I'm pretty sure it is about time we report SEC to DOJ

  1. Watch/rewatch the episode of The Problem with Jon Stewart, not only is the SEC toothless but Gary Gensler seems to be defending Wall Street rather than regulating them. The rules don’t matter and the entire system is corrupt.

  2. Gensler's net worth is over $40M, yet he's asking people to donate for a coffee fund. Dude's a clown. I wanted to give him a chance but his limp action has been clear

  3. GG is so full of shit in that episode. And Stewart is giving him an easy time. The entire episode was a missed opportunity, it lacked teeth.

  4. I get told by friends and family that I'm a mind reader. I don't know how I do it, but I can just sometimes see and feel what's going on behind somebody's eyes and when I saw that Gensler interview I got chills (Honestly, I don't think any special gift was needed to see it). I was like holy shit he's one of them. He's in their pocket or he was installed by them. He's in on it. And what I felt was that the way he covers his lying intentions and masks them in his micro expressions is he sort of doesn't listen to the questions with his emotions. He shunts them off and sort of only listens with just his speech conciousness. Like a sleeping dolphin shutting parts of his brain down to maintain an even, canned front. It was a fucking bizarre experience. Like watching some miserly evil hairy potter character. Who's been running interference for the bad guys for eons.

  5. Commissioner Crenshaw said it wasnt good for the market or retail and that gg has tools available to address alot of retail concerns but will not use them. Instead adds this and has done nothing to bolster the current system.

  6. Most likely. Take a look at any branch of the government and tell me you don't see corruption everywhere. We are focused on this little bit but zoom in on some other shit. It's all fucked, it's all rigged.

  7. I think DOJ folks are more likely to have a boner for justice, whereas SEC folks are just doing an internship for a Wall St job.

  8. Also just as important to try to vote out anyone who gets donations from Kenny/Citadel since they are the ones who appoint the people constantly screwing us. Who cares about party, just get the bloody trash out America.

  9. lol no one is coming to save us, just keep the course, if we lock the float they are absolutely fucked, RC is the only person we can really trust out of all of this, every regulatory body is either actively helping SHF or their silence shows that they are complicit

  10. Yeah, if anyone really believes that the DOJ has no idea or needs more evidence then that person needs their head checked. They’re all in bed together, wake fucking the hell up people!

  11. Report the SEC to your local pizzeria. They’ll prolly give you a coupon of some sort. DOJ will not give you a coupon. Pizza>DOJ

  12. I work in natural resource extraction (trying to be a good person in a bad place) and self-regulation is all over the place here. It's often called "Professional Reliance" by the government, so that they don't have to get involved and actually, well, govern the landbase.

  13. I'm not sure if complicit is the right word. In creating/allowing single stock ETFs I would say they are a collaborator on the crime.

  14. You honestly think they give two shits?! We can’t even get them to release names on Epstein s list. Same motherfuckers that control the money

  15. It wouldn't matter, stop pretending like there are parts of the system that still work, it's all corrupt as fuck.

  16. Wall Street does not have a lot of money; they have all of the money. If you can buy the SEC, you can buy the DOJ. If you can pay your way out of court, you can buy a judge, too. If you can "donate" to and "lobby" politicians, you can buy yourself some laws.

  17. So the DOJ can swing their big balls and arrest the people criminally responsible like they did in 2008? oh nevermind, it was ignored with no repercussions except for one low level banker and not even any corrective actions to the market systems.

  18. Follow what Dr T said, never again put your money into WS in buying stocks, thats all ponzi scam to take retailers money

  19. I’ve now invested every spare penny in the ‘meme’ stocks, I’ve got one last proper investment that was researched and played with proper DD, however, I’ve now lost all confidence in the ‘free’ market and will now liquidate that asset into GME. For all and one, I’ll never play in this game again until reform and transparency. I’m an ape and I’m proud. Valhalla brothers, till the end.

  20. They're all corrupt. There's not a single Govt agency that isn't tainted with greed, corruption and payoffs.

  21. DOJ won't do shit till someone needs to be the scapegoat for the facilitating of decades of crime, the country runs on remaining the world's reserve currency not morality and ethics unfortunately.

  22. They are all complicit....if someone was going to do something about it then it would have been done already, now we just got to wait for Papa to initiate launch

  23. I thought apes were smarter than this. Everyone is complicit ape, the DOJ isn’t coming to save us, Congress isn’t coming to save us, the whitehouse isn’t coming to save us. The white knight Gary Gensler isn’t coming to save us. All have been put into power for one purpose and one purpose only. The illusion of choice, the illusion of fair and free markets. The system is designed to defraud us. Guess what? Every last one of them is in on it, all of them.

  24. When shit hits the fan I won't feel sorry for them, they are trying to control the people and the people won't allow it anymore no place on earth these fucks will be able to hide

  25. theyre the same meme - where are you? goes up all the way to potus - still not done - goes all the way up to WEF

  26. The SEC is not just complicit. They are actively collaborating with SHF’s and MM in a partnership against retail. Oh, and fuck you Gary Gensler.

  27. do you seriously still believe, they give a single shit about law and rights, and DOJ would do shit? This isn't a fair world, there is no justice. JUST BUY DRS HODL, so that they dig their graves.

  28. I mean, Rome is out hunting for their politicians right now, and German and Norwegian farmers are also out en masse. The US is next:

  29. Nothing is going to force their hand until the people begin to revolt. Even then, there's no guarantee of change. The cowards in control want nothing more than to bring citizens to their knees so they can enslave every aspect of our lives.

  30. They are literally using every ETF known by man to short GME as it is. Maybe they are trying to get rid of all these ETFs being used as basket swaps. Wouldn’t a single stick ETF be better than all these baskets that they are able to hide all their crime?

  31. And when the DOJ does nothing, where do we go then? And after that? I could go on to infinity. Government organizations inherently pander to the highest bidder and the highest bidder only, and that isn't us yet. They have no incentive to lift a finger for us.

  32. Yeah. Good luck with that. If you think anyone in government is coming anywhere near this to “right the wrongs” share some of your drugs, they must be good. Ask yourself this, whose money do you think besides hf’s are tied up in this and goes Buh-bai with hf’s money when/if shit hits the fan? My point, not a soul with a .gov e-mail is coming to fix this. DRS. End of story.

  33. Well, it's not too hard to write them. Then at least we'll have tried and they'll have failed, which will give us a reason to try other options.

  34. Can we, the people, sue the SEC? I mean they aren’t doing their job, which they claim is to “protect retail”. So I saw we get Wes back in here and sue the SEC.

  35. Why criminals are allowing self-regulating? Wouldn’t it be bother everyone. Justice is blind, can’t see shit

  36. 👆🏾! Don’t know who downvoted the truth. They are corrupt. From the letter agencies to the elected officials. They aren’t going to do 💩. 🤣

  37. I agree OP. I think we need to get this information in front of the few members in Congress willing to stand up to Wall St too, Sanders, Warren etc. We're so deep into this now and the DD has made us gain so many wrinkles that we don't even realize how no one else is aware of all the multi levels of crime going on. We need to organize, get some apes with good writing skills onboard, ask some of our experts for help clarifying things (Dr T, dlauer etc). I'm happy to help please let me know if this is something you would help coordinate

  38. I don't mean to be that guy, but could you please point out who has listed a single stock ETF for GME?

  39. I think we are going to need individual state attorney generals and governors to step in and prosecute. The DOJ is as complicit and corrupt as the SEC (not football you fellow southern freaks!).

  40. Financial sector self regulates, the police self regulate…fuggit, they bring me into court for something, “your most prestigious, I actually self regulate, good day to you.” And flip my yellow Mario cape at them and walk out!

  41. Hello DOJ, I’m writing to file a complaint against the SEC for writing rules that make their shenanigans legal. This makes a lot of sense now that I am reporting them for doing legal things. Nothing is wrong. I withdraw.

  42. For the record, i upvoted this: Howevah, what if this was a way for SEC to satisfy apes, and placate SHFs? Byyyy...offering up a new bag holder to alleviate some of SHFs short position: GMEQ buyers. Apes win, SHFs cut loses, new bag holder loses everything.

  43. Lol! Who do you think owns the DOJ? No government agency gives a shit. At all. Zero fucks given from any of them. The only possible thing I was personally considering was the CFPB. But then I again realized, oh that's right, it's a government agency. We're on our own.

  44. Shit… let’s report them to the Better Business Bureau for fucking over their customers! SEC sucks hedge dicks. 🤡s

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