How else remembers what they were doing on this day?

  1. Same, I remember telling my manager about GameStop that morning and he asked me again about it right before the huge green candle and when I pulled it up it just kept going and he fomoed right then and there

  2. I remember exactly where I was. I was talking to a co worker about gme since the squeeze in Jan. Watching the stock and talking then a 3rd Co worker came up and said they sold out and that it was over. He invested in eth. I was dancing around in true euphoria as this guy sat In the corner lol. Literally 3 hours earlier he said it was over. Now I feel bad for his eth port.

  3. I went for a run to cool myself off, I was so high on life, I'll never forget it, I sold 2 call options that expired in April '21 on the following day, taking in $15k in profits. I was so high off my ass for the next few days

  4. I remember I was negative 80% as I literally went all in on GME. I had enough to buy a little more that day so I did like 2 or 3 shares around $40. Then 30 minutes before market close…

  5. I bought a crap load at 38 and watched it drop a little bit for a few days and then bam......90.....100.......higher after hours thought it was never going to stop. I was doing the Ric Flair strut and wooooooo and everyone in my family that I lost it. Best investment I ever made. More to come !

  6. Working till 3 pm. Until I was glued to my phone… the memory of this day has gotten me excited for every single power hour since…. There was no adrenaline rush like that day…. Hope to see it again soon

  7. I bought my first shares that day @$48 in fact. It’s that day I started looking into GME, prior I really only knew the random shit the news was saying.

  8. I was up a ladder, installing conduit and 12x12s for a 6 room grow op. I remember giving updates to coworkers how many thousands of dollars I was up that day.... All for nothing because I keep holding 😎

  9. For anyone wondering what happened that week when the stock shot up...yu will need to go look at the RC Frog and Ice Cream tweets February 18th 2021 🐸🍦

  10. Wishing I had ignored my wife and yolo'd my 140k of insurance money... sigh.. still waiting for moon.. I would have my new house by now and a shit ton of moon tickets

  11. Sorry for the shitty spelling in the title. Mobile.. I remember buying at 100 after robinhood shut off the buy button, then watching it drop and drop and drop... I just continued to dollar cost everyday and buy one share. Lowest I got was around 38. This day was unforgettable. Was in the car with my wife and my eyes were saucer. I thought it was a joke. Made me remember why I bought this stock in the first place.

  12. Dude I was literally showering early that day and something told me to buy more GME. So of course I did. Then I saw it do it’s thang. So much fun!

  13. I had sold. For a loss. Believing the bagholder comments of those I thought were better traders than I was. But then this happened and I realized that no one knew anything and went all in and haven't left.

  14. I can't remember exactly if it was the 28th or 29th but one of those two days I sold all of my doggy coin and went long on GME. First day I bought shares and last day I've sold anything on the market

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