Computershare New High Score Winner!! 2022-07-26

  1. I have never want to ask the question about the missing digit. Thanks for educ. I grew a wrinkle today.. have been lost for a year. Hahahaha.

  2. Found the high score bot command stopfuckingwithme was using. Not sure if it’s still working

  3. The real question is how many superstonk members are actual people (not bots or shills)? If we could figure that out then all that are left are lazy or don’t think they matter

  4. Still blows my mind that there is that small a percentage of CS Accounts percentage wise vs members in this subreddit. I get bots and everything but if the split has shown us anything, people are still not DRSing their shares. Crazy.

  5. It’s true some people still aren’t DRSing but 174,000 people doing something is worth taking seriously. More is better and it will happen but considering this really didn’t take off until about 10 months ago having that many rando investors on the Internet breaking new territory every day is pretty impressive.

  6. You know someone out there has been tasked to model how many days/months/years they have until it’s game over, compared to how much they can milk fuckery, to see if they can survive… lmao. You got a PhD in math and physics for that, my dude? 1+1 = 2… fite me.

  7. It's crazy that less than 20% of SS users have DRS'd. (NOTE: I am assuming some DRS'ers are from other sites and not on SS.) If all SS users would DRS at least a few shares, that would push us all toward our common goal (MOASS!) significantly. Come on folks!! Do your DD, and if you agree with the research, DRS some shares and let's light-off this rocket!

  8. The fact that Computershare lives in the 15th Century and senda all the info by physisical mail is what stops some ofbus foreign apes yo DRS, and yes I knownit is possible but no I don't want tonyave My shares un the limbo Ford 45 days ñ, no thanks

  9. Can you delete the % of superstonk? This is not a relevant metric. It always just turns into “why haven’t more people DRS’d” “because bots”. Every time.

  10. I actually kind of like the % of SS. Yes there’s a lot of bots or duplicate accounts, etc., but it’s also not just people on this sub that are DRSing. There’s probably plenty of people out there that have DRS’ed that either aren’t subscribed, or have no idea about this sub, so that probably balances it all out. (I’m actually not subbed to SS. There’s just so many posts here that it would clog up my feed. I do have the sub favorited and visit it multiple times a day though).

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