Remember when we weren't supposed to share what our GME share positions were?

  1. There are more posts complaining about there being too many posts about BBBY than there are actual posts about BBBY. We remove posts that solely discuss other tickers and meme stocks. With BBBY given the RC buy if someone effectively frames their discussion around GME we leave the post up unless it breaks another rule or has a very negative QVbot score.

  2. Remember when superstonk was raising money to buy toys for children over Christmas? Same argument with people crying it was delaying MOASS and taking away money from ‘the cause’. GME is inevitable, let people do what they want with their money.

  3. I was one of those that complained about the Christmas giveaway. Looking back at it now, I realized how silly I was during that festive holiday. Desperation stinks and makes people a little koo-koo for coco puffs. This year, I plan on joining Superstonk's toy drive to make up for last year.

  4. This hyperattachment syndrome is a part of being a redditor. The easiest thing in the world to do, especially when you have just enough wrinkles to know better, is to shut down to incoming information to sate our confirmation bias. The hardest thing is to shove a banana straight up that confirmation bias and sit atop our hoard of knowledge: confident in our data as much as our convictions. Those wrinkles try to fool you into thinking it feels good to shut out competition. Don't let them. We got here because wrinkles multiply under scrutiny and testing.

  5. Um not a Billion dollar investor like RC so ima pass on other tickers. I do have some and I mean some LRC and ETH on my GME wallet. I'm a gamer who loves my childhood company.

  6. The point is that you're choosing to pass. You're making an independant financial decision based on your specific needs and desires.

  7. Is there any sauce on a bcg consulting connection? I personally think the connection is through Bozo and RC is doing a spotlight with his purchase. If its the same scenario as gme, toys, radio, block on and on its just another proof. Its also the next hit on amazons market share. If you take all the things sold between chewy, GS and BB&B it guts amazon IMO.

  8. This sub has rules about only talking about GME… yet by not enforcing those rules too strictly we have uncovered marketwide corruption. Now anything loosy tied to GME corruption is allowed here.

  9. Because this is a fucking GAMESTOP SUBREDDIT. go elsewhere to shill bbby, not saying you specifically but we’re halfway to locking the floor why are so many people trying to change targets now?

  10. Remember when viral posts spammed the sub every day convincing everyone to stop leaving open limit orders? And everyone just blindly followed it without considering the fact that it gave SHF full control of the order book without having to work around all our $420, $69,000 etc. limit orders? Yeah. And then all of the sudden volatility disappeared?

  11. There has been lots of information around basket swaps and the everything short. People screaming there is no DD either are new or lazy and haven’t tried searching. RC wrote a letter to the board of bbby similar to how he approached gme. RC removed two BCG consultants from the board of both gme and bbby. RC holds ~10% stake in both companies. RC wants to spin off buy buy baby most likely to gme or gmerica. RC got both CEO replaced at bbby and gme. Don’t tell me there isn’t a fucking connection go read. I for one am all in on both and LRC and IMX I trust him over any other person with my money.

  12. I think “pillow fights and 60s music” tweet from RC is about BBBY and Koss. Also RC bought it at triple its current price and that guy isn’t a loser. So I threw a rack on each of em.

  13. Bbb y has its own sub, why the need for it to be all over this one? If there’s DD then by all means post it over there. This sub is for GME


  15. If you buy shower stock, aren’t you buying synthetic shares or IOUs? Because buyers aren’t DRS’ing their shower stock shares (from what I’ve seen) isn’t that helping SHF? They don’t go thru lit exchanges…FOR me DRS GME over EVERYTHING

  16. I, for one, think this breaks the rules. GME and GME-centric stuff only. Regardless of whether you have any kind of point or not. Just saying.

  17. It’s legit annoying af how many people are like it’s FUD to talk about BBBY. There’s already been DD that suggest GME and BBBY are in the same short basket.

  18. I'm with you. BBBY is GME related news. Well under the umbrella of this sub. Unfortunately I think a lot of actual apes were convinced to narrow their focus from global market manipulation to "tHiS iS a gMe sUb"

  19. The potential spin off of BBBY's online business and potential acquisition by GME were discussed here. I feel these (and other) discussions are worth keeping in the "related to GME" sphere.

  20. I’ve never shared my position because I’ve nerve felt the need to. There are others like me. We accumulate and DRS. Our totals are not insignificant.

  21. Knowing how much retail owns has never been important. We will lock the float, how does it help us to know when it will happen? (It would be nice to know though)

  22. How would it not have been tremendously useful to know if this sub held say 100% of the float or 200% in brokerage accounts? I'm surprised it's still the rule to not allow brokerage account holdings, especially for apes who've DRS'd their non retirement account shares. We could figure out what % of this subs shares have been DRS'd. Why don't we allow it? It was decided long ago in a situation not dissimilar to this one where enough voices seemed to be a uniform voice.

  23. I'm torn on this. Yes the other sub is smaller, but how hard is it for people to join that sub as well? It's literally just clicking a button.

  24. Because it is directly related to GME and we are trying not to be an echo chamber. No one is saying buy BBBY. Just 50 posts complaining about post about the BBBY connection.

  25. Just to add to the mix, I remember when they tried to ban chat of the zombie stocks here - and they have been blowing up too.

  26. I always enjoy watching the cycle on this sub. New topic is introduced, topic is deemed a conspiracy/FUD, topic being deemed a conspiracy/FUD is actually the real conspiracy/FUD, repeat

  27. The thought on not sharing positions was that we didn't want to give SHFs the ability to scrape data and catalog us...the less they know for sure the better. I still think that's a good idea...if RC has taught us nothing else it's that you don't show your cards

  28. true fact: mods of this board and admins of this platform have been against apes from the beginning. Just lookup runic hellfire around here. This place has been a data mini g honey pot filled with shills from the beginning. Take everything with a grain of salt. Also, don't forget they banned the words: infinity pool and MOASS. Tells you plenty what side they are on.

  29. I’m guessing RC is using his bathtub stock to hedge against something else. I don’t have the gameplan, so i stick to GME DRS.

  30. The urgency is what gets me too. BedBath is at all time lows, with a market cap of just $400m. That is criminally undervalued nomatter how you look at it. The day RC bought in the price was $30, now it's $4.50 and people tell you to look away!

  31. You literally didn't read what I wrote about why splitting it off could potentially be an act of shilling... But keep repeating arguments that add nothing to the discussion.

  32. Man..I’m fuckin broker than broke right now…I’m so deep in GME my balls are covered. I follow everything here. I bought some baby the day after RC did…now it’s at a 1/4 what it was when I first bought, down 75%!!! And I’m fuckin broke..I shouldn’t be investing anything, yet when I see baby under $5…yah I can get one more. It looks beautiful with my GME and idgaf what anyone here says. I’m an individual investor who believes wholeheartedly in GME, and my chairman. You can tell me to fuck off for following one of the best investors of our time..I’m sure Buffett had his naysayers in his early years

  33. This is not a rational claim you know. It’s mostly other REAL forum members attacking the loud BBBY people. Just because that’s happening doesnt mean that BBBY is a good investment. Remember popcorn? That’s their logic… “omg they dont want us to invest, they are silencing us, so we must be right” it doesn’t work that way…

  34. Not saying it is a good investment, no where did I advocate a position on BBBY. I'm saying it shouldn't be banned which is one of the URGENT calls to action. Doesn't that seem out of scale to you?

  35. Ok imma put this out for thought. If you google Kroger power up rewards it has a game controller logo and you can get some cool gamer stuff. ADDITIONALLY BBBY items for purchasing are also available through Kroger. Kroger is #1 grocer in USA. So Gamestop and Kroger and Bed bath and beyond could be foundation for GMErica! I live in Florida Kroger is opening a few locations and has delivery service. I dont know anything, no wrinkles in this brain! But I respect RC and he has an ingenious plan. I do trust my instincts and this all lines up. NFA BUY HODL DRS and always google that shit! Something to it, I dont know what. I feel it in my ape bones.

  36. There is only 1 true Superstonk and that is GME. Regardless of RC buying this sub should be solely GME. If people want only BBBY info/DD/Discussion they can always join that sub.

  37. This is a subreddit for gme. It's as simple as that. In a year you'll all be saying what you say now about 🍿. mods, please don't allow this. It will make the focus split.

  38. Only dd i needed to pick up some shares was RC buying in, let’s not forget his average is about $15 a share, he’s gotta have something planned for the company and it’s cheap to get in, nothing wrong with it imo

  39. You are stating I'm making an argument for buying BBBY. I have not. I've made what I feel are compelling arguments for why News and DD for BBBY should remain.

  40. The people saying there’s no DD obviously haven’t read the GME DD. Loads of the best DD talks about basket swaps, retail ETFs and Everything Short. I’ve also seen people saying we can’t just follow RC because now we’re a cult?!? Either you’re new or a complete shill. There’s no GME play without RC. IMHO this sub is at best 400k apes. Just like the original sub that went from 1 million- 10 million. We’re full of shills attempting to shape the narrative, just like MSM.

  41. we need to figure something out. I originally got into this because the buy button was shut off. It seems no matter what this government and their friends will cheat anyways possible, and I'm getting tired of this and just want to fuck off in the woods

  42. no, its the sub you are posting to says its strictly GME... you are going against the very reason the sub was made, and complaining you're being oppressed.

  43. I agree that we need to look into everything, including BBBY. It's amazing that we had almost a full week of people looking at a MAILBOX for a hedge fund we never heard of (Glacier or something like that), but we're protesting a stock that RC bought into.

  44. FUCK feeling bad. I have less than a very large portion of you probably. Fuck it I’ll buy another tomorrow

  45. I don’t think it’s FUD, it’s just individual investors looking at other plays that have deep fucking value and making other apes aware. We once talking about how GameStop is trying to complete with Amazon once we saw GameStop start selling more things (tvs, other electronics, etc). If you think about it, with BBBY cohen can also cover the other household items sold on Amazon. Yes I own XXXX GME and I DRS’d all my brokerage shares, but there comes a time for me personally where I look at other plays that are connected to the big picture. I own BBBY shares and leaps now and plan on buying much more. It has a small float like GME and BBBY apes are DRS’ing their shares at a fast rate. I mean $500 can get you over 100 shares right now for a stock that was $30 a few months ago. Also, we know BBBY is a basket stock so if they start locking up that float it has to put pressure on the SHFs. Either way, they have to spread the word somehow and somewhere like we did with GME on UUSB in the beginning. Like I said, this looks like a DFV play and if daddy believes in it, so do it.

  46. DRS is allowed because it's locked and the numbers are released in quarterly update of DRS. Broker positions aren't allowed still

  47. When DRS first started rolling there was substantial debate over whether the number of shares should be allowed to be posted and even if posting about DRSing was forum sliding (for weeks at least).

  48. FWIW, all the financial headlines the last few days are preaching the impending demise of B B B y, that alone tells me they do NOT want anyone buying it..... 🤔

  49. Yeah I’m seeing a resurgence of the willing ignorance of some apes. They forgot not caring and not looking is how the market got so fucked in the first place. Every time a argument comes up trying to ban a related subject it’s cause either some peoples can’t be mature or some echo “the dd is done” or “tHiS sUb iS oNly GME” despite us literally looking into partner companies like loop and immutable X or us looking into crypto , tracking planes, Chinese bonds , DTCC filings. This situation is bigger then any of us can imagine it’s literally a empire built on lies and pretending GME is no connected to any of it is the same attitude that lets them get away with it.

  50. Nah. Bullshit. This is a GME sub. It's not suspicious that people don't want forum sliding about BBBY. Wouldn't it be crazy is BBBY had it's own sub... wow that would be wild.

  51. It's been rising at a consistent clip and I expect that to continue, if it changes then yes I could see the argument to not distract.

  52. Exactly why people tell you not to discuss your salary with co-workers. They don't want you to know you're getting ripped off.

  53. I'm probably gonna buy some BBBY, I have set myself up for as much as GME I can feasibly buy, 10x more than I had started back last year on Feb 1st. GME is the only idiosyncratic stock and since RC isn't on the board I would have no issue in selling BBBY if the time comes where I need cash.

  54. Or you could join the dedicated sub like some of us here and post your DD there. What’s would be the problem with that ?

  55. If Ryan wasn't in BBBy would any of us even look at it? probably not ...tbh I think his position in bbby was a impulse buy to appease his wife with the baby line they have nothing more

  56. Yeah, I have 1333 shares and after 4th of July and today the 5th go by and Ryan Cohen doesn't drop the share dividend or make the first REAL announcement about something material happening in the country then I'm selling all of my shares.

  57. Agreed! RC is supporting my GME position with his time, money & sweat. I’m proud to return the favor and support RC’s position in BBBY.

  58. Honestly, I don’t understand why a different company affects GME at all. I get what OP is saying but the overall meaning behind it is so sus, why do we now need to buy up a different stock when we’re not even half way of DRSing GME…

  59. lol this stupid argument back and forth sums up this sub tbh. You guys are a mess. "You can't talk about that here this is for useless memes and nonsensical hype!!!" shut the honest fuck up, fml.

  60. It wasn't until the DRS movement that I learned why people needed it to hit millions per share. Transparency is key to success. BBBY should be free to be discussed as part of the GME saga.

  61. tbh, why do we care about what people wanna do with their money? I mean.. if they wanna disclose then disclose their position. If someone feel shit about looking at the xxxxx position then they should get their head check.

  62. This killed DD i was making about one year ago.. I could never post it becauae it mentioned other stocks.

  63. It's almost like every company policy that states "no discussing rate of pay with your coworkers" because companies don't want people to know how fucked they are being treated.

  64. I feel like GME is the main storyline, and BBBY is a side quest... there were so many sidequests at the start of this... I miss playing the side quests!

  65. Remember when I only consumed information , before I started to communicate and share thoughts with my friends? The future is bright. Change feels good.

  66. It’s also interesting that the BBBY “air conditioner” stories came out right around RC’s purchase too? Now there’s noise against it in this sub? I thought from 2020ish to now, there’s been loads of new info on GME too, it was a completely different story that unfolded through digging.

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