Pre-market run tomorrow?

  1. With so many hype dates come and gone it doesn't even hurt anymore. I stay hyped all day everyday now and look forward to the next big date. We have never been closer then we are today. Let's fucking go baby !!!

  2. I love these posts. Not “MOASS tomorrow” trust me bros, or any trust me bro based on magic numbers and “tweet analysis,” but a trust me bro with juuuuust enough real data to seem viable? Fuck yeah. Sign me up OP

  3. Exactly, 300k shares will be available to borrow right before market open and the interest rate will even drop ! We need over 10 millions in volume and even more to get a significant increase …

  4. Oh yeah, not holding my breath. But if it does, it does. If it don't, fuck ftd's, i'm never batting an eye at that shit again!!

  5. I have been running on hopium that we perform like we did July 20th of last year. Closing strong going into split day would jack my tits so hard.

  6. Triple bottom wedge formed and broke out today! Do I know what that means? Absolutely not. I am a triple bottom though for my wife’s 3 boyfriends. Simulation confirmed.

  7. Like 2 months of DD after failed opex runs. A holiday after the opex friday allows them to kick the can another month.

  8. smaller funds wont be able to hold short positions through the split, i would expect a run thursday or friday off that alone

  9. The crazy thing is even the reported short interest is 20%+. That’s more than VW during their squeeze and Tesla during their stock divvy run and prolonged squeeze. Even without considering all the naked shorts (yeah) out there we are primed for a huge run. Hedgies are so Fukt

  10. Friday morning is when the stock price with be 25% of what it is at close the night before, right? Or is it Monday morning that price changed?

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  12. Used to have this problem, then I learned the patented wipe til its clean method. Being Ape makes this extra hard to follow through on, urge to fling shit is real.

  13. No, but I ate ghost pepper beef jerky earlier so its definitely burning rn and my insides feel like liquid magma

  14. THRUST ME BRO. I’m all for hype but y’all need to stop karma whoring nonsense like this and the CrItIcAl MaRgIn LiNe bs.

  15. I wish these kind of posts had automatic follow ups, where Reddit would remove all the karma after the prediction doesn’t come to fruition.

  16. Cool, but I can't bring myself to believe moass is going to start by some glitchy technicality, like an FTD date or random margin call. This is too big, and even if it means all of wall street has to conspire to make it happen, if there is ANY means by which moass will be delayed - legal or illegal, in the dark or in full public view - if by any possible means, moass may be delayed, it will be. When there is an unavoidable "mechanical" reason that shorts absolutely MUST close, and all shares MUST be located, that is what will trigger moass. Not some stupid technicality that mere finance can fix.

  17. Orders have to be placed by market open, so they can print later in the day because they were placed in dark pools. So it doesn’t have to run premarket, it can start running anytime after market open.

  18. That's when RC and insiders bought in, so likely not bc of Opex, which is what OP comment is saying. Seems like RC and co bought in strategically to force hedgies' hands, otherwise we might have seen a lot lower numbers in March. That's my understanding, at least.

  19. So maybe that's why during the earnings call thingy they were asked? About the split and they said something along the lines of "we will see and if the market conditions are right than we will consider it"

  20. Seen posts like these countless of times before. And every single one of their predictions didn't happen. Add this post to the garbage

  21. I wouldn't even say I'm cautiously optimistic at this point. I expect nothing this week or next. I will just hold and continue to pick spots to increase my position.

  22. I would also recommend reading these posts as they've predicted what would likely happen around this time (and they did with the OPEX dates and splivi).

  23. I don't want to cause a fuss because this is really proof of nothing but every other time I checked GME on the app today I was greeted with this... (

  24. Love the idea and the hype, but in my 10 weeks trading experience I've never seen the OPEX theories come true. Anyway, hopefully this time we fly, there were truly lots of FTDs in June.

  25. It kinda feels like we’re on the attack now rather than the defensive footing, and you bet your last fuckin dollar this attack is gonna be ravenous

  26. Pi-Fi said orders have to be placed in the premarket. They don’t have to hit the lit market right away so it could be later in the day if we run.

  27. I've literally never seen a post on the front that actually predicted price action correctly, so we're red or crabbing tomorrow. Doesn't matter till MOASS.

  28. This explains all of the desperate trust me bro FUD to get people to wait on potential purchases.

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