Anyone Playing the MegaMillions? 💰💰💰

  1. Quick, anyone have the current cost needed to buy the remaining float? Winning the lottery and then buying the remaining GME to kick off MOASS I think would literally break the media.

  2. I’m throwing my hat in the ring and after figuring out what’s needed to file a 13f will definitely be investing the majority into GME to help apes everywhere!! If any of you apes are lucky enough make sure to get yourself a financial attorney and maybe convert the slimiest financial advisor to turn on his company and help you… gonna be a lot of hoops to jump through with that much money and investment.. don’t want you getting fucked by the government because you tried doing it yourself!! NFA but highly recommended research topics!!

  3. Not sure if this is still a thing but if you download Jackpocket and use promo JERRY, you’ll get a free ticket. I did last draw and it worked.

  4. I feel like even if someone was to invest that much, we still wouldn’t moass cuz the powers that be will find someway to kick the can like they have been.

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