before i even dive into the shit. Good find, thanks!

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