How can can improve their market place? Post your ideas!

  1. I got a response back from Kyle R. at GameStop within an hour of submitting these, thanking me for the input and that they have been forwarded to the appropriate team and that they hope that these changes can be rolled out in the near future.

  2. should be able to buy with ETH or LRC and allow prices to be displayed in your preferred format. This would allow the apes to hold their value in LRC tokens and not swap between ETH and LRC to make purchases.

  3. That would be nice, but comes with a cost unless GameStop is market making. Individual creators would definitely need to opt in.

  4. When you filter and select a NFT, then go back to the explore you have to reselect the filter every time, it shouldn’t it should still keep my filter applied unless if I open a new page or hit a reset button

  5. Same with selecting anything from the dropdown besides "Default" and then refreshing the page. Should save my dropdown selection if im just refreshing

  6. One should be allowed to use GameStop giftcards to load the GameStop wallet. This would allow so many more people to quickly authenticate and have dollars to buy (Ramp and Wyre are funky at best requiring extra levels of authentication).

  7. Yeah filtering and hitting apply doesn't close the menu. You have to click x not knowing that it actually filtered or not. Somebody didn't give a f*ck about user experience.

  8. They should allow a quick view when browsing and then allow a purchase from that view. It’s related to the issues with filters not saving and also if you scrolled that’s gone too.

  9. Well my loopring wallet won't connect anymore..I wonder if it's my phone though...I have serious problems with alott of apps working with my galaxy fold 3

  10. Hold the lawmakers in your country that infringe upon your freedoms to account. Let them know that buying & selling NFTs is your decision and shouldnt be so difficult to do.

  11. I would like to be able to sort/filter by rarity. For example... list items from 1/1 (or 1 available out of 1) followed by items with 246/500

  12. The NFT marketplace and either ramp or wyre need to get a NY bitlicense so people in NY can fund their gamestop wallet and buy stuff.

  13. Notification of sales and tracking sales. I put up an NFT for .01 more than I paid, just to see how it worked. If I hadn't gone looking at my collection, I'd never have known it was gone.

  14. Provide more information on the creators so you can feel a greater connection to the people who are creating the NFT’s

  15. How bout when we view the art/ etf and then you want return to the list page, can we have the scroll stays where you are instead of having to start at the top of each page again.

  16. Actually have the option to select buy now only. The price filter is ok but we need to be able to only see items for sale as well.

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